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Is There a Difference between Free and Open Source Software?

Free and Open Source Software? Differences

Proprietary software can be very expensive and the availability of open source and free software saves consumers about 60 billion dollars a year. Though many people think the terms are interchangeable, they are not. While there are many similarities between the two and they do both describe approaches to free software, the differences are significant enough change the intention from what Free Software Foundation founder Richard Stallman calls development methodology to social movement.

Free Software – Social Movement

Richard Stallman founded the Free Software Foundation in 1985 in order to provide software freedom to all computer users. Contrary to popular belief, free software doesn’t have much to do with the cost of the software. Though free software is generally without cost, this is not a requirement. Cost free software refers to a kind of software technically called freeware. Instead, free software as defined by the Free Software Foundation is software that respects some very specific freedoms. Access to source code is fully granted so that the user may have:

  • The freedom to study how the program works, and change it for their needs without restriction.
  • The freedom to redistribute copies so they can help your others.
  • The freedom to run the program, for any purpose.
  • The freedom to distribute copies of modified versions to others in order to give the whole community a chance to benefit from new changes.

Examples of free software are MySQL, LinuxKernel, emacs text editor and Libre Office. Free software programs will typically fall under three main types of free software licenses.

OpenOffice is one example of both Free and Open Source Software

Public Domain – these programs may be incorporated into any work, usually because the copyright has expired or the work was never copyrighted to begin with or the author has chosen to release it into the public domain.
Copyleft license – this is the most likely license that free software will fall under. It lets the author retain copyright of the product while permitting redistribution under the same license. This can also be called a Viral License.
Permissive License – these licenses are also called copyfree as they have no restriction on distribution.

Open Source Software – Design Methodology

While free software is also open source software, open source software does not necessarily have to be free software as it is not required to fulfill the freedom requirements listed above. Open source software puts more emphasis on the technological superiority of the free software rather than the freedom of use. It allows for improvements on code for any open source program however, open source software is usually available under a copyright and license and different software distributors can enforce different copyright laws and use different licenses. Certain licenses come with obligations such as author recognition in all documentation or the requirement that all changes to code be made available in source code form.

Some examples of open source software programs are the Internet browser Firefox, Apache server and, GNU/Linux operating system. Download Gimp for an image manipulation program that will give Photoshop a run for it’s money..

These days, the term open source can be used pretty loosely. It is often times applied to non-software forms of user generated content like Wikipedia and open source publishing.


RethinkDigg: Digg to Launch New Design This Week

Digg as we all know is a social bookmarking site for the masses to share what is currently happening around the world, it is also a site for people to get what’s happening around them with its title listing feature. Today, I tried visiting Digg but was unable to get access to the site to share the five posts that I publish on this technology news blog today due to their website maintenance (posts I wanted to share today are as follows; 1, 2, 3, 4, 5).

The has announced that there official design is coming this week, the site has been shut down for users since last night according to a reliable post I read recently and now, the engineers at Digg were working earnestly to make sure that the new Digg design is up and running fast. So, we have here a note published on Tumblr by Digg media about the new Digg design and concepts.

Here’s the notable features in the new Digg design.

  • Easy ability to read, share and find most interesting and talked about stories around the world on the internet, the feature that StumbleUpon tried to implement into its new design which later failed and we hoped Digg will learn from SU’s mistake in respect to that.
  • Returning reader’s feature that let users go and come back to your site to read more without loosing your site page.
  • Platform based feature for mobile, Webpage and inbox stories. This feature lets news read you anywhere you are.
  •  Ability for users to share what they read, like and share with their friends on all social media sites they belong to; Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.
  • Design that entertains all type of users
  • Digg score that makes it easier for people to score your post and updates for more engagement. The new digg score will help your post to go viral because it looks more attractive for people to click on.
  • Great team of Moderators to moderate the good from the bad for your better experience.

Kindly check here to preview the new Digg.

Preview the mock-ups below:

rethinkdigg - new digg design launchrethinkdigg - new digg designrethinkdigg - new digg design launchedrethinkdigg - new digg design launched in hoursrethinkdigg - new digg scorerethinkdigg - new digg moderators

What do you think about these mock ups? Please share your comments below..

Android Fans News

Multiple User Accounts Discovered In Android Jelly Bean

With the recent report from Geeky Gadgets, it seems Google has in store a new feature which the company plans to release unto all of its Android smartphones and tablets soonest, the new feature in question has just been discovered in the latest Google’s mobile OS known as Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

The guys at Phandroid said they received a tip from an unknown Android developer who recently discovered some interesting code which was hidden in the latest Android 4.1 Jelly Bean ASOP.

As the developer claims, it looks like Google is planning to introduce multiple user accounts features into the Android Operating System in the future to come. This would mean, you can have more than one android account logged in on a particular device without hassle. This new feature if it becomes a reality will give its counterparts a great competition; Apple and others.Multiple User Accounts to be enabled in Android Jelly Bean

If it becomes true, users can have one settings set for your device on the first account, and another setting completely different for the second account, it means great and useful feature for the android community.

As of now, there are no factual details as whether Google plans to activate multiple user accounts for android devices, and also there’s no details as of how the feature is going to work if it is finally enabled, but as soon as we get viable information we will inform you guys.

Sourced from Gadget Venue


Sony yet to decide which 2011 Xperia phones will get Jelly Bean

When a Sony spokesman mistakenly revealed that the company would not update its 2012 version of Xperia android smartphones to the latest Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, users got angry with the company. Big problem!

But now it seems the company has something different to say concerning the spokesman’s message. Sony has officially released a statement on their official blog stating that the information was “given in error” by the spokesman. The tech company says it is still working on selecting which of the devices that were released this year will actually get to receive the new Jelly Bean updateSony Xperia android jelly bean

“We are actively investigating Android OS upgrades for all devices, but in the meantime, our Ice Cream Sandwich rollout for Xperia S and 2011 Xperia smartphones continues as planned,” Sony said on their blog.

Hearing this news is a welcome development for users with the 2012 Sony Xperia devices such as Xperia Mini ProXperia ArcXperia MT27i and others. All that we can say now is for the owners of all sony xperia devices released in 2012 to believe in Sony and expect what next to happen.

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Samsung Galaxy Beam officially available in the UK

The new Samsung Galaxy Beam which has been tipped to be a great success by Sony recently in a post on Facebook is now officially available in every nook and cranny of the cities in the UK. As recently reported by GSMArena, some stores in the UK have already been selling the new Samsung Galaxy Beam for a week or so, but Samsung has officially launched the new smartphone/projector to the market. If you recalled, the Samsung galaxy beam is a projector cum smartphone device as it has features for projecting events right to the screen and also for making phone calls, doing all sort of things a nice smartphone can do.

As the previous reports had it, the Samsung Galaxy Beam doesn’t come cheap, either in the UK or somewhere else.

Purchasing the new Samsung Galaxy Beam at Clove UK store will cost you £412 ($647; €528) with its VAT included.

The Car phone Warehouse, also based in the UK, would also sell the new handset for free with several number of contract options with Orange and T-Mobile. That means, you get the phone for free but you have to pay for their partner’s services  – which is where they are going to raise the phone’s galaxy beam available in UK

Amazon UK does not have it on offer, but there are few sellers there that were offering it at about a price as the same with Clove. But if you check Amazon’s official site, you will get it listed there at a cheaper price as low as $525.00.

Click here to buy Samsung Galaxy Beam I8530 built in HD projector Unlocked Smartphone (3G – 850/900/1800/1900 MHz) – International Version (aff link).

However, Expansys in UK sells a cheaper European version of it while UK one sells an expensive model of it.

If anything to go buy our guess, we believe many other online shops and stores will have it soonest, the above are the those who came up in our search. Feel free to shop around.

You can buy from Amazon here if you want it badly…at cheaper rate. Kindly share your reviews below about the Samsung Galaxy Beam features and specs.

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Panasonic Lumix FZ60 Digital Camera at $349 for pre-order in US

Panasonic is up to something once again. They have brought up another high-end camera name as Panasonic Lumix FZ60. The new Panasonic Lumix FZ60 camera has just become available for pre-order in the US through B&H Photo. Its price tag is at $349 only (a nice price for an enhanced camera like that).

It is accorded with new and advanced specifications that consists of a 16.1MP high sensitivity MOS sensor that features a 25mm ultra wide angle lens along with a 24x optional zoom lens.

The new Panasonic Lumix FZ60 camera is embedded with a Panasonic’s LSI Venus Engine image processor, which has built-in 3.0 inch 460K-dot LCD Display. Internal storage space for the Panasonic Lumix FZ60 camera is 70MB along with an SD/SDXC/SDHC card slot, a mini HDMI output and a 1080 60i Full high definition video recording functionality etc. The rest of the Panasonic Lumix FZ60 camera features have been discussed below.

Panasonic Lumix FZ60 Digital Camera

The Panasonic Lumix FZ60 Digital Camera is gifted with a 16.1 Megapixels 1/2.33? MOS Sensor with a 4608 x 3456 pixels resolution along with a 4:3 aspect ratio and it supports various image and video file formats as Still Images: (JPEG, MPO, RAW), Movies: (MPEG-4, MPEG-4 AVCHD), Audio: (AAC). By default, the Panasonic Lumix FZ60 camera comes embedded with an Optical Image Stabilization with its Lens which has been facilitated with a 14 elements in 10 groups with 2 Aspheric, 3 ED and Leica DC Vario-Elmarit. Its Aperture is of f/2.8 (W) – 5.2 (T) to f/8.0 1 while its EFL is as follows: EFL: 4.5-108 mm (35 mm equivalent: 25-600 mm).panasonic lumix fz60 camera pre order available in US

To add to that specs, this new camera comes with a 24x Optical Zoom with an ability to zoom intelligently with its 48x Intelligent Zoom feature, and it has Focus Range up to 11.81? (30 cm) (Infinity), Wide: 0.39? (1 cm) – Infinity, Telephoto: 39.37? (100 cm) – Infinity, Telephoto: 78.74? (200 cm) – Infinity. Its ISO Sensitivity is Auto, 100-3200 (High Sensitivity Mode: 1600-6400) with a shutter speed of 4–1/2000 sec and has Exposure Metering modes as Multi, Center-weighted, Spot. It has several types of Exposure Modes and they are as follows:

  • Aperture Priority
  • Manual
  • Programmed Auto
  • Shutter Priority with the Compensation as -3 EV to +3 EV (in 1/3 EV steps).

It also comes with White Balance Modes, they are; Auto, Flash, Daylight, Cloudy, Fluorescent (White), Fluorescent (Natural White), Incandescent and Shade. The Panasonic Lumix FZ60 Digital Camera Self Timer are as follows: 10 Sec, 2 Sec and it comes with a 70MB of in-built Memory. The Memory Card Slot that is provided with it is compatible with SD, SDXC and SDHC cards. The new Panasonic Lumix FZ60 Digital Camera is facilitated with a 3.0? LCD Rear Screen that has a display resolution of 460000 pixels.

Panasonic Lumix FZ60 Digital Camera comes powered with a rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery 7.2VDC 895mAh, in measurement; it measures 4.74 x 3.18 x 3.62? / 120.3 x 80.8 x 91.9 mm, and in weight; it has a weight of 0.99 lb / 449 g without its battery and memory card slotted in.


Facebook Post Leads to New Trial for Highers Brothers Serving Life Sentence for Murder

Gone are the days when social media engagement is considered as an ineffective means of communication. Social media sites especially Facebook is very effective when it comes to raising awareness for a particular course.

The two Detroit brothers who have served 25 years of their life in prison for murder are now getting new trial after a post on Facebook concerning the incident., a news site based in Detroit has reported that a  local judge has last week over-tuned the murder convictions of Raymond Highers and his brother, Thomas Highers, who were sentenced to life in imprisonment for their part in the 1987 murder of Robert Karey at his home in Detroit.

The brothers after the hearing now face a new trial in the case, which is a great opportunity they may never have gotten in their lifetime if not for a seemingly ordinary post on Facebook.

Back then in 2009, a local woman named Mary Evans posted an update on the Northeast Detroit Alumni’s Facebook page about the Highers brothers’ case as thus:

“[All] I said was it’s too bad or it’s sad that the Highers brothers are in prison for life, and that there just started this domino effect,” Mary Evans said as quoted from

However, the Detroit Free Press later reports the facebook post which later led to several witnesses coming forward, including high school students at the time of the incident, who said they were at Robert Karey’s house that night when he was shot.Highers brothers sees God's grace with Facebook post

Four witnesses give evidence before a judge at a hearing that took place in March. Two of them claimed they went to Karey’s back door to buy drugs. They testified that they were interrupted by some armed black men who rushed into the back yard and forced them to leave. One of the four witnesses also testified that he heard a gunshot as they fled back to the car.

However, the testimony gave them a sign of relief because the Highers brothers are white, not black as the eye witnesses claimed the killers were. Highers lawyers say none of witnesses testifying to the incident never went to the police because at that time, as one of them put it, the witnesses were “just kids” who had no better understanding of the incident talk less of contacting police.

Now the Highers brother’s family is hopeful that a new trial could lead to their release, although, the highers brothers will still remain in the prison without bond for the time being.

“I knew this day would come.  It is just sad it took 25 years,” Scott Highers, their brother said according to MyFoxDetroit’s report.  “I know they will be home.  It is just frustrating when.  We want them home ASAP.”

Via ~ Fox News


Samsung NP30E4C-A020S with 2nd generation Core i3 Processor

The new Samsung NP30E4C-A020S Laptop is now publicly available for consumers. The new Samsung NP30E4C-A020S comes with awesome configurations that includes an enhanced Intel HD Graphics 3000, 14 “LED high-definition widescreen display, built-in high speed wireless LAN (802.11b/g/n), proudly equipped with 0.3MP webcam with built-in functionality. Apart from that, the webcam has an internal microphone for recording your voice and some other awesome features which are built-in high speed wireless LAN option that guarantee unlimited internet experience without wire connection, it also offers Bluetooth 4.0 interface that will easily connect with other Bluetooth enabled devices to share files without hassle (e.g MP3 player or mobile phones). Beside that, it has other connectivity features which includes a built-in Gigabit Ethernet LAN with RJ-45 connector that assures quick and easy wired internet connection. Some other details of this new Samsung Laptop have been discussed below.

Samsung NP30E4C-A020S Features

The new Samsung NP300E4C-A020S Laptop is proudly enabled with a 14? LED high-definition widescreen display which has been gifted with a 200 cd/m² brightness and it carries a 1366 x 768 pixels of display resolution. When it comes to processor, this new laptop comes powered by the new and 2nd Generation Intel Core i3-2350M processor that spots a 3MB cache and it is clocked at 2.3GHz processor speed. Embedded with the second generation Intel Core i3 processor that has 4-way processing performance for High Definition quality computing, that means, playing games and watching videos has just got even easier than before.

Samsung NP300E4C-A020S is available for consumers

Its storage media is gifted with a Multiformat DVD±RW/CD-RW drive that comes with a double-layer support and it can records up to 8.5GB of data non-stop or can take up to 4 hours of video coverage using the supported DVD+R DL and DVD-R DL media. Samsung NP300E4C-A020S Laptop has 500GB hard drive (5400 rpm) that assures you of more storage with its spacious storage and fast write and read times. I think this is for people in the media industry.

The new device’s graphic is powered with Intel HD Graphics that will always serves your graphical needs at any time you need them. The device’s memory is facilitated with 4GB DDR3 memory which has only one feature for multi-tasking, and it is expandable to 8GB upon your usage. It also have Intel HD Graphics 3000 for storing shared video memory for lush images and vivid detail.

One more thing that I won’t forget to mention is the HDMI output that comes embedded with this new laptop – this output can be connected to an HDTV without stress.

It is good for people that loves doing video chatting because it comes with an internally embedded microphone that makes it easier to do video chat with friends and family around the world. The device will also give its user some other features such as 3-in-2 media reader, supports for SDXC formats and Secure Digital High Capacity. It also comes with three high performing USB 2.0 ports gifted with function for faster digital video, audio media data transfer experience.

When it comes to the Operating System, the Samsung NP300E4C – A020S Laptop runs on the Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium Edition 64-bit operating system (pre-installed on it). Samsung NP300E4C-A020S is weighed at 4.9 lbs and measures 1.4″ thin.

Do you like the features of the Samsung NP300E4C-A020S Laptop? Please share your experience about it and also share the post with your friends on social media.


Cost of Slow Typing: An Infographic Picture Explained it all

Slow Typing Infographic

If you could easily save hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars a
year, wouldn’t you? With the new voice command software available on
your cell phone, you can easily respond to e-mails, complete
correspondence during your commute and leave those easy to lose
“lists” behind.

The average person spends around four hours a day typing e-mails,
lists and other correspondences. Dictation software can record one
hundred words per minute as opposed to the expensive thirty three
words that the average person can type.

Now you can save up to three hours a day by simply using the new voice
command software. When you add these hours up, over forty years time,
that equals one thousand eight hundred and twenty five days! Imagine
what you can do with 5 years of free time!

Carpel tunnel, eye strain and constant neck and shoulder pain are only
a few of the consistent complaints of people that work on computers
daily. All of these aches and pains can be easily eliminated with the
use of dictation software. Not to mention, hundreds and thousands of
dollars in doctor visits and pain medications.

Retirement is just another worry for most people and nearly 25% of
Americans between the ages of 45 and 55 have saved less than $10,000
for retirement. If you could contribute over $3,000 a year to your
retirement, wouldn’t you? By contributing $3,285 a year to retirement
that earns a set return of eight percent on your investment, at the
end of 40 years, you would have one million dollars! By using the
extra time saved with dictation software, and earning just $3.00 more
per hour, this dream could easily become a reality.

Not to mention the monotony of typing for hours on end, with the new

voice command software, writing can be fun again! The tongue is much
quicker than the fingers, regain your motivation and put
procrastination behind you, with dictation software, you can make more
money in less time and enjoy what you do without spending hours on end
staring at a computer.

Turn your computer off, save electricity and regain your sense of
freedom without being tied down to your office chair! Save time, money
and be pain free by simply switching to dictation software, available
at the tip of your fingers – anywhere, anytime!

effect of slow typing on our business
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Checkout these 4 Best Android Tablets of 2012

iPad 2 and Kindle have dominated the smartphone market until 2011 and for many tablet lovers it is like a luxury high-end gadget. But, things have changed very quickly in recent months. Several modern feature rich tablets are launched in 2012. All these tablets have very high configuration specifications and can give desktops and net-books a tough competition. Always pick the Tablet that is within your budget limits and that satisfies your overall needs.

Therefore, tablets are getting high popularity nowadays and many are considering them as a multi-purpose gadget. Here we are listing of 4 top Android Tablets that you can go for in 2012.

Here are the best android tablets of 2012 for android lovers around the world. These best android tablets are going to rock your world as android smartphone user.

Best Android Tablets 2012 List

1. Samsung P6800 Tab:

The Galaxy P6800 Tab 7.7 is the first Samsung tablet that has incorporated the latest AMOLED Plus display technology that delivers amazing colours. Super AMOLED screens has the best colour gamut, sharpness, contrast ratio and quick response time that makes checking text better and sharper. The Honeycomb platform has been enhanced further to deliver the ultimate user experience on a wider range of tablet devices.

2. Google Nexus 7:

The Nexus 7’s quad-core Tegra 3 processor delivers rapid efficiency and comes with a wonderful responsive display screen. Also, it is very comfortable to hold in hands and Android 4.1 brings a surplus of welcome improvements in Nexus 7. The lack of built-in extended storage and omission of HDMI are frustrating for some users. The bottom and top bezels are a bit too thick. With a beautiful display, quick performance, comfortable specs, and overall great media options, the Nexus 7 is no-doubt the best 7-inch tablet available in the market. Nexus 7 is noticeably thinner than Kindle Fire, thanks to its beveled bottom.

 3. Transformer Pad 300:

The ASUS Transformer Pad with multiple colours and a concentric style pattern sets a new standards in the art of tablet design. The Transformer Pad 300 delivers the power of a quad-core Tegra 3 chip, 12 hour battery life and a 10.1-inch display. A big plus factor for the 300 is that it comes with ICS out of the box. However, the price difference is very noticeable when it comes to the raw items used to build the Transformer Pad.

 4. Apple iPad:

Apple’s new iPad has an amazing new display, equally matched by a powerful quad-core graphic processor and the planet’s wide app and media store to supply its content. There’s a decent 5 MP rear camera present now, with 1080p recording capability. The new iPad is a little bit bulkier than last seasons model. Various apps and films are optimized for the display that might take up more space. With faster graphics, 4G Wi-Fi options, a better camera, and a magnificent high-resolution screen, the new iPad cements its place on the top tablet list.

So, what can you say about these android tablets? Are they okay by our assumptions or you think we score them higher than how they should be? Challenge us in the comment section below and let’s have a conversation on these best android tablets for 2012 and year beyond – that will only happen if android stop functioning well though.