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Android 4.1 Jelly Bean features and more

It has been officially declared by Google that they have brought in the latest update to their mobile OS, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. The operating system earlier thought of as Android 5.0 actually builds upon 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and so it is not the major lift for Android operating system and thus the version makes platform easier, faster, buttery smooth and more intuitive.

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

What is its platform?

Jelly Bean was earlier believed to be Android 5.0 actually builds upon 4.0 ICS. So, Google Now is yet another great addition to native search facility in Android that aims to offer right details at right time. For instance, it will show the present traffic situations during the commute time. Also, it may show the train schedules in case you are at some subway station.

Features to behold

In this amazing Jelly Bean, the users can enjoy multi touch functions in order to expand various types of notifications, read the text messages and emails and that too without the requirement of opening some other app. More so, one can carry out various tasks straightway from notification bar that further increase the usability. 

Easy accessibility

Jelly Bean further includes the latest APIs for the easy accessibility facilities like services which let you tackle gestures or manage the focus with the on screen navigation options/buttons. All these can be easily handled by accessories, accessibility gestures and other methods. The applications which use View components basically inherit the support for the latest features in an automatic fashion and without any requirement for the developers to modify or change the code.

Project Butter- the latest feature

The most important improvement in Jelly Bean is the Project Butter that enhances the responsiveness and sensitivity of system as Google believes that the whole Android framework is at 60 fps. Scrolling, swiping and animation need to be smoother and fluid in Jelly Bean as compared to ICS.

Font, language and more

Jelly Bean further brings the latest Arabic font, eighteen new languages such as Hindi, Thai and Persian for the users. It even supports user experience for the blind customers as it offers the gesture support and the Bluetooth that is mainly supported for Braille devices.

Pictures and word stock

With Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, the users can store the contact images at amazing 720 x 720 thereby permitting the pictures to be beautiful and gorgeous. Apps can also retrieve and store the contact pictures at that size or at any other as required. Google claims that Jelly Bean has actually tweaked internal dictionary in order to offer more words while you type some sentence. So, when you actually tap on some suggested word, you will observe more word options now.

Search easily with Jelly Bean

The most crucial feature of Jelly Bean is the wide improvement to search function of Android. The Search cards showcase search results to various queries in the user friendly and graphical manner as well as integrate into the Voice Search. The search cards involve image results, weather forecasts, traffic, answers to the questions and a lot more.

Last but not least, in notification center, the users can return the missed call or even send the message just by tapping on notification directly. This in turn saves them from the need to open messaging or call apps.

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Top Dual Sim Android Phones in India

Dual sim android phones have been around for some time now.  For a heavy phone user it is advisable to keep one phone instead of two and that is where the dual sim concept comes into play.

With over 57% market share, Dual Sim android phones have taken over the Indian cellphone market and the only way it seems to be heading for growth now is through the smartphone market.

As far as android phones are concerned these are becoming popular because of the user friendly OS and the great number of useful and versatile Apps the Android market provides.

Now, the combination of these two features seems one of the brightest. With the increasing needs almost all the major or minor manufacturers have launched dual SIM Android phones in the country, be it Samsung, LG, Micromax or Spice.

A look at the Dual Sim Android Phones list will show you the number of phones have grown significantly in the last few months.  Here’s the list some of the Top Dual Sim Android smartphones for you to make the appropriate decision for your next purchase.

Dual Sim Android Phones Available for Indians


Samsung Galaxy Y Duos

This one is Samsung’s first full touch dual sim android phone. It is packed with many features like 832 MHz Processor and 512 MB RAM. It runs on an Android 2.3 operating system. The touchscreen is 3.14inch QVGA and the camera is of 3.15 megapixels with Geo-tagging feature. The phone is 3G and Wifi enabled.Samsung Galaxy Y Duos is listed among the best Dual sim android phones

There is a powerful battery up of Li-Ion 1300 mAh that gives a talk time of 9 hours. The internal memory of the phone is 160 MB which is expandable up to 32 GB. Along with the Wifi it has GPRS, EDGE, Bluetooth 3.0 and micro USB port for connectivity which makes it totally grab-worthy! The Samsung Galaxy Y Duos is priced Rs. 8,099.

Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos

The Samsung Ace Duos is one of the handsets that provide a mélange of technology in a single set. Running Android 2.3 on an 832MHz processor and flashing a 3.5-inch HVGA screen, that dual-SIM capability is the highlight, with Samsung’s “Dual SIM always on” feature that forwards calls from the phone number on SIM 2, even if the user is on a call through SIM 1.ace duos

The camera of this phone is 5 MP with LED flash make it good choice for people who want to have a great collection of pictures. This phone provides fast and very easy access to Gtalk, Gmail and many more. This one can be bought at a price of Rs. 12,099.

HTC Desire V

HTC has introduced a high-end Android handset called the HTC Desire V, which will support dual SIMs and has many top-notch features.  With this phone you get a 4-inch screen with 800 x 480 pixel resolution.

HTC HTC Desire V is another dual sim android phones candidateIt is loaded with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich with SENSE 4 and supports HSPA, Wi-Fi and GPS. This HTC handset is powered by a decent 1GHz Qualcomm MSM 7227A (ARM Cortex – A5) processor. In addition, the device has a 512MB of RAM for extra strength.

You can certainly depend on the handset for all common uses of smartphone like web surfing, movie watching and image capturing with no performance failure. This one is definitely desirable!

Spice Mi 350n

Spice recently launched their entry level Mi-350n into the dual SIM Android phones category. It runs on Android 2.3 Gingerbread and it runs quite smoothly while running low-powered applications.

The device is powered by a 650 MHz processor. 3.5 inch TFT screen with 320 x 480 pixel resolution and the ability to display 16 million colors give an attractive appeal to the phone.Spice Mi 350n is another android phone listed among the best dual sim android phones

The phone has a Mediatek MT6573 chipset that includes a 650 MHz single core processor and Adreno 200 graphics engine for dedicated graphics support. The phone has 256 MB of RAM and 512 MB of internal storage that doubles up as the ROM. The device supports 32 GB of external memory, which is pretty much a standard these days. You can get this at Rs. 7,448.

Micromax A78

A78 enhances its dual sim capability by combining the productivity of the Android platform with the flexibility of a QWERTY keyboard. It’s hard to beat a combination like that. It is powered by the Android Gingerbread OS and has a 3-megapixel rear camera and a 0.3- megapixel front camera.Micromax A78 is a great phone listed among 2012 Dual sim android phones

The Phone sports a display of 3.5 inches Capacitive Multi-Touchscreen. The smartphone houses 650MHz processor. It had 1300 mAh battery for longer battery life. It is available at Rs. 7,189.

Micromax A73

This device is equipped with latest applications and tools. Micromax A73  runs on Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) operating system and powerful 650 MHz Processor with 256 RAM,512 ROM. Along with 3.5 inch capacitive touch screen it is also equipped with a qwerty keyboard.

Micromax A73 is a great phone listed among 2012 Dual sim android phones

It has a 2MP main camera; a VGA front camera that allows the user to have video calls over 3G. Additionally, presence of a flash lighthelps you to get a clear and crisp visual even in dim light. This mobile phone features Polaris Office Suite that allows you to access and edit MS Office based files without the use of a computer. All this for just Rs. 6,299.

LG Optimus 3D

This one is another ace of the optimus series og LG. Since the Optimus 3D, LG have been the only big-name manufacturer to stick to their guns in the 3D smartphone market.

The Optimus 3D is the first smartphone to launch with a “glasses-free” 3D display, enabling users to take still photos and record videos in full 3D, then play them back in 3D on the massive 4.3 inch screen.LG Optimus 3D is listed among the TOP Dual sim android phones

This dual sim phone comes with a dual processor, dual camera and dual-channel memory. It runs on Android OS v2.3 Gingerbread with LG 3D UI powered by Dual-core 1.2GHz ARM Cortex-A9 processor with 1 GB RAM. It has a Dual 5 MP auto focus cameras with LED Flash for better quality pictures. You can get this one at Rs. 24,990.


All these phones accommodate the latest features along with the hit formula of Smartphone and Dual sim together. Dual Sim android phones in this list have already excited the consumers and have found a high level of acceptance.

More and more phones are being added to the list on the daily basis. The dual SIM android phone will continue to take the market by storm. With Blackberry and Windows yet to enter the bandwagon, Android seems to have a clear lead in this space. If you want more, click for android phones here.

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What is Web 3.0 and How does it works?

What is Web 3.0?

Search engine has some restrictions with the reorganization of keyword that you enter but search engines sometimes do not reply properly. Web 3.0 removes this hurdle and brings out the appropriate results for you. It presents supportive information for you with relevant keyword.

Web3.0 captures like and dislikes of yours hence in future & will describe what is best for you? It means it works like a personal secretary. It prepares your task easy in day to day life.

How Web3.0 works?

Web 3.0 Features and Benefits

Well stored content saves users time and out to be relevant. Search of content develop into natural and conversational. Web3.0 count on backside changes data structure. Internet experts have marked web 3.0 a higher rank for the browsing experience. If diverse people look for same keywords they might obtain different answer as per their profile because of the past browser history of users.

Web 3.0 is a next coevals browser practice delivers what you want, you will get. It produces an artificial intellect. It does not discover only keywords but appreciate your requirements. It’s a place of principles that revolve the Web into one big database.

Web 3.0 is a state where machines can study Web pages much as we humans interpret them. Web 3.0 has to perform with the rising esteem of mobile Internet devices and the combination of entertainment systems and the Web.

Web 3.0 is a semantic web. The semantic web will educate the computer what the data means, and this will develop into artificial intelligence that can exploit that information.

Web 3.0 is a gyration in the chronicle of internet just thinks that a browser act as a human and you left all your reminders, wish and hate to a browser,  is your chum is really an immense next generation factor.

Web 3.0′ is that foremost web sites are usable to be altered into web services – and will efficiently rendering their information to the world.

What is your opinion about Web 3.0?  Please share them with us in the comment section below. I love commenters! 🙂

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StealthGenie: How to Improve Your Child Grades by using Cell Phone Tracking System

I live in Belleville, a small city in the outskirts of Houston, Texas. My son passed his GCSE exams with flying colors and got admission in one of the top colleges in Houston. As it was all about his future, I did not stop my son from leaving Belleville, though I was really concerned about him.

After a few months, I called the principal of my son’s college and asked him about my son’s progress in studies. Stunned by the fall in the grades of my son and his irregularity at college, I was found dumbfounded.

The principal told me that I need to be tracking cell phone location of my child at all times, so that I can keep an eye on him. This made me look out for a cell phone tracking software and I came across StealthGenie.stealthgenie helps you monitor the location of your child

StealthGenie – What it does?

StealthGenie is a really powerful and user-friendly cell phone tracker that tells you the precise location of your child at any time. After StealthGenie is installed in your child’s cell phone, you just need to login to your StealthGenie account and you can view your child’s location from as far as Belleville and beyond.

Other exquisite Features of StealthGenie

Once installed, you can have access to a few other exquisite features of StealthGenie such as:

  • Your child’s complete SMS Logs
  • Your child’s entire Call Logs
  • All the Pictures, Audio and Video files in his cell phone
  • Entire Web browsing history of your child
  • Your child’s complete contacts List
  • Record surroundings – With this feature, you can even record the surroundings of your child at any given time

StealthGenie Compatibility

This cell phone tracker is compatible with the following operating systems:

  • Android OS 2.1, 2.2, 2.3 and 4.0 (This includes latest phones by Motorola, Samsung, HTC, Google and others)
  • Blackberry OS 4.6 and above (This includes all the Blackberry models in the 8000 and 9000 series)
  • iPhone iOS 3 and above (This includes iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4 and iPhone 4S).

My experience with StealthGenie

I was disappointed to find out that my child was out partying all night with his mates and even bunking college. Had I known about StealthGenie mobile spy earlier, I would have been tracking cell phone location of my child well before.

At least I am happy that my son won’t try anything fishy now and even if he does, StealthGenie will tell me everything.

In this post, Adrian Pulver used his personal experience while using StealthGenie personal child tracking app to get the custody of his son and I believe this post will have a great impact on your child’s school activities as well.

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If you did you like this post? Please share your personal experiences with us via comment section now. Thanks for reading!

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Android Jellybean Launch Telecast at Google I/0 2012 Event

Android JellyBean Launch Underway!

Good news to all Google Android operating system powered mobile smartphone users.

You asked why? The reason is because the latest version of the android mobile operating system known as Jelly Bean android operating system, is in its launch stage right away. The launch is under way today at the I/O announcement scheduled for today. The launch is to be held at the I/O conference 2012 which would go on between June 27-29 at the San Francisco’s Moscone Center.

android 4.1 jelly bean
android 4.1 jelly bean

The event has started  since 9:30 PM today and you can watch its live telecast in the video embedded below.

The launch of android jelly bean will bring about a great competition between the iOS6 which was recently launched by Apple and the new Google Jelly Bean operating system. With its launch, Android Jelly bean is now the latest firmware which would offer us something cool when it comes to mobile phone experience – with many feature it promises which includes Google Cloud storage system, Google Wallet, and many more other awesome features powered by Google and third-party companies.

Learn more about Android History and many more other things that pertains to the android operating system from the first day it was launched to this present moment and the future of it by clicking here.

We are sure to keep you posted with another article as soon as the os is finally announced and released with some other events at the Google I/O conference. Thanks for reading

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Microsoft Surface Tablet Review, Price, Specs and Features

Rumours here, rumours there about the new Microsoft Surface tablet! iPAD KILLER is coming from Microsoft. Apple is about to loss the large percentage of the Tablets market with the launch of the new Microsoft Surface tablet device to make the tablet industry more competitive 🙂

microsoft surface tablet
microsoft surface tablet

And now, the Microsoft Surface!

Technology is growing like charm and in this growing technology we cannot underestimate the growth of tablets. Android tablets have brought new revolution in the tablet industry and it seems that Google’s biggest competitor Microsoft is jealous from the tremendous success and sales graph of Android tablets. So now Microsoft has started its new inning in the tablet technology and the very first player from the side of Microsoft is named Surface.

Surface tablet is the first tablet from the well known technology brand. Lots of rumors were there on the internet about its features and now the reality is revealed and you are going to see the full features list of Microsoft Surface Tablet. Surface is windows 8 based and comes in two variants named Windows RT and Windows Pro. You will not be able to see the tablet in your pocket until Windows 8 comes live.

But before then, let’s us have a look on the feature list of Microsoft Surface surface tablet display

Surface Tablet Features


Design is plus point of this tablet. Both the variants of Surface comes with 10.6 inches screen. The screen size is bigger than all iPads in the market till date. The sleek and simple design makes it unique and attracts the customers.

Form Factor

The dimensions of this tablet are better than iPad. Here is the dimensions report of Surface.
Width: 9.3 mm Thick
Weight: 676 grams.


As expected the Surface tablet comes with full HD display. 1028 x 768 pixels is the resolution that you get with this tablet. In fact both the resolution and pixels density are better than iPad and all Android tablets which makes the Surface to lead in this category.

Operating System

As it comes from the house of Microsoft so no doubt of it being a Windows based tablet. Windows 8 is the operating system you get in this tablet. As already explained it comes in two variants. Windows RT is just few days away from your pocket. But Windows Pro will take estimated two months time. Windows Pro is going to be powerful portable PC.


Nvidia Tegra is the processor that you get with Windows RT Surface. While the Windows Pro will come up with powerful Intel i5 processor which has not been seen so far in the iPads or Android tablets. Intel i5 processor itself is enough to speak the quality of Surface.


Unlike iPads where you cannot transfer data to other devices, Microsoft Surface comes with a no. of data sharing methods which makes it easier to share the data not only with other Surface tablets, but with other devices as well. It supports microSD slot and has also the port for USB connectivity.


This is the most attractive part of Surface. When you buy Surface tablet, you will get this along with your tablet unit. While in case of iPads you need to spend extra cash to purchase the stand, you need not to do it for Surface tablet.


The battery is another eye catching part of the tablet. It promises for 48 hours battery play. Well, I must say that if other ‘in demand’ features are very good, battery is also not behind. Two day use of Surface without charging is far better than iPad and Android tablets.


Nothing yet revealed from Microsoft related to the price this awesome tablet. But yes, we can expect a very competitive price as compared to other tablets already in the market. Approximately it is going to cost you around 900-1000 $. This is totally “Value For Money” deal.
So are you planning to buy Surface? Share your views in the comment section below.

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Blackberry Fitness Apps: Paid & Free Fitness Apps for Blackberry

If you want best free blackberry fitness apps for blackberry devices, you needn’t to search elsewhere because we have list them below for your reading pleasure. These great blackberry fitness apps will help you stay fit while you do your day to day activities without stress. Like the recent posts on my other blogs that talks on best iphone fitness apps and best android fitness apps; you will find this one useful as well if you have Blackberry Mobile Device at your disposal like mine 🙂 

Along with other smart phones, BlackBerry is also a useful device that helps you practically on all things including fitness. There are a lot of apps available now in the BlackBerry app store that can help you become fit and healthy.

Best Blackberry Fitness Apps

Best Blackberry Fitness Apps taking from TechAtLast Blackberry smartphone

Here are some of the Best BlackBerry fitness apps that you can download now:

Endomondo Sports Tracker

Endomondo Sports Tracker is a free app that is used as a personal coach as well as a training partner. This fitness app for BlackBerry allows you to track you exercise or workouts such as running, hiking, cycling, skiing, kayaking and others using the phone’s built-in GPS system. This fitness app also provides you with an audio feedback while you are doing your exercise.

In addition, Endomondo Sports tracker also allows you to have peptalks from friends, which allows you to hear what they write on the web so you don’t need to read them. Endomondo Sports Tracker tracks your heart rate, tracks your runs and enables you to compete with the route champion in that specific route. You can also post your workouts in Facebook and be able to view your friends’ workout as well.

Calorie Counter by Fat Secret

Calorie Counter is another free fitness app available for BlackBerry devices. Using Calorie Counter, you can find information about the food you eat regarding the calorie content and nutritional facts. It also allows you to keep track of your weight and exercise.

Calorie Counter includes a food diary to help you track what you are eating and the calories you take in as well as an activity diary to keep track of your exercises and the calories you burn. With Calorie Counter, you may evaluate the balance between your calorie intake and loss. Calorie counter also include weight chart to help you track your weight.

Adidas miCoach

Adidas miCoach is a blackberry fitness coach at the palm of your hands. Adidas miCoach uses your phone’s GPS system that allows you to track your exercise, calories burned and many more. You can also plan your workouts using Adidas miCoach. This blackberry fitness app also sends you daily planned workouts and feed backs regarding your exercise.

Calorie Counter and Diet tracker by MyFitnessPal

This blackberry fitness app is one of the easiest and fastest apps to use for BlackBerry devices. Using MyFitnessPal, you can lose weight in your hands. It includes a large food database that helps you watch what you are eating and help you lose weight fast.

This free blackberry fitness app was chosen as the PC magazine editor’s Choice Selection as well as Editor’s Pick for Lifestyle apps in Wired magazine. Well that sounds that this blackberry fitness app is the best diet app you can have as at now when it comes to selecting the best blackberry fitness apps in the App world.


Runtastic is a personal fitness and sports app for BlackBerry. Like other fitness apps, it helps you track your exercise and the calories you burned. Runtastic allows you to do many things such as track your activities in GPS (records the distance, time, speed, elevation and the calories you burned), view your route and position in the BlackBerry maps, and many more.

Gym Technik

Gym Technik has been the best health and fitness app for BlackBerry in the year 2009 and 2010 in Using this app, you will be motivated to reach your goals in fitness. It provides guidance in workouts and tracks your exercise statistics. Plus, it also syncs your stats to their website that lets you choose your workout plans, chart your progress and view your exercise results.

All these Blackberry fitness apps for BlackBerry device users are available for free at the BlackBerry app world at Have you used any other blackberry fitness apps before? What are the differences between these blackberry fitness apps and the ones you have used before? Please share your past experiences with us!


The Secret of Getting Traffic Using Google News

Introduction to Google News traffic

Well the latest technology of search engine optimization has made it compulsory for many of the businesses especially working through websites to make use of this technology. Search engine optimization is a process which help brings traffic to your website. It enables your website to get to top rankings on the Google search page. Google traffic here refers to the people visiting Google for gaining information about anything to everything. Google is one of the most commonly used search engines which have gained immense traffic to its online channel over the last couple of years. And now a day people make use of Google to search for things at all levels; images, video, breaking news, event, and many more.

Google News Traffic: A-to-Z

Google secrets of getting high traffic

There are some guidelines which enables you to bring traffic to your website via Google. It is the effective mode of implementing SEO strategies. For this purpose, Google news site is used widely. All you need to do is to get on this site; you need to recommend that your website is a good source of news. For this purpose you need to update your website at least after 30 days. You can submit press releases to the website which can bring traffic to your website. Moreover you can update your website by adding latest original content in the form of blogs, press releases and articles.

Hidden secrets of Google for increasing traffic

Some of the other top secrets of Google for bring traffic to it are: you can make use of Google images, maps and pictures. Well video uploading on the website also plays a vital role in bringing traffic to your website. Google sitemaps are readily used for getting top ranking on Google search. This strategy of using Google maps not only brings traffic to the website, in fact it also provides the owner of the website with helpful reports. For this purpose, you need to open an account on the Google, and then you just have to follow the directions of the page.How to get quality traffic with Google news to your website on regular basis

Google books are also used for getting top rankings on Google search pages. It is one of the hidden secret which is used by Google to bring free traffic. If you have written any book, you can submit the entire book to the website or part of it. Just attach as much part of the book as you want and then give link of your website with the right keywords.

How to get traffic using Google news?

Well there are some steps you must follow for gaining high quality traffic to your website. Some of which are: first mode is to determine and target your goal, it would help you plan your strategy and implement it most effectively. The next step is to set up your account on Google. Google works by choosing the bids, so you must start bidding high. The other step is to write good ads, this can be done by including the correct keywords into the advertisement. The last step is to measure and adjust things accordingly. There is no hard and fast rule for implementing SEO strategies. So you must follow these tools as per your business requirements.

Susan Hannan has been a regular writer for TechAtLast for months. She’s providing exam assistance? She has to offer you Microsoft Certification training material with free learning opportunities.


Nintendo announces Nintendo 3DS XL with double screen

Game with three-dimensional images, a sense of depth and, next month, double-screen for those who want to enjoy more entertainment. The Nintendo announced on Friday (22) that briefly Nintendo 3DS , portable designed especially for 3D (as the name suggests), gains a big brother in a matter of size: 90% higher with display.

The large model is called Nintendo 3DS XL, in reference to the term “XL” used for garments “extra large” ( extra-large in English). Will hit shelves with three different color combinations: silver and black, red and black or blue and black. According to the Big N, it is an update in theform factor (shape, so to speak) we know the Nintendo 3DS.

Nintendo 3DS XL
Nintendo 3DS XL

Nintendo 3DS XL Specs

Two viewers. The largest has a resolution of 800 × 240 pixels at 4.88 inches and the smallest at the bottom, will have a resolution of 320 × 240 pixels at 4.18 inches. The presence of pen stylus was confirmed to control the screen bottom.

Interestingly, Nintendo did not include the electric charger in laptop kit. He says that most consumers who buy the XL model will be smaller, so there’s no need to add this accessory which increases the final price of the product. If you agree or disagree with this statement is another matter. Particularly, I think the whole product also requires the source to recharge.

The Nintendo 3DS XL has distribution scheduled for August 19 in Europe and Japan later on August 19, arrives in the United States by the expected price of $ 199 (approximately U.S. $ 410 without considering the cost of imports and the like).

Does the product arrives in Brazil with the name of Nintendo 3DS GG?

The writer of this post writes the best of news around the world of gadgets with an in-depth review of latest news around the world on gadgets and others. And the recent review he writes about was the review of Nintendo 3DS XL. Please visit and read more about it.

Web Development & Design Ideas

eCommerce Web Designing Demystified – A Perfect Avenue for Small Business Owners

This write up is purposely on A-to-Z of eCommerce web designing with tips and guides to help you ideate and launch your ecommerce website hassle-free, and I believe you will have one or two things to learn after reading the article. Kindly read, comment and share with your friends!  🙂

The different companies go for the various ways to excel in the industry verticals. They put in efforts to enhance their businesses looking from all the aspects. They are keen to get profits by getting customers from all over the world. This is the right strategy to go ahead in the race and make a mark in your business field. Let us explore what is needed to meet such a business goal.

How Ecommerce Web Designing Can Help Your Business Grow!

ecommerce web designing tips and ideas

eCommerce Web Designing Planning Demystified

The ecommerce websites having user friendly applications plus easy browsing characteristics target to achieve the global customers. The experts have proficiency to develop the innovatively styled ecommerce websites. These give valuable information in regard to the business to numerous customers.

As a result your website develops a perfect web presence to make an instant mark over the user. It would cater to the demands and needs of the global clients with lots of ease. Such attractive websites tend to reduce the amount you spend for marketing plus advertising as this purpose is already attained by the use of ecommerce web design services.

Your business prospects enhance stupendously as more and more people find your innovatively designed website over the internet. You can imagine yourself how much potential these services have towards your website.

These services act as a relatively inexpensive marketing medium to take forward your website. Such a feature-rich kind of website obtained has lots of scope in the present time. These are developed after analyzing the business particular models of the clients. After all this hard work you get a final site which the customers look forward to for making the purchases.

To develop such websites along with other kinds of ecommerce applications, the professionals make use of the state-of-the-art methodologies with proven strategies to implement therein. They consider the aspects like the Google products optimization, the product structure, the search engine optimization as well as shopping cart optimization.

After this only they bring forward to you a website that excels in every possible way. These are perfect for small or large scale businesses and show the right way to progress ahead.ecommerce web designing tips

The ecommerce web designing comprises of numerous features and you need to explore yourself to all these before choosing what is necessary for your website.

The shopping cart optimization should be done as effectively as possible. The customer should be fully satisfied when he or she makes a purchase and should do it without any hassles.

The ecommerce web designing comprises of attractive kinds of flash presentations which help to get maximum traffic towards the site. These are perfect for the online websites and facilitate to attain the real business value for the clients.

The ecommerce websites have completely changed the concept of marketing and provide a wider selection platform. Customers gain an ideal way to access information which includes the competitive pricing of the products as well as services. These websites work in an effective way to match the ecommerce shopping solutions.

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