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Google Fiber Services Launched in Kansas

Google Fiber Services

Google has unveiled its 1 GB per second broadband service and the service is available today in Kansas City. There has also been the launching of another cable television service- Google Fiber TV and these steps will certainly enhance the speed of networks at comparatively lower prices.

Google Fiber TV offers a broader platform for various business applications as well as gives the maximum in entertainment. It gives search options for TV on options such as Netflix. It includes a DVR that has a capacity of storage of up to five hundred hours and that too in 1080 pixels of high definition. You will also be allowed to record about eight shows consecutively on this DVR. The cost of getting it fixed in your home is tree hundred dollars, but surely, Google is waiving it off for those early birds.

Three Packages to Choose from

There are three different packages to benefit from the Google Fiber Service. The first is of 1 GB along with the Fiber TV service at 120$ that also includes a speed of 1 GB per second for uploading as well as downloading. Data cap is not required, and this includes the cloud storage facility of Google. This service engulfs all the broadband channels, the regular fiber TV channels, best movie channels as well as all those channels you demand of. However, Google has not yet specified whether the regular cable TV channels like ESPN or Discovery will be included in the package. With this package, you can even win an Android Nexus tablet because Google is giving it to anyone who signs for this package.

The next package is priced at 70$ a month and the installation fee of 300$ has been waived for this too. This package is targeting people who have a broadband service, and it is extremely close to the first plan with slight variations. Under this plan, you will receive one terabyte storage facility with Google Cloud and 1 GB per second of Speed for uploading and downloading.

The third plan will cater to the needs of the twenty five per cent of the Kansas City Population who are speculated to do not have a broadband connection. The plan is- if the customer is willing to pay the installation charges of 300$, then he will receive a free access to 5 GB per second speed for downloads and 1 Mbps rate for uploads for the coming seven years. This offer will be available only for a certain time, and in case a customer wants to shift to the other plan, he is free to do so.

Virtual Rallies

Google is planning for Rallies, asking people to be hooked on to the net. Even if, forty or eighty households register initially, then Google will begin its process of deployment. Then slowly it plans to sneak in other areas like schools, government concerns, libraries, and other buildings into the Fiber TV network. To make matters clear for the common people, Google has set up its demo-centers by the name of Fiber Space that will try to educate people of the various aspects of benefit of Fiber network.

Google had announced the framework of the project way back in February 2010, and since then, the work has been going on in full speed. This summer it was expected to be launched, but it was slightly delayed. The basic idea that Google was working on was to create a broadband network that will be based on Fiber technology and will broaden the horizons to newer applications. The goal has been achieved finally!

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How to Guide Social Media

How to Exploit Social Media Sites to Get Traffic

Traffic to any business is one of the most important things that are needed for its success. Social media sites play a great role in increasing the traffic to the online businesses which interact and communicate using their network. Though there are some other ways to increase traffic to any online business but most of them are time consuming and expensive but social media sites provide a network for the growth of businesses that usually cost them negligibly, if not free. As the use of internet has become popular among the people, their visit to social media sites has also increased gradually and this traffic to these sites help in increasing the traffic to the business linked with these sites.

Social media marketing

There are a number of social media sites active on internet such as Facebook, Twitter, Orkut etc. which have a large number of fan following all over the world. Millions of people from all age groups are using these sites very frequently to interact and communicate with their friends and business contacts not only locally but across the globe. The whole of this traffic can be diverted to your business if you use these social media sites properly and effectively. So, to know how to exploit social media sites to get traffic, you will have to follow certain tips as under.

Tips for exploiting social media sites to get traffic

Use social media demographically

Use social media sites to transact demographic information about your business and products as well as information about the user of these sites. This facility had inspired Microsoft to invest billions of dollars on Facebook. The businesses listed with these sites real know how to exploit social media sites to get traffic. Information got from these sites will lead you to contact your prospective customers which will help in increasing your business.

Leverage social networks for customer satisfaction

Feedback about your competitors and yourself can be immediately got through these social media sites. These sites own tons of information about individuals and businesses linked with them about the strategies used by them to be successful. These all information can be availed by you to get traffic to your business. Moreover you can also check the comments of the visitors to your links and the links of your competitors on these sites to know about the attitude of the public using these sites. You can change your strategies accordingly to grow further.

You can get referral using electronic word-of-mouth advertising

Customers can be acquired easily through social media sites without making many efforts. You can use various social sites to encourage new customers to your sites and recommending you to their friends effectively against some incentives and relaxations.

Use promotional offers to gain new visitors

You can offer several promotional schemes to attract the visitors of these sites to know how to exploit social media sites to get traffic speedily. Most of the social media sites are now available on mobile phones also so it has become easier to offer promotions to the user of these sites which needs no geographic knowledge of customer’s situation. Latest smartphones are no less than a laptop as they have all the functions to surf on internet and social sites. In this way you can approach them even when they are out somewhere through these social networking sites.

The growing technologies have made it easier to know how to exploit social media sites to get traffic to your business as everything is on tips of the fingers of the users. Introduction of more and more sophisticated appliance of communication has made it more convenient for the business owners to spread their business among the prospective customers who are not directly known to him through these social media sites.

Credit: Dreamstine


UnoTelly let’s you watch Netflix, Hulu, Pandora & others free

Based on my test, prior to this review, I am proud to say UnoTelly is the leading VPN service that offers free popular US and UK channels like; Netflix, Hulu, Pandora etc. to non US residents.


For example, where I live, all this services are so much limited, what we previously do is to subscribe to VPN redirect service, but usually, there are so many hitches we experience with those services, the major being lagging in their networks etc.


UnoTelly allows you watch your favorite TV show anywhere you are without limiting accessibility to your online content. Truth, there are few Netflix and Hulu VPN redirect services available online these days, but UnoTelly leads them in various ways,

  • Cheaper than any other
  • Never complicated to set up
  • Faster, no network break the VPN redirect services used to have, maybe it’s because it is a direct DNS service.

Let me not forget to tell you this, UnoTelly is the first direct DNS service, others are redirect, you suffer lagging as well as a middle-man intervention.


UnoTelly supports a number of Devices

The devices supported by UnoTelly ranges from Computers to TV devices, Mobile devices and Routers etc. visit to check if your device is compatible.

How to Setup UnoTelly

There are different ways to setup UnoTelly, as it supports almost all Operating systems.

My device runs on Windows 7, so that is what I will use for my explanation. Never get worried, you will get a setup tutorial for your device at UnoTelly’s website.

Step 1

Visit on your browser.

Please note down the nearest DNS addresses that are displayed in your browser, you may write it down or copy it somewhere.

Step 2

Click ‘start’ on your system and open ‘control panel’

Step 3

Under ‘Network and Internet,’ click ‘view network status and tasks’

Step 4

On the left side bar, click ‘change adapter settings’

Steps 5

Choose the connection you are using, if wireless, right click ‘wireless connection,’ if wired, right click ‘local area connection’ and choose ‘Properties’

Step 6

Choose ‘Internet Protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv4),’and click ‘Properties’

Step 7

Choose ‘Use the following DNS server address’ and enter the DNS addresses you got from step 1 above.

Step 8

Click ‘ok’ ‘ok’, close everything, restart you computer and go to, then you are good to watch any of the channels without any limitation through UnoTelly.

Note: If UnoTelly refuses to configure on your device, you will have to contact customer service through UnoTelly website. Although, as at the time I am writing this review, UnoTelly is still working on the compatibility for 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi, and public connections such as hotels and campus connections.



Sony Xperia Go Review

Gone are the days when you had to take special care of your phone in monsoons or when you had to keep hands in your pocket in order to keep your phone safe while running. Sony’s new product in the market, Xperia Go, is all set to change all this. The sylphlike phone from the company is rugged enough to sustain many falls and promises to assist you even after being submerged 1m underwater. The thickness of the dust proof handset is just 9.8mm and weighs 110g.

The handset from Sony comes with a 3.5” touchscreen along with a resolution of 320x480p. The 1GHz processor powering the gadget makes it a dynamic species and with just a click the phone whizzes skilfully. The product from Sony comes with a RAM of 512MB and an internal storage capacity of 8GB along with a possibility of micro SD card memory expansion. Bucking all the stereotypes of a rugged phones which are hefty oversized rubber ‘bricks’, the dust proof phone from Sony succeeds in pleasing the aesthetic faculties.

Xperia Go Review

Sony Xperia Go Interface

Sony’s rugged device runs on Android 4.3, Gingerbread, and combines it with a user friendly user interface resulting in a device which is more easy to use as well as intuitive and is packed with a wide range of functions and features. Although the phone is powered by a 1GHz processor but it fails to impress us as the smoothest and a speedy device.

There is considerable time lag and many miss-starts escorting many program selections and commands. In contrast to other Android handsets Sony’s product comes with a not so friendly central applications menu and the oversized icons present there reduces the number of icons which can be seen in a single screen.SONY Xperia Go

The selection process which is linear in nature makes its very tiresome and irksome when you miss some content. The handset is equipped with an option to upgrade the operating system in the phone to Ice Cream Sandwich when this OS is already there in the market at the time of the launch of the handset.

Sony Xperia Go Camera

The gadget is endowed with a 5 MP camera combing features like autofocus and LED flash. The device has the option of unlocking the phone directly in the camera mode. However, as soon as it gets into the camera mode after unlocking, the gadget takes a snap automatically and most of the times it lacks the focus and hence, quality.

The rugged gizmo has ironically a very slow when it comes to focusing and the moment cannot be captured because of this as well as the sluggish shutter speed.

Also, the panorama shooting mode in the handset is not so pleasing resulting in blistered photos and you cannot select the time for the panorama shot. In addition to this, the phone has been deprived of an exclusive camera switch by the company. In all, the handset offers very limited options to the users in the 5 MP camera and there is very slight possibility of customising the camera mode.

Sony Xperia Go Battery

Sony’s gadget is thick friends with the battery which comes with a lot of horsepower. The handset will not die for a day and with moderate use will survive for few days without an electric supply. The company claims that the lithium-ion battery will support the handset for 460 hours in standby mode and slightly more than 5 hours in talk time mode. The 1,305mAh battery cannot be replaced when you are without a charging outlet for many days and it is futile to carry replacement power packs in such case. The battery is securely placed deep inside the device in order to avoid any battery leakages which have been a cause of concern for many Android devices.

Sony Xperia Go Price

The handset from Sony is very impressive but the company had maintained distance from more appealing entrails. Nonetheless, the price tag seems to make it up for the company’s decision. The gizmo from Sony comes with a price tag of $350 which is quite friendly to our pocket and will not burn our pockets as much as it does in case of other handsets coming with the same features.

Pros and Cons

The fact that the phone has been approved by IP67 cannot be easily overlooked. When you isolate the phone from its rugged and dust proof features you will be left with a stellar piece of hardware which will appeal to all the aesthetic senses. The combined efforts of user interface and intuitive operating system will surely please the first time Android users and tough handsets fans alike. Besides the white colour issue of a rugged phone there are several other problems in the handset. Although the gadget is powered by a 1GHz processor but it falls prey to many lags while opening many applications and executing many commands. We can add to this improper speaker placement as well as poor media playback.


The handset from Sony will succeed in impressing you with its looks and comfortable handling but the high expectations will not be met with justness. With number of grouches emerging shortly you will not be able to escape that feeling of irritation. Although the smartphone will not shake up the smartphone market but the price Sony is asking for its Xperia Go proves to be a bargain keeping all the features that the company is providing you with in mind.

What can you say about this Sony Xperia Go review? Is it okay by you or you think there are things left unmentioned? Please let’s hear more about the Sony Xperia Go in the comment section below.


Get Free 1TB MAXCDN Account Now

MaxCDN is a worldwide known company for helping bloggers takes away the pain of slow website loading time to enable their blogs to serve readers faster than the actual load time. This service is not free though but MaxCDN, due to their August’s Speed Awareness Month have offered all new websites owners a 1TB MaxCDN account throughout this month.

So, for all of you out there with slow site speed, try to maximize this opportunity by signing up for the Free 1TB MaxCDN account without paying a dime to get it.

Click here to Get 1TB MaxCDN Content Delivery Network

MAXCDN is highly recommended CDN service for WordPress blogs with 1 TB of Bandwidth free for this month only (August offer).

The actual cost of a 1TB Bandwidth from MaxCDN is $70 but you get it FREE – Imagine 1TB MAXCDN free!Free 1TB MAXCDN for Speed Awareness Month

Benefits of 1TB FreeMaxCDN Account

I’m explaining some of the basic reasons you should consider getting the free 1TB MAXCDN account today because tomorrow might be too late.

  • It helps your website loads faster which will later reduce your bounce rate
  • It let users spend more time on your blog
  • It present your website to the visitors from the right server very close to their area – this would prevent long hour server request and response since your content can be pulled from any of the servers closer to the visitor.
  • Increases your site speed performance and ranking – since Google is very strict on load speed in ranking website higher, you need to make all the content on your website to load faster if you are to benefit from Google search pages.
  • It will increase your earnings.  Since advertisers only vouch for websites with good loading speed, you will get more money while using MAXCDN because it will help your website load faster and perfectly uncluttered.
What you get with this free service…..
Apart from the above, here are what you should be expecting in your new account because the team at NetDNA has put you in their plans by providing support and instant activation tips, help along with customer support contact to get started fast:
  • Easy Integration
  • Instant Activation
  • Up to date reporting of your account with responsive support system
  • Enhanced site loading speed
  • Improved SEO Ranking
  • 1TB FREE account free and many more…MaxCDN Pricing - MaxCDN Content Delivery Network MaxCDN Content Delivery Network

Avail the opportunity now

Get 1TB MaxCDN Content Delivery Network

PS: You know that you are getting this service for free in this SPEED AWARENESS MONTH, but you should be aware that any moment after August, it will go back to its normal price of $70, and I know you wouldn’t like missing out. Get started now and when you finish your bandwidth, subscribe for a new one.

Get started with 1TB Free MaxCDN account now.

How to Guide

How to Improve Your Computer’s Speed and Performance

You may have noticed that your computer isn’t quite as speedy as it used to be. Modern technology innovates at an incredible pace these days, and the best in market device you bought could be completely obsolete two years later. It’s a common problem, but no cause for alarm. Computers often slow down over time, and while you probably noticed it first on complex tasks, even simple actions such as opening programs or clicking through folders can start to become ponderous. Luckily there are several things you can do to get your computer performing the way it used to. Here are a few methods you can use to improve your computer’s speed and performance.

First off, take a look at the hardware itself. If your device is more than five years old, you will be substantially limited in the actions you can take. As operating systems and web browsers are updated, they eventually move beyond your computer’s capabilities. So if it’s been that long, it might be time to invest in a new device. But if you’ve only had your computer for a couple of years, start with small adjustments and work your way up to more complicated tweaks. First, take a look at your desktop. If it’s packed with folders, give it a quick clean up. You want to cut down on the amount of information your computer has to process even at rest, and all of those files add to the workload.

Next, install a virus protection software and perform a quick system scan. Some spyware, adware and computer viruses can slow down your computer significantly, even if they aren’t serious enough to cause massive problems. If the scan uncovers any viruses, remove them immediately and see if you notice a difference. Follow that up with consistent scans, once a month or more, and you won’t have any more problems.

Now take a look at your list of installed programs. During the life of your computer you’ve probably loaded in a bunch of extraneous programs, and many of them link directly to your operating system. That means they could be causing a slow down, even when not in use. Open your application folder and give it a once over. Anything you haven’t used in a long time should be removed. That alone will free up hard drive space and improve your computer’s performance.Improve your computer CPU speed for better performance

Depending on the type of computer you have, the next step is to look at the hard drive. If you’re working off of an Apple device, you may need to replace an overstuffed hard drive with a larger one, or add more RAM. Performing either fix will definitely speed up your computer. If you have a PC device, you might consider defragmenting your hard drive first. The drive actually stores information for each file and program in a different part of its system. As your computer ages, this happens hundreds or even thousands of times. When the computer accesses the drive, it has to hunt out each piece of data stored in a different place. When you defragment the drive, all of those elements are reconnected and stored in the same part of the drive. Make sure you back up all of your files externally and then run the defragmenter. You should see an increase in speed.

If all else fails, take a look at the operating system. Sometimes a computer simply needs to be brought back to factory settings. Again, save all of your info on an external drive, then wipe the internal drive clean and reinstall the operating system off of the disks you got when you purchased the computer. You’ll lose your installed programs, but you should see a marked improvement in performance once everything is back online.

How do you increase your computer speed? Share your ideas.

Business Marketing

Complete Guide to A/B Testing: How to Increase Sales and Gain More Consumers

Shoppers bite into the habit of holding out two equivalent items from a store and asking their friends which product is better. In a perfect world, businessmen could do the same: ask consumers which service or goods they prefer, and deliver accordingly. But the world of business is much more complex than this, especially in the online arena.

Internet-based entrepreneurs generally have to deal with wider pool of consumers, as the websites can be viewed by anyone across the world. There is both a perk and a drawback to this. Establishing an online business allow proprietors to go global, and enjoy influx of profits when all things are in the right place. On the other hand, the diversity of clients may result to challenges in customer satisfaction.

Ironically, Internet provides wider scope of communication but still couldn’t go near the convenience of personally reaching out to customers. Despite the eclectic tools made possible by advancements in technology, the best way of knowing what buyers want is still to approach them as they enter the physical store and ask about specifics.

How to effectively increase sales and monitor conversion ration with A/B Testing

AB testing comparing two pages of a website

On the brighter side, online entrepreneurs can conduct several methods to pinpoint the exact inclination of their niche. Although they’re not developing any direct relationships with their customers, they can still determine scientific data that reveals their preference of their niche through an automated form of experimentation. This makes A/B Testing a desired choice option for online entrepreneurs.

Getting to Know A/B Testing

A/B testing is a method utilized in marketing. It is also called split. The idea behind this procedure is to compare two versions of a webpage and check which of these could attract more audience. Remember the shopper showing two equivalent items and asking for opinions? It’s the exact same thing.

This test is conducted to foretell the modifications that can be done on a website to potentially bring higher response and conversion rates. The goal is not only to obtain a spike in the traffic, but also to convince visitors into making a purchase.

AB Testing flowchart from Wikipedia

How the Test is Performed

Split testing method involves the close examination of different design elements. This could be in the guise of the banner, button, menu bars, contents, and layout of the images/videos/texts. Developers or designers would then tweak the look of a page subtly to prevent the audience from being overwhelmed. The aim here is to make an unsuspecting audience participate to get the most honest and accurate results.

Typically, A/B testing only allows two elements to be tested simultaneously. Those who may wish to compare more than one variable at the same time can do multivariate testing. Two versions of the web page will be shown to visitors simultaneously. The number of clicks made by users on each website will be recorded and compared for analysis.

Reasons for Conducting A/B Tests

Suppose a once-thriving e-commerce website is observed to lag behind in terms of sales and traffic. Entrepreneurs have the tendency to balk and sulk especially when they run out of ideas in getting back their customers. But this is why A/B testing has been introduced.
One of the perks of doing the test is to allow businessmen to have firsthand information on how changes on the appearance of the site could make such an impact on the behavior of the consumers. It may also be handy to page designers who tend to plunge into overhauls without prior research on the habits of visitors. When hoping for the best starts to take its toll on the profit, web developers better start doing the test.

Needless to say, A/B testing serves as a risk cushion to webpage alterations. This is aside from its advantage in studying the preference of the niche market.

Proofs of Effectiveness

The efficacy of A/B testing is not limited to the claims of reference books and articles. One of the solid proofs that the test works is the result extracted by Sim Only when it conducted an A/B test.

The experiment used four different variations of a single web page:
1. Vertical Phone: the links for Blackberry and iPhone brands were arranged vertically and according to popularity on the right side of the page. The checkbox that allowed users to choose one brand at the same time was retained. Images of phones were used as icons.

2. Horizontal Phone: the links were positioned horizontally across the page, with the brands of iPhone and Blackberry arranged according to popularity. The checkbox is still present, and phone images are also used.

3. Vertical SIM: list of Blackberry and iPhone brand links are placed on the right side of the place and arranged according to popularity. Check box is still used in the layout, but images of SIM cards were used in place of the mobile phone icons.

4. Horizontal SIM: the links for the Blackberry and iPhone brands are placed across the page, and arranged according to popularity. Checkbox is usable, and images of SIM cards are used for icons.

Remember that Sim Only is a leading online enterprise that is currently enjoying thousands of traffic from customers in different parts of the globe. But through this experiment, they are bound to get 20% increase in their conversion and click out rates.

After the four variants were shown to audience within six weeks, it appears that the visitors have strong bias towards the vertical layout. It gained a significant advantage over its horizontal equivalent. When the results of the phone and SIM card icons were compared, visitors are observed to make more clicks on the layout that used mobile phone images.

All things considered, Sim Only now has the reason to modify the layout of their website. They are guaranteed to acquire more sales and conversion rates if they implement the design wanted by their target consumers.

The experiment was made to last only for six weeks as the company may lose significant leads and traffic in showing the other three variations with lower click out rates.

In a Nutshell…

It is one of the Internet-based businesses that attested to the effectiveness of A/B testing. There are more case studies published by other companies, and this could be a perfect reference to those who are simply testing the waters.

When all the tales of the entrepreneurs can be heard, one can easily infer that A/B testing is one of the tickets to revive a dying biz. When e-commerce sites managed to somehow lose their flair, the test can give developers some hints on where they could start. It can also be an infallible tool for trial and error when site creators are torn between two varying page designs.

It is unwise for website business key players to dilly-dally when it comes to formulating marketing strategy. With the tight competition raging in the market, it is best to look before leaping. This may only be possible through A/B testing.

Those who wish to take the test a step further could also try doing multivariate testing. This calls for greater expertise and knowledge, but it allows simultaneous testing of more than one element of a website.

Seek assistance from an A/B testing professional and jump start the influx of revenues soon.

This post was contributed by Ruben Corbo, one of our contributors. Apart from writing for us here, he’s a freelancer specialized in covering Africa technology news, music, online marketing and branding. When he’s not writing new post, he focused on composition and production of good music for short films and other forms of visual arts.


HTC Desire C: A Quick Review

HTC has launched HTC Desire C to appeal to the more budget conscious market. Now the question is: is this just a cheap smartphone or is the Desire C something that gives customers what their money’s worth?

Let’s find out:

The design

The phone itself looks like a smaller version of HTC One X at 60x107x12.5mm, thus making it look like an elite phone despite its lower price. One thing that stands out is its cutesy red internals; it does not improve anything but it really looks good.

The screen on this phone is sized 3.5in 480×320 with a pixel density of 165 PPI. Nothing mind blowing, and might even be a little fuzzy in the edges but for the price of the phone it is something you can’t really complain about.


The camera is not the strong point of this phone. It has a 5MP camera installed at the back and has similar settings that you will find with One X. The quality of the photos is not something to rave about and we will leave it at that.HTC Desire C features

Media player

What’s nice about this phone is that it has Beats Audio Technology installed. However, you would have to buy your own Beats headphones to enjoy sound quality as the phone only comes with regular earphones.

Software and performance

The HTC Desire C runs the latest Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system. For interface, it uses HTC Sense 4.0 and it has 600 MHz single-core processor.

The positives: Loading videos is a breeze mainly due to its 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity. Placing calls through WiFi through VoIP applications like Skype or RingCentral is satisfactory. Software handling is also not an issue as application access is never a problem.

Now to the negatives: While software handling is not a problem, the phone performance feels that it is always a second slower than it should. It struggles with some basic functions like just switching on – it can take up to 10 minutes to get the phone ready for use. Web browsing can also be a struggle because the processor may be too slow in rendering pages.


Battery can last at about a day and a half with moderate use. Heavy use, of course, can shorten battery life but it is pretty satisfactory for what is paid for the phone.


It has a nice look and will pretty much be able to satisfactory do what you need it to do. However, because of its slower processor, it might not be long before you yearn for something more powerful.