Modbook Pro OS X Mountain Lion tablet comes with an SSD

It seems the SSD – Solid state drive is now getting more popularity, maybe it will one day become a complete replacement for the HDD – Hard disk drive. Hardly had I came across a PC or tablet that is completely built on the SSD, what I see is a merger or a replacement option. The new Modbook Pro that is a clone of Apple’s MacBook Pro is a 13.3 inch tablet that has just been announced running a platform like the Apple OS X and has the SSD storage. The Modbook Pro is scheduled to release on October 3. The MacBook Pro emulator has no keyboard and touchscreen up front.Modbook Pro OS X Mountain Lion arrives with SSD


The 13.3 Modbook Pro arrives with a 64 GB capacity solid state drive (SSD) which could be go for upgrade up to 480 GB internal SSD, the device is scheduled to start shipping in mid of November. On the Modbook Pro device is a combination of the genue Apple MacBook Pro running OS X Mountain Lion hardware that has a digitizer made by Wacom for 512 levels of pen pressure sensitivity along with a ForceGlass pen platform and can as well run on Microsoft Windows 7.

The default configuration of the Modbook Pro comes with 64 GB SATA SSD Nishara-class that has NAND technology, and it is provided to be upgraded to an SSD 480 GB of storage. The NAND technology brings you higher speed and performance that is found on flash based storage.

The Modbook Pro will start selling in the US by Wednesday and shipments are scheduled for November. The Modbook makers clearly stated that this is not the original Apple MacBook Pro, but its modification.

“The Modbook Pro is an enclosure conversion kit designed to exclusively contain an original MacBook Pro base system manufactured by Apple Inc. Apple Inc.’s one-year warranty on the base system is voided by the conversion and replaced with the Modbook Pro Protection Plan, which covers the entire hardware solution, including the base system.”

What can you say about the new Modbook Pro OS X Mountain Lion tablet introduction? Do you think it is going to be an exciting tablet?

Apple iOS

Apple Maps flaw made Apple gave its first apology ever on product

Apple CEO Tim Cook, sent out an apology to customers over Apple Maps flaws, pointing out to rival’s product as alternatives

You know Apple for its clean and perfect products, always trying to avoid mistakes, and had never apologized for a product flaw, its first maps service, the Apple Maps has humbled the Cupertino based.

When Apple knocked Google Maps out of its platform, to replace with its own Apple Maps, many would have been expecting something big, that could even retire the Google Maps and set the whole world on a trail of locations, finally when it came on the newly released iOS, behold, the Apple Maps was a pile of rubbish, Google had already set a standard on map services.

Seriously, the Apple Maps could have made Apple lost some percentage of its market, but CEO Tim Cook, quickly came into the scene and apologizes, making people know that they are just starting, and admitting that the Apple Map was a mistake, he went to the extent of recommending rival’s product, Google Maps which was the default Map that had been accompanying iOS, since the day of inception.Google Maps vs Apple Maps - Tim Cook apologizes over Apple Maps flaws


Since September 19, when the iOS 6 arrived along with September 21 when people started laying their hands on the iPhone 5 just to have a feel of what Apple had package that made so much noise while still in the making, people started making complaints about the Apple Maps service, every Apple customer had feel the Google Maps and had seen the quality Google had been offering, the newly introduced Apple Maps became a pile of rubbish as the general iOS customers were disappointed with general inaccuracy, lack of transit directions and mislabeled or non-existent cities and landmarks in the Apple Maps.

At first, the Cupertino based phone maker had been ignoring criticism and the only comment that was made over the issue last week was that this is ‘just the start’. But when the noise was so much, and they saw how this can affect the iPhone market, the Apple CEO had to do what Steve Job never did in his life time, “making public apology for a product”. Steve Job will never allow product ship whenever there is an obvious inaccuracy.

In the letter issued out by Cook, he mentioned that the Google Maps was the first map ever to be featured on the iOS, but, as time goes, they had wanted to offer people a better Map service that includes the turn-by-turn directions, flyover, vector-based maps and voice integration.

To make up for this slight error, Cook suggested various alternatives for the Apple Maps, such as Waze, Bing, Nokia and Google maps.


“To our customers,

At Apple, we strive to make world-class products that deliver the best experience possible to our customers. With the launch of our new Maps last week, we fell short on this commitment. We are extremely sorry for the frustration this has caused our customers and we are doing everything we can to make Maps better.

We launched Maps initially with the first version of iOS. As time progressed, we wanted to provide our customers with even better Maps including features such as turn-by-turn directions, voice integration, Flyover and vector-based maps. In order to do this, we had to create a new version of Maps from the ground up.

There are already more than 100 million iOS devices use the new Apple Maps, with more and more joining us every day. In just over a week, iOS users with the new Maps have already searched for nearly half a billion locations. The more our customers use our Maps the better it will get and we greatly appreciate all of the feedback we have received from you.

While we’re improving Maps, you can try alternatives by downloading map apps from the App Store like Bing, MapQuest and Waze, or use Google or Nokia maps by going to their websites and creating an icon on your home screen to their web app.

Everything we do at Apple is aimed at making our products the best in the world. We know that you expect that from us, and we will keep working non-stop until Maps lives up to the same incredibly high standard.

Tim Cook
Apple’s CEO”

(Editorial Note: Bold formatting added by a TechCrunch reporter, not Tim Cook and repost by TechAtLast Media.)


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Maluuba arrives, an alternative to Apple’s Siri Voice assistance

At a point, Apple became innovative, and introduced a voice assistant to its iPhone, which it named Siri. Siri has been pulling grounds for years, before Samsung came out with its S-Voice; the S-Voice was not as hot as Siri. Android users had been long awaiting voice command assistance on their device; at last, something wonderful is now in town, thanks to Maluuba.Maluuba voice assistant


The author of the Voice assistant command used a slogan on their blog, which says “Maluuba is the ‘do-engine’ that understands you”

Maluuba is a natural search helper that brings to you what exactly you want, helps you arrange life, and allows you share fascinating outcomes with your peeps. No more cracking of brains for keywords to do a search, no more confusion on which application to employ, just open your mouth and talk to Maluuba, and you will instantly get what you want.

Maluuba understands your natural intonations, and transcribes them into relevant geographical results that you can organize and share to help your daily schedules, speak your mind, naturally the way you would to your friend, Maluuba will respond to your call.

In case you get bored of natural voice; Maluuba is also available for touch, just to serve you better. 18 different domains are currently supported by Maluuba, and they includes; Movies, Weather, Businesses, Events etc.

When you sought for an active Siri competitor on Android, Maluuba is definitely the answer to this call. Unlike the Siri, Maluuba is tied to many third party services. Maluuba works like the Siri, it enables you to set alarms, meetings and reminders that it location based, this app works hand in hand with the Google calendar account.

Sam Pasupalak, co-founder of the company told Frederic Lardinois of TechCrunch in early September that Maluuba is never ashamed of being compared to Siri, he continued saying Maluuba makes it a point of duty to ensure that you easily find what you want.

Maluuba do-engine voice assistant

Pasupalak is impressed so much on how quick his team is able to connect to 18 different domains that includes, movies, restaurants as well as general knowledge questions etc. like Siri are powered by Wolfram. Some of the APIs using these services includes; Facebook, Twitter, Rotten Tomatoes, Eventful, Yelp, West World Media (movies), Google calendar, Wikipedia and Weather Underground.

Examples of simple questions that can be answered by Maluuba are; I’d like to watch a romantic movie with my girlfriend. Where can I practice Yoga? I’m really craving for some Sushi? Is today a good day to go hiking? How much is kindle Fire? What’s happening this weekend at Montreal?

TechCrunch, Frederic Lardinois was able to test a preview version of Maluuba early in the Month, and he found the application so impressive. You don’t need specific keywords before you are able to use Maluuba and it will easily give answers to your query.

The Waterloo Canada based Maluuba Company got a series A investment in February from Samsung, showing that Samsung is definitely coming up with Maluuba on its future devices. Pasupalak said, many Android OEMs has been invited, and in six months, many of the Android devices will be live on Maluuba, this service is being pressed to come into smart TVs as the Co-founder informed.

Maluuba is planning to fish its revenue from these partnerships, and also from its API licensing, also from third party providers for services such as instant restaurant reservations. The deals are affiliate for now, but the company plans to further move into direct payment system to its partners so that it will be able to for example, offer an instant movie ticketing purchase.

The Maluuba team research project started back on 2010, currently, the company is running 22 employees and the app is focused on Android, but promises to come to iOS and Windows Phone in few months for they are already being developed.

Apple iOS News

iPhone 5 sales surpass 5 million within 3 days of release

iPhone 5 sales skyrocket to 5 million in 3 days

The Apple iPhone 5 started sales on September 21; the pre-order scheduled for 14th September received 2 million orders within 24hrs. Even before the announcement of the iPhone 5, analyst has been predicting its sales for the first quarter and when it finally debut, it was said that the sales by the end of the debut month will hit 6 – 10 million units. An analyst predicted that by the close of the open sales weekend, the iPhone 5 sales would be approaching 8 million; Apple is known to double the sales of each successor iPhones.

After the iPhone started selling on September 21, the total census of total sales made by the closing of business on September 24, the iPhone 5 had already overshoot the 5 million mark in its sales, it’s like the smartphone is moving the market and may turn out to become the best selling iPhone.

iPhone 5 sales hit 5 million

In its first weekend of debut last year, the iPhone 4S sold 4 million units and its predecessor, iPhone 4 was just 1.7 million back in the first weekend of 2010 debut.

As at now, the demand of the iPhone 5 has exceeded the available supply and some pre-orders that were made late would have to be patient for 2 – 3 weeks before they could lay their hands on the long awaited iPhone 5.

The launch on the 21st September brings the iPhone 5 into 9 countries that includes; US, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore and the UK. Some other 22 countries are to welcome the iPhone 5 on September 28, and this list include; Belgium, Austria, Denmark, Czech Republic, Finland, Estonia, Ireland, Hungary, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Italy, New Zealand, Netherlands, Poland, Norway, Slovenia, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Slovakia and Switzerland. And by the end of the year, the iPhone 5 market should have hit 100; I pray this country become lucky to be among.

As the attribute of Apple products, the iPhone 5 comes out the most expensive smartphone, and the European market price for the SIM-free iPhone 5 is around €670.

The iPhone 5 is coming in two different colors, the white and the black flavor. The chipset on the iPhone 5 is named A6 by Apple, analyst has been able to analyze the A6 Chipset and found out that it has a double performance than the A5 in the iPhone 4S predecessor. The chipset processor clocks 1.2GHz and supported by 1GB RAM. It is also packaged with PowerVR SGX 54MP3 three-core GPU, with a performance that is very close to the A5X GPU in the new iPad.

If you are on the 4G LTE network in your country, just wait for the iPhone 5 and when it comes, you are good to go. But if you don’t have it, your HSPA will still work.

With the huge iphone 5 sales within just 3 days, what should we be expecting in the next couple of days as the new device continue to dominate the market? Do you think more iPhone 5 sales is possible or not? Please share your views

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Samsung ATIV Tab finally arrives with a High price tag.

Samsung Ativ TabHigh Priced Samsung ATIV Tab

The Samsung ATIV Tab featured at the 2012 Berlin IFA for hot upcoming gadgets; this is the first tablet by Samsung powered by the new Microsoft Windows 8 RT tablet. The success of any gadget also depends on its retail price, online retailers has fixed a price for the Samsung ATIV Tab, as the 32GB version goes for €650.

The price given is excluding the optional keyboard dock with keypad and stylus that Samsung is offering on the Samsung ATIV tab, the digital slate is tagged more expensive than the iPad, not to talk of other Android powered slates. Even though the Hardware packed on the device is just the same, but when given a consideration, the Windows RT is closer to the full-fledged desktop operating system unlike Android and iOS.

Samsung ATIV Tab Display

The display that is accorded on the Samsung ATIV tab is a 10.1 inches LCD multitouch capacitive with 1366 x 768 pixels resolution with a resolution density of about 155ppi. The processor on the device is a dual core 1.5GHz Krait production and it is accompanied by an Adreno 305 GPU. The internal storage comes in options of 32GB and 64GB and can still be expanded with a microSD up to 64GB; the card slot also supports microSDHC, microSDXC. A light sensor is facilitated on the Samsung ATIV tab device.

The primary rear facing camera on the Samsung ATIV tab carries a power of 5MP and features; geo-tagging, LED flash, auto focus as well as a resolution of 1280 x 720 along with video recording at 720p HD. The front facing secondary camera has a power of 1.9MP. The Samsung ATIV tab has so many connectivity options and they include; Bluetooth v4.0, Wi-Fi 802.11 b, g, n, a, USB 2.0 connector and microUSB connector along with Micro HDMI (Type D), NFC support, Computer sync and OTA sync. The sensors that is enabled on the Samsung ATIV tab includes; Gyro, accelerometer, ambient light sensor, compass. Other packages of interest includes; Microsoft office, TV-out, DivX/XviD support, USB host Proprietary 13-pin connector for docking keyboard, capacitive stylus which is optional.

More to enjoy on the Samsung ATIV tab includes Flight mode, speakerphone, voice command and recording. The battery is long lasting and is powered with 8200mAh standard Li-Ion. The Samsung ATIV tab has some default online service such as Facebook, Twitter etc. The dimension of the Samsung ATIV tab is 265.8 x 168.1 x 8.9 mm with a weight of 570 kg.

The new Samsung ATIV Tab comes with awesome features along with a high price tag, what can you say about this development? 


iPhone 5 Apps: Apps You Should Download on Your iPhone 5

The iphone 5 is going to take a new space in your life, and you’ll want to enjoy your experience with the device to the fullest. But to enjoy your iPhone 5 even better, you need some applications to make the otherwise boring device lively and fun. Downloading the right app on your iPhone 5 can mean a whole lot of new experience for you. The App World is littered with millions of apps, which makes it really difficult for users to easily determine it’s a particular app they’re downloading on their iPhone 5.

If you often or most of the time find yourself in this type of situation, I think you’ll love to know which apps to begin with. Here are the best iPhone 5 Apps for the latest iphone users:iPhone 5 Apps for iphone users

Best iPhone 5 Apps 2012

Angry Birds

If you really like the iPhone 5 like others that are buying it whenever a new one comes out does, there’s high chance you love gaming. And so far, in my own experience I can rate this game one of the best games the iPhone will ever have.

Angry Birds game is a game that puts you on to a great challenge and engages you as you’re on a tough battle to use the anger of the birds to unleash judgment on the greedy pigs.

To download this app on your iPhone 5, you need just $1.


Social media is a really important subject on the iphone 5 and anyone that misses out on one of the best social apps for the iPhone 5 is missing a great deal. Facebook has a new, panel-based interface and is a great app to have on the iphone 5.

The app costs you nothing to get it from the itunes store


Some people are happy the app isn’t one of those that were lost in heavy revamp after the release of the iOS 6. It’s still like the same old twitter app, same interface and same tweets.

Get the app from the itunes store for free.


When entertainment is concerned, then Spotify would be the top app you’ll get on the iPhone 5. With Spotify on your iPhone 5, you have access to millions of music from the Spotify music database which you can stream from your phone.

What’s more, you can even listen to your favorite music when you’re out of internet coverage. This owes to the wireless sync feature of the app, which lets you sync your music library and local file on your phone.

Get the app from the itunes store.


Pandora is the internet radio app that lets you stream music from the internet continuously. I love Pandora because of the way it’s personalized, which allows you to enjoy only music you love! This is a great feature considering that you have to filter through millions of songs to get your favorite ones. All you need do is start with the name of one of your favorite artists and Pandora will customize a playlist that only plays you songs you’ll love.

Get the app from the itunes store.


Finally on this list is the kindle. Notwithstanding that Apple has its own e-reader, the iBook. That doesn’t stop the Kindle from making the success it deserves and selling for absolutely nothing on the itunes store, the app still retains its feel as an iOS app from Amazon.

These apps are sure iphone 5 apps for all iphone 5 users around the world. Let us know what you think about these iphone 5 apps or whether you have some great iphone 5 apps that are not listed here in this article that you’d like us to include. Thanks for reading this post.

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1-2-3-4-5 Tips To Boost Your Blog’s Alexa Ranking

Boost Alexa Ranking in 12345 steps

If you are blogger from passed some time, then you must be familiar with the Alexa. If not, then let me tell you that Alexa is website ranking tool which give ranks to all the sites based on their traffic. Most of the bloggers don’t like Alexa and treat it as fake. But still it’s very important to have a good Alexa ranking for your website or blog to earn money from it. Most of the companies prefer the Alexa ranking when giving advertisements on any blog. So it’s very important that your blog has good ranking according to Alexa. There are many tips which can boost Alexa ranking of your blog. Let me list the best out of them.

1. Install Alexa Toolbar

Don’t forget to install the Alexa toolbar on your browser. While Alexa claims that it gathers data from various sources to rank any site, but in fact it prefers its own toolbar to perform the task. You must install the Alexa toolbar on your browser so that your own visit to your blog is counted as unique visit, which will help in lowering the Alexa ranking of your blog.How to Increase Alexa Rank in 123 steps

2. Install Alexa Widget

Alexa widget is a small box which stays fixed at any particular position of your blog. You can install the Alexa widget for your blog by getting it from the official site of Alexa. The Alexa widget shows the rank of your blog on the blog homepage itself and clicking on the widget will take you to the Alexa ranking page of your website. This each visit which is referred from an Alexa widget is treated as unique and results in lowering your Alexa ranking.

3. Connect With Other Bloggers

This is the best way to reduce Alexa ranking of your blog. The bloggers know the value of Alexa and thus you should try to connect with other bloggers. All the bloggers have the Alexa toolbar installed on their browser. Thus maximum the number of visits by bloggers to your blog, lower the rank is.

4. Ask Others To Leave Review Of Your Site On Alexa

Alexa has been reviewing system which allows the visitors of your blog to leave a review about it. You can ask your visitors to leave a review of your blog on Alexa. You can place a separate page for it on your blog. These reviews will result to build a positive image of your blog in Alexa’s eyes, which ultimately means in fast lowering of your Alexa ranking.

5. Constant Blogging And Link Building

Constant blogging is also useful in boosting the Alexa ranking of your blog to the lower count. Alexa also ranks the sites by considering the link building as an important factor. So building links to high PR websites can also play a magical role in getting your site/blog’s rank to the low count.

Alexa ranking may be fake, but we must accept the truth that it’s important for any blog or website. Use these simple tips to rank lower and to get more direct advertisements on your blog.

Akshay Jain is from representing system monitoring, making business processes simple and affordable.

Apple iOS Designs & Invention News

Jarre Aeroskull speaker will work with the iPhone 5

Jarre Aeroskull speaker

At first glance, the Aeroskull speakers looks attractive and flabouyant, it is eye catching and will be showing up in 11 glowing colors which includes red, silver, purple etc. The Jarre Aeroskull speakers comes in a skull shape and will be wearing a pair of sunglasses that has a pair of 15 watt Speakers behind them, the back head will bear a 40 watt subwoofer to bring bass that form the basis of most music.

Jarre Aeroskull speaker

The Aeroskull speakers will work with the iPhone 4S, but an adapter will be needed to make it rock with the new Apple baby, iPhone 5. The Jarre Aerospeaker will also be compatible with Bluetooth connectivity. Other old devices can make use of the 3.5 mm jack cable to connect with the Aeroskull speakers. The speaker will retail for £349 and will start showing up in October.

Meanwhile, Apple has recently released the new iPhone 5 with an exciting features that makes it acceptable in the eyes of the users, though, some part of the company’s customers prefer the controversial Samsung Galaxy SIII to the fifth generation iPhone. In our last week post, we noticed that people prefer the formal to the later because of the features while they hate the later because of its shape and some other things in it, click here to read the post.

We hope the company will come out with something better in their next upcoming iPhone 6 or iphone 5s which has been tipped to become the world’s greatest phone to be manufactured in the history of mobile phones. Let’s wait and see what happens afterwards!

What can you say about this new Jarre Aeroskull speakers which has been tipped to work for the newly launched Apple iPhone 5? Do you think it is a good news at your side or something else? I’d like to hear your views in the comment section below.


LG Pocket Photo NFC enabled Printer showcased

This is the handy work of the South Korean second largest multinational electronics giant that controls five categories of business that includes; Home entertainment, Home appliances, Mobile communication, Air conditioning and Energy solutions. Recently LG launched an ultra-portable pocket photo printer it named LG Pocket Photo. The LG Pocket Photo device is designed with many features which includes the NFC connectivity, 2- x 3-inch prints, USB and Bluetooth connectors etc.


The write up below goes a little bit deeper into the specifications of the LG Pocket Photo

This LG Pocket Photo is manufactured to print out photo from mobile phones and other devices and as for now, this seems to be the smallest world printer device on the basis of mobile picture printing. The system that makes transfer easy for this device is the USB and Bluetooth connector as well as the new technology of the NFC connection. This connection options altogether allows you to print photos from your smartphone or tablet.

The LG Pocket Photo has the Zink Zero Ink Printing that ensures 2- x 3-inch printing. Additionally, this LG Pocket Photo is accorded with other facilities including a dedicated Android app that is enabled to apply filters, QR codes and messages.

The dimension of the LG Pocket Photo is 118 x 70 x 22.5 mm while it weighs 213g. This portable LG Pocket Photo printer comes in different colors including; Orange, Silver and White and it is prices something around $170.

Apple iOS

New Twitter app for iPad, iPhone and Android receive updates

New Twitter app for iPad and iPhone

A brand new application for Twitter is now on iPad, it completes the sliding pane effect on the formal version, and it is designed by Loren Britchter, the author of the Tweetie app on iPhone.

On the new application, tweets appear on a single list on the screen, either in landscape or portrait. The Twitter application display came wasting the iPad screen real estate, the developer could have made something that will utilize the screen so well.

The Twitter application has just four icons on the side bar together with important features such as direct messages and lists hidden inside the Me tab. This UI design is poor.New Twitter for iPad

Other features added includes an image gallery for uploaded images in the Me tab and the viewing pictures in full screen mode.

More so, the iPhone and Android version of the Twitter app has been updated, with both now having the image gallery like the iPad version and a new style view for profile in the Me tab or else it will still look the same as the old Twitter app version.

The iPhone version looks decent, while the Android version is almost haggard. The Holo theme is completely out of it, it was introduced on the Ice Cream Sandwich last year, the same defect on the Gingerbread UI element such as radio button. Till yet, regardless of how powerful your phone is, the Android Twitter app remains stutter.

This shows that Twitter doesn’t know how to make a good mobile application for its own service, but the worse is that, the third party developers who are doing very wonderfully, Twitter intends clamping them and trying to force people to use their own application and website.

What’s your say about the new Twitter app for ipad and iphone updates? Is this a good development or does it come with a bug on your device? Please share your views.