8 Basic Tips to Improve Email Marketing RESULT

How to Improve Email Marketing Results

Tips to improve email marketing for Business to Business (B2B) are different from that of Business to Consumer (B2C) email. However, it is quite difficult for most of the marketers to built powerful and successful campaigns.  These problems are mainly because of following two leading false impressions:

First of all, a lot of people presume that Business-to-Business email should have a commercial speak and should be approached with a methodical and competent mentality.

Secondly, many of the marketers view a number of Business to Consumer messages than business ones. So it is rather unsuccessful to apply those styles and approach to business email marketing, in reference to its design, outline, copy etc.

How to Improve email marketing
how to improve email marketing

There are, however, many tips to improve the business email marketing.

1. Take a humanly Decision

The way you access your personal day to day communications, just write the business email in the same way. Exhibit some personality. Write the mail in terms of a dialogue.  Be optimistic. An energetic writing way from not a brand but a person will be like a game changer.   At most awful, you will be remembered as a distinctive one.

2. Establish a goal

Often someone sends a lot of messages. Most of the senders do this because they don’t want be get blamed by others that they haven’t send the mail. You should have a proper reason of sending a mail. If you don’t have any idea then you shouldn’t send the mail.

3. Consider the receiver’s goals

Probably, many of the emails are not about any special brand or proposal. You should put yourself in receiver’s position and then develop a communication that will provide necessary information for the recipient and will save money and marketing campaign

4. Segment

If your audience is huge and multiple, that may require multiple iterations, which should be brief, focused and towards the goal.

5. shouldn’t be the only priority

You should test varying amounts of contents, like sending one article at one time or three days in one week rather than 12 articles on monthly newsletter. Try to have a different approach and stand out.

6. Story telling

The realistic stories can be added to your emails. People are interested in stories and the receiver would surely be a person.  Try to give your audience the things they will like.

To have the attention of readers and recipients, storytelling is a good option. 

7. Be reliable with delivery

If your timings are fixed in sending emails every day, week or month consistently, the open rate will be higher. As it gives an impression that you are informed about your job. People do notice and show their reaction when you emit such kind of image.

8. Offer solutions 

On every day basis, the business dealers have to face challenges. You can become precious if you help in resolving those challenges. The simple and day to day business difficulties can be sorted out by displaying your products and services via marketing campaign results

The results of your campaign will improve gradually and you will notice it, but for that you have to take the initial steps to accommodate your business approach for improving email marketing.


Google Sooner – Android’s Early Prototype Phone Device

Rise of Mobile Phone Technology

The world of today is witnessing new mobile phone technology every day. There has been an increase rise in the number of mobile phone users which has eventually lead to the development of new services, technology and facilities. Initially, mobile phones were used only for making calls, but today, mobile phones have revolutionized the lives of common people with new and exciting services and applications. To build new applications, mobile operating systems are required.


Google Sooner

Android is one of the most popular operating system these days. It was founded in California, by Rubin, Miner, Sears and White in year 2003. Android is an operating system for mobile phone devices which includes key applications and middleware and other functions for a smart phone. Android technology enables mobile phone developers to create unique and amazing applications android works on a 2.6 Linux version for various kinds of services including memory, security, network stack, and process management and driver model. In 2005, android Inc. was owned by Google.

Google sooner

Google sooner is an early prototype phone of android operating system before the system was officially launched. Google sooner was manufactured by HTC Company and was called HTC EXCA 300. It was a non-touch QWERTY keypad handset. It was manufactured in May; 2007. The android phone was designed totally differently before the launch of iPhone. Google sooner seemed to fit the category of a blackberry or Symbian phone. The Google sooner was less mature than the Symbian series of phone (90). The Google sooner was looked as a rival of blackberry and not iPhone as it seems today. Google sooner was not ever officially launched. Google has no doubt worked really hard since the manufacture of Google sooner in year 2007 to the launch of HTC Dream phone in October, year 2008.Google Sooner - An Early Prototype of Android Revealed


The Google sooner worked by having an OMAP 850 processor, and had 64mb of RAM. The phone also had a non-working memory of 64 mb. The LCD screen of Google sooner was a non-touch screen and had a screen resolution of 320*240 pixels. The phone has a camera of 1.3 megapixels along with video recording, a tiny USB port, QWERTY key pad, four system buttons, radio, and a SD slot. Google sooner didn’t have Wi-Fi or 3G connections. The phone was light in weight and had quality body.


The Google sooner was powered by android operating system. The device didn’t have a home screen. The phone had an interface included a huge clock and Google search bar. Applications included Gmail, calendar, Google talk, YouTube, calculator, Google earth, notepad, and many other applications that were pre-installed in the phone.

google sooner prototype
google sooner prototype

Why Google sooner was not officially launched?

Before the launch of Apple’s iPhone, android phones were designed to an entirely different manner. After the launch of iPhone, Google might have cancelled the launch of Google sooner and worked to improve the software, specifications and applications of the phones powered by android operating system. Some says, that Google sooner’ launch was canceled because of the launch of a similar phone T-Mobile G1.

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Top Best iPhone Apps for Moms & Android Apps for Moms

Best Android & iPhone Apps for Moms

If you want the best apps for moms on your mobile device or you are searching for the best mom apps that you can use to keep yourself active even while you are away from home or while you are at work, this post is the best for you because we’ve listed the best moms apps both in form of android apps and iphone apps.

With the life getting busy and tedious as the days are passing in the present scenario, finding proper and enough time for better parenting is quite troublesome. You cannot rely on the caretakers and both the parents cannot stay at home to care for their baby. Well it not just only about care, but also to spend quality time with your child.

Moms are the best friend to their child and as they are the creator of life and are also emotionally attached to her children. She wants to do many things with their children but perception fails when the life goes hectic. Look at this we have comes up with the top Android and iPhone apps for Mom which can make Moms life easier and with these cool apps they can even spend quality time with their children.

This is a tech world and smart phones are lying around you and all you need to do is to find out the best apps which can make your life easy and in the smart way. These top 5 Android and iPhone apps for Moms can truly make life simpler and easier with the power of Android and iOS on your palm.

So let us find out what are these Android and iPhone apps for Moms and how can they make life simpler for Moms.

1. Instant Playdates

Well first on our list is the Impromptu Gathering which is an Android and iPhone App and broadcast your location and also let you know how long you will be there with your friend via instant Playdates, so that you can finally catch up. It’s a free app and you can download it from here.

There are some other great apps on the iPhone for mums. And if you are someone looking for a cheap station wagon to get the kids around then why not download a second hand car app from

2. Keep Calm

Keep Calm say you to be calm and Plan for the worst and make you belief to thing for the best and to keep the hopes up. This app is quite worth and have the concepts from SOS behind which provides the don’t panic demos on how moms can handle any kind of common emergency situations before the first responder arrive. It’s a free app which you can download from here.

3. Holiday Gift List

Checking it twice is a kind of small management app of your wish list and also enables you to stay on budget. It tallies all your spending and also check the purchase of your holiday gift list. However it’s not a free app but it is worth even at USD 2. You can download this app from here.

This app is really a great app if you are a mom or have someone who is a mom.

4. Doody Calls

Doody Calls is an app which allows you to enjoy your vacation in the city with your child. It lets you to go for shopping with your kids and inform you about the nearest public toilet for your baby. It’s a free app and you can download it from here.

5. Fun on the Run

Fun on the Run with your child and it time to say good bye to ‘I am bored ’. This mom app for Android and iPhone will split the list for the play, restaurants, indoor play spaces, playground and parks in your locality and you can have a fun and quality time enjoying with your kids. It’s a free app which you can download from here.

If you find this article about apps for moms, please consider sharing it with your friends because it will as well help moms around them.

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Top 5 MUST-HAVE Windows Phone Applications for 2012

Best Windows Phone Applications for 2012

In the reign of Smartphone the first Operating System came up was Java OS which is now not known at all its quality was very simple as well as its application. But slowly and slowly the use of nano technology began increasing and finally they developed a Nano chip which gave birth to a super Smartphone. The first one to come up with it was Apple with its iOS Operating system. After Java OS came the Windows, then Apple. Windows was not going well at all. So they finally worked for years and came up with a new innovative design which is known as Windows 7.5 Mango Operating System.

Windows phone has got some properties like iOS that it cannot be unlocked, rooted or hacked. This is the only reason why some users don’t recommend it.  Also it has just started with a new generation of Applications so we will have to wait for it to grow. Until now Windows has been rising very successfully with some very high quality applications and in this year it has reached up to 10,000+ apps.  We have sorted out some of these applications which can be very useful for you as well as very high in its quality.

Best Windows Phone Applications for 2012

1. Ask Ziggy

Ask Ziggy windows application
Ask Ziggy windows application

Ask Ziggy is a preinstalled application which is just like the Siri Voice application of the new iPhone 4S.  It can perform all functions like Siri but the main problem is that it can only run when we tap on the application. The voice is just the same like Siri. But can do all the function like Siri that is Search the web, Set Timer, Convert, Open Music etc.
Click here to Download 

2. Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader windows application
Adobe Reader windows application

Adobe Reader was very famous in Personal Computers for reading PDF’s. But now it is possible to sit comfortably in one place and read all the PDF’s from the Smartphone very easily. It would be a better option or alternative than reading a big book. Just download the latest EBook and get started with the reading.
Click here to download

3. Evernote

Evernote windows application
Evernote windows application

This is the most important Applications for those who have the habit of taking down notes. This application can organize and share the notes. Also it can be used to keep and media files as well. The best feature this application has got is that it can sync itself to a cloud server. This would make it easier for us to access the notes or files anywhere, anytime.
Click here to download

4. SkyDrive

SkyDrive Evernote windows application
SkyDrive Evernote windows application

You may have heard about the cloud storage system. Cloud storage simply means to store files online and access it anywhere just by signing in. The known Cloud storage applications or websites are Drop box, Sugar Sync and Google Drive. Sky drive is the same thing providing cloud storage by Microsoft. The minimum storage provided by SkyDrive is 7GB for Free. If you need more storage then you can buy it from Microsoft.
Click here to download

5. PhotoRoom

PhotoRoom windows application
PhotoRoom windows application

PhotoRoom is a Photo Editing app which has approximate 130+ filter tools which can be used to give a photograph new look and feel. Another Great feature which makes this app special is that it can send to all social networks within 1 click.
Click here to download

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Google and Samsung Unveil New Chromebooks

New Chromebooks released! ChromeBook & ChromeBox

Samsung,with the partnership from Google, has just unveiled two new Chrome based Operating System powered devices; two type of computers that is powered on Google owned Chrome operating system. The first one, looking like its previous version, laptop design which can also be refer to “Chromebook” – while the second one is known as “ChromeBox”, which is good for pairing with monitorfor better output.

chromebook and chromebox
chromebook and chromebox

Google says in a report that the new Series 5 Chromebook works up to three times faster than its first generation; the Chromebooks which Google released last year. The two new devices comes with the support of a hardware-accelerated graphics with a “built from scratch touchpad” that is said to be more responsive than any other versions.Chromebook side view Chromebooks are meant to be a simple devices, but yet, faster computers focused on every day productivity activities such as web surfing and emailing, with a price to match. These newly launched gadgets; the laptop and Chromebox are proudly powered by Intel’s entry level Celeron processors that has 4GB of Random Access Memory (4GB RAM) and with a 16GB solid-state storage. In fact, Google says that the computer boots up immediately within seven seconds and it resumes “instantly” when you press its button after sleep mode.

Samsung Series 5 Chromebook
Samsung Series 5 Chromebook

The Chrome operating system emphasizes immediate connectivity, but Google Inc. is making the Chromebooks even more usable when an internet connection is unavailable. Also, the newly released Google storage platform; Google Drive,  is proudly integrated with the new Chromebooks’ file system. However, Google has said that it’s going to release an offline support for the Google Drive service over the coming weeks. Google also stress that many of the apps that are in the Chrome Web Store are mostly offline-capable and that will make it easier for people using the device.

Chromebox set
Chromebox set

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The new device also comes with a newly revamped photo editor and media player. And good news is that the Chrome Remote Desktop in beta will let you use the new Chromebook to securely connect to your personal computer or Mac, giving you great experience in Chrome OS. The new Chromebook series 5 comes in WiFi+3G & WiFi-only versions (as a device that is not a mobile device, and the Chromebox is Wi-Fi only). The Chromebook’s screen measures around 12.1 inches, and it can connect to upto two 30-inch external displays. The Chromebox has six USB ports while the Chromebook boasts two.Chromebook aerial viewThe WiFi-only Chromebook Series 5 goes for $450, while the WiFi plus 3G version is available for $550. However, the new Chromebox goes for $330. Do you think the Samsung’s new chrome operating system devices is great or not? Please let us talk in the comment section.

Source: Mashable

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Top 20 Best Travel Apps for Apple iPhone & Others

Gone are the days of stressful traveling—when you cannot fully enjoy your trip because there are certain setbacks: outdated maps, lost reservations, language barriers, etc. Today, traveling is definitely made easier and hassle-free all thanks to the iPhone. Alongside the apps outlined in this post you may want to include one or two hotel apps, if you are travelling across Ireland or the UK you can easily relax in one of the hotels through the use of their app.

So, if you are looking for the best travel apps for iphone or your other i-devices, this post will give you a better idea of which one you should download and which one you should ignore. I’ve carefully selected the best of the best travel apps for iphone devices of your choice to help you as a reader of this blog have a  better travelling experience. Please check apple awards on Wiki for more info.

Here are the top 20 Best Traveling Apps for iPhone devices of all time:

wifi finder1. Wi-Fi Finder

This free travel application will help you track down Wi-Fi signals. True to its name, this app will find Wi-Fi for you in about 200,000 hotspots all across 135 countries. The only downside of this app is that it does not have an indicator as to which WiFi hotspots are paid or free for all.

2. The Weather Channel

Another free iPhone travel app is The Weather Channel—useful for any traveler whose itinerary relies greatly on a location’s weather conditions. This app is customizable and allows the user to check weather conditions in various locations at once.

writeroom3. WriteRoom

You don’t need to carry a tangible notepad with you when you need to jot down notes while on your trip, WriteRoom can accomplish simple word processing tasks for you. You also don’t have to worry about having to synchronize the text files you created from your phone to your desktop. This app, unfortunately, is not free. It costs $4.99 to download.

4. iBooks

Worried about the space your books will take in your luggage? The new iPad or Amazon Kindle too bulky to be in the carry-on? Well, this free application can solve that problem for you. If reading books is part of your traveling routine – whether you’re reading to pass time during a flight or a long drive – then iBooks is the best app for you. You can download it right to your iPhone and from there, download and read as many books as you want.

i am here iphone app5. IAmHere

For a price of $0.99, you can tell your friends about your exact location with the IAmHere app. It sends an email to your friends with a link directing to your location on Google Maps.

6. Cheap Gas

This free application is very helpful for travelers who bring their own transportation on trips. It’s basically what its name says: it tells you where to get the cheapest gas at your current location.

Where iphone app7. Where

This free application lets you know practically everything about your current location, from coffee shops to hotels to movie theaters and restaurants.

8. Tweetie

If you’re the type to still Tweet while traveling, then Tweetie is for you. For a price of $2.99, you can Tweet your travel photos as well as captions and comments with this app.

world customs iphone apps9. World Customs

This application, which costs $0.99, tells you about the do’s and dont’s imposed by customs and international traditions. This great app is useful for those who travels a lot to different and longer places. With the help of this app, they can learn about the customs and tradition of the place they are heading to or know everything about the place before going there.

10. Babelingo

Valued at $3.99, you can get access to a phrase book with about 11 languages and 300 entries. This app is great for travelers who have a penchant for being lost in translation.

next flight iphone app11. Next Flight

This app is recommended for people who always have trouble tracking their flights and itineraries. This app, valued at $2.99, tracks down flight departures from over 4,000 airports and a thousand airlines. With this app, you don’t have to spend hours waiting for the next flight when you can easily look them up on your iphone device and plan ahead of the time.

12. Google Earth

This is another free application that you can access when you are connected to the Internet. You can browse images of your current location and next destination as well as practically any other place listed on the map.

13. Packing

If packing has always been your waterloo, then ease your burden by creating a list of necessary items to pack with this great app. For a price of $1.99, you can create a packing list that allows you to tick off items as you have packed them.

14. UrbanSpoon

This is a free app that lets you in on the best local restaurants in the United States, London, Sydney, and Australia. Just shake your phone and watch as the dials point you to the best dining hotspots.

room iphone app15. Room

Room is a free app that is useful for travelers who always forget their hotel room number. You can log your room number into this program and be assured that you will never forget it again.

16. HearPlanet

A little pricey compare to other travel apps, HearPlanet reveals information about your current location through reading aloud the Wikipedia descriptions of your chosen location or attraction. It’s priced at $5.99.

lonely planet travel app17. Lonely Planet Phrasebook

Even more expensive than HearPlanet is the Lonely Planet Phrasebook that speaks translated phrases out loud. Valued at $9.99, this is a single language application that translates the source language aloud and comes in handy in countries with tongue-twister speech.

18. Air Sharing

For only $4.99, Air Sharing lets you save your files—from HTML pages to PDFs to documents to images—into your iPhone and allows you to access them anytime. This definitely saves you time and sometimes money when you have to download your files abroad. This app is also listed in our post about the best free android apps.

skype iphone app19. Skype

This is a free application that helps you get in touch with just about anyone. Cut back on the call and text messaging rates while you’re abroad. With Skype, you can keep communication lines open—for as long as you have Internet, of course.

20. FlightTrack Pro

flight track pro iphone appThis is another application that is well suited for individuals who have problems remembering their flight details. With FlightTrack Pro, you can email your airline confirmation details to TripIt and these will later appear in your iPhone via the app.


For as long as you are equipped with your iPhone, you can likewise equip yourself with amazing travel applications that will get you to your dream destinations with just a tap on the screen!


Love it or Hate it Breaking News Makes our Day

breaking news around the world
Breaking news around the world

Can you ever imagine your day without news? Our day starts with a morning news paper where we want to know what’s happening in and around us. Everyone has an interest in different category which can be politics, nation, sports, entertainment or any other light news. Even when we sit on our work stations, we browse through news headlines of different portals to know the latest updates. Not only this when we on our way to work we keep pressing our mobile buttons to know about the latest happenings.

Today our society has become globally more aware and educated creating an opportunity to improve at all levels. People are fed with news at all levels and this is what affects others aspects like stock markets, political parties, personal lives and television rating points (TRPs). But we still love to watch those scoop and scandals if it is about a famous celebrity. All forms of media are flooded with such news. This is possible because technology is growing day-by-day. What is ‘in’ today is ‘out’ tomorrow so all forms of media know that stale news never sells. They all are in rat race to break the news first and get some exclusive footage.

Components of a great breaking news delivery

The set definition of any ‘News’ says that it is piece of information backed by five words which are why, where, who, what and when. There was a time when local stations, newspaper and TV networks had a set format to write news stories and break them into small chunks due to shortage of time. News channels like CNN Live News, Fox News and MSNBC take most advantage of a story while sidelining others. All heads are put together into knowing exact details of the breaking news.

Breaking news is nothing but an event that has occurred recently or is gradually developing. This can be an unexpected event which can be fire, plane crash, terror attacks or anything. It is also news that occurs late in the day. Therefore it is known as news bulletin or special report. The importance of news transcends as the story itself.

In any culture irrespective of being literate or illiterate has a craving for news. When anything of common interest occurs then TV news channels, newspapers and radio stations inform us about its ongoing happening. Nowadays news is also available on internet, mobile and on the go. Today daily news is more of category than a piece of information. It reflects upon the awareness of our society as we are able to receive any kind of news all with click of button, all thanks to digital technology for this!

When it comes to news headlines, it is the newspapers that grab most attention and this is what makes them sell? When its electronic media, there is single breaking news and other news follows. Breaking news is the most detailed one because reporters keep a track of significant happenings accompanied with fresh videos. This can also go on for days followed by chain of events and updates.

It is true that we watch television, tune in to radio stations or surf news portals to get the latest breaking news of the day. Love it or hate it has become a part of our lives.

Marketing Product Reviews Web Development & Design Ideas

See How Your Website Looks Like Everywhere

Online affiliate marketing is a vast industry and is perpetually increasing its scope. One of the few most important things required to survive and prosper in this industry is to know your clients/users and the websites that you work on. For this you require the correct set of tools. GeoSurf is one such tool package that eases this demanding task.

GeoSurf let you know how your readers interacts with your content

What is GeoSurf?

GeoSurf is basically an advanced browser toolbar which allows you to get the global perspective of your website, i.e. it allows you to view how your website will appear to a person sitting in any corner of the world. This is very important for marketers in order to get an idea what ads will appear on a website for a user in a particular country which, in turn, is very useful for geo-targeting purposes as the ad may vary drastically from country to country. Above all, GeoSurf also gets you the insight of the whole advertising ecosystem of any website thus making it easier for you to decide where to put your ads.

geosurf review

Short Geosurf Review

Strong Areas of GeoSurf

  • More than 90+ locations available throughout the world
  • Integration of browser with the toolbar makes it easier to work
  • Mobile emulation is also pretty useful for marketers and affiliates who target the mobile users
  • Information about campaigns, advertisers, mediators can be extracted
  • High level of reliability and security is guaranteed

Weak Areas of GeoSurf

  • The basic work of GeoSurf can be done by free proxies (please read: iBVPN review)
  • The plans are a bit costly compared to some other similar service providers

GeoSurf allows you to surf any website from over 90 location worldwide including, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Czech Republic, France, Germany, India, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Portugal, Russia,  South Africa, Spain, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States and many more. Apart from these, you can also get access from over 25 USA DMAs (Designated Market Areas).

GeoSurf comes as a browser toolbar for IE and Firefox. It has a very intuitive and simple interface. Working with the tools provided is very simple given the fact they are very organised and neatly put into the toolbar.

Moreover GeoSurf guarantees the highest level of reliability and security. They also sign a legal binding with its customers that their browsing data or history will never be disclosed to any third party.

GeoSurf also provides quite a few pricing plans which have been decided keeping in mind the usage of various users. The user is charged on a monthly basis but annual plans are available to users as well. You can also avail a 5-day trial of any plan chosen by you. To know more about the pricing and other details check their official website. All in all, we have to say that Geosurf makes it too easy for anyone to buy proxy server for various described purposes.


Yahoo fumbles security in the Axis browser launch

As every top companies of the world were doing everything they can do to wax stronger in order to control a large percentage of the market, the management at Yahoo, after a turbulent season (first, sacking majority of its leaders due to one reason or the other and second, losing large percentage of its business authority to competitors), has finally announced their own version of a standard alone web browser called AXIS – but the browser is an unfinished product. 🙂

The browser according to a confirmed source says that Yahoo failed to publish the “terms of service” for its new browser thereby causing the browser to have some loopholes.

It was announced yesterday by Yahoo but the browser was unfinished product as we’ve just said because the company rushed into releasing the product to the market.

Axis is a product by Yahoo Inc., basically designed to eliminate the existence of middleman in the usual search process and direct all users from their query process to the exact page they wanted to go to without hassle of visiting third party pages before they would be lead to the normal query page.

That means, if the browser eventually becomes a success, Mozilla and Google Chrome that normally redirects users to default search engine page such as will find a good competitor, which is Axis.

Few months ago, we cover an article here when Mozilla eventually signed an agreement with Google for its official homepage which is a sign that the browser is becoming more or less of Google’ supporters for Chrome’ success. Even since then, according to my own experience, Mozilla has never been that good to me due to bugs and others.

Apart from the vulnerability of the new Axis browser, it does not stop there because that wasn’t only where the company did messed up, the troubled internet pioneer company also let out an explanation of its terms of service – truly an unfinished product. 😛

On its official page, there’s a text saying “Terms will go here” which shows that the company was rushed into the release of the product yesterday which supposes not to be that way. They suppose to spend some time in giving people a beta version of the product so that they can give either good or bad review on it in order to help them deliver the best that the people will accept.

Since majority of tech related products’ users doesn’t care to read the terms of service of most of the products they used before trying to use them, it shows that many of them won’t notice majority of these issues in the browser release. Even fewer of tech products users have ever read the terms of services since date according to statistics. But, my concern is about what Nik Cubrilovic, a blogger and hacker recently described in his blog post. He said he found out that Yahoo Axis chrome extension leaks the browser’s certificate file thereby making it easy for counterfeit extensions to have their ways:

“It is very clear that with the private certificate file and a fake extension, hackers can easily create spoofed packages that will capture all web data including web traffic, passwords, browser session cookies, etc.”

He continued further by saying that the easier way to get that spoofed package onto the victim’s PC would be by DNS spoofing the update URL for the extension when next there’s an update for the extension. That means, when next the extension attempts to update, it will silently install and by default run the spoofed extension onto the browser.

In an attempt to curb the situation, Cubrilovic said he had earlier reported the vulnerability to Yahoo but ever since had not yet heard a feedback from them concerning axis vulnerability

There’s also an element of openness in this vulnerability,” Cubrilovic said in his blog post. And he continued further by saying; “any developer who’s familiar with how Google Chrome extensions are verified would have seen and noticed where the certificate file is located in there.”

However, in response to Cubrilovic’s post, a user identifying himself as the head of product for the Search Innovation Group at Yahoo by name, Ethan Batraski, said the popular search company was taking needed steps on the matter and it will be resolved as soon as possible. Ethan said:

We recently learned of this Chrome extension vulnerability with Yahoo Axis and immediately, we have disabled the Chrome extension in order to control the situation. In addition to that, we’ve blacklisted the key with Google and it is taking into effect immediately. We take these types of issues very seriously and are working around the clock to ensure this is resolved.

Is this the end of Yahoo Axis? Absolutely no! We’ll get you noticed as soon as the issue is resolved.

Featured Internet Access

Kazaa Returns to Stop Internet Piracy

Internet Piracy is a Crime
Internet Piracy is a Crime

It appears that Kazaa, a company often referred to as the King of the Pirates, has now developed software to help protect copyrights and slow down piracy.  The software, called Global File Registry, will give Internet providers the ability to identify and control pirated material.  This is the first time ISP’s will have access to this level of dynamic control over the content that passes through their systems and, while clearly useful, does open the door for potential problems.

Global File Registry sits at the Internet provider’s firewall and looks for files that are listed in a combined database of bad files that have already been identified.  Think of it as a type of virus database that is updated regularly and flags file names for future reference.  This filtering technology will also let ISP’s make changes in search results replacing pirate links with that of the legitimate copyright holder.  This is where concerns start cropping up.  The idea is of course sound.  Not only will pirates be stopped but the searcher will find what they are looking for and the owner of the requested material will get paid.  In theory everyone wins, making the potentially costly endeavor of content blocking a new profit center.

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File identification technology is nothing new.  In fact Global File Registry is built directly from the technology used in Truenames, the engine behind the Kazaa file sharing service.  When that service first started they were the bane of the music and movie industry, and Internet Providers everywhere were trying to find a way to shut them down.  Now that Kazaa is using its powers for good big companies like Level 3 Communications, Skype, and even Google are jumping onboard.  This new technology is embedded in the ISP’s firewall and works with any content filtering software in use.  When the firewall detects that a bad file or link is being served to a user Global File Registry can ignore it and let it through, stop the link altogether, or alter the link to send a user to a predefined “acceptable” destination.  To respect privacy concerns Kazaa has stated that this technology does not identify the user that is requesting the copyrighted material, it only identifies the material itself.  The more ISP’s that use Global File Registry the larger the pirate file database will become over time thus providing better protection.

If the technology stopped here it would most likely be accepted even by the most paranoid Internet user, but there is more.  A version of Global File Registry targeting the U.S. market is now in testing that will allow Internet providers the ability to intercept contextual advertising in search results and replace it with their own ads.  This would be a huge boon for the ISP’s opening up a new revenue stream they have been sorely missing, and also negatively impact the search engines in a big way.  This version of the software is currently being referred to as “an ISP packet adjusted advertising platform” by the developer, but Google might look at it as “an attack on 85% of their revenue”.

Global File Registry is currently being made available in France, New Zealand, and Australia.  A version of the software is also being packed and released for free to law enforcement agencies that specifically targets and blocks child pornography.  If or when the full version of this software begins to roll out in the United States is unknown but it wouldn’t be surprising if Google suddenly became a major investor in this technology.