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Glory and honour be unto almighty God, the creator of heaven and earth who made the first Techatlast Contest for 2012 a great success. He’d been for us all since last year when we’ve started offering contest and giveaways. We’ve been recording successful contests over the last past years, and we cannot say much than to thank him more for this great opportunity.

Here comes another great thing in the building, the Second Techatlast Contest and Giveaway for 2012. This is the series two of our contest for this year and we’re here by giving all the individuals and organizations who have been emailing us for an opportunity to sponsor and be part of the good thing about to happen once again.

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So, this time, the list need to be reshuffled and your company could be in the list when next we’re writing something like this, maybe next month, next two months or next six months. As we all know, contest is not a fixed contest as many does, we do our thing differently.

Our contests are always aimed at achieving the purpose of creating them – which is to help our sponsors and also to meet the needs of our readers and followers.

The major aim of creating Techatlast contest and giveaway is to reach out to people who are in need of one or two things that we’re in very right position to provide for them. In future to come we shall be creating this contest to raise funds for the needy, poor, motherless babies of the world, and the less privilege peoples worldwide. We believe we will get there someday with your support, efforts and kind. Not everything about money, a single facebook share or like of the contest could help us reach out to thousands of souls out there. So, we do not ask for money at all unless you felt it is where you could be of help.

The Newly Opened Window: Join Techatlast Next Contest Sponsors Now

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for you to join the Techatlast sponsors once again if you have been dreaming of being one before. The past sponsors knows what we’re talking about here, apart from getting backlinks, they as well get exposure to our large audience without paying extra fee for advertising on this blog.

We try as much as possible to keep our sponsor’s businesses in mind at all times. And that is why the contest became successful as you just saw it now.

Enough of words, if you want to participate in the next coming contest, notify us through this page of your intention and we shall reply you as soon as possible.

Cloud Computing Technologies and Resources Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

Will Your Next Backup Be In The Clouds?

Cloud Computing is the industry’s next big thing. It’s always fun to watch as the different companies reposition themselves to support the next wave, unsure if the wave will hit or not. The good news is… at this point, the wave has already hit, but now we are looking at continued waves and a steady increase of size and quantity.

Cloud is here now. Looking at the infrastructure pieces, let’s begin with hardware. Disk that is scalable, maintaining the ability to carve virtual volumes, offerings security services, and low cost are the main criteria in vendor selection and there are a ton of vendors that meet these requirements today.

Server hardware is essentially the same for cloud and non-cloud with exception to the fact that your typical cloud server is higher end with more processing and memory on board to accommodate higher density computing. The last main component is virtualization software. VMware is currently leading the pack. But offerings from Microsoft with Hyper-V, especially with Windows 8 and Hyper-V 3.0 on the not too distant horizon, and Citrix XenServer, make this field very interesting. It only promises to heat up as cloud continues to grow.Will Your Next Backup Be In The Clouds?

Would You Prefer Cloud Backup or others backups?

The key elements for cloud are in place today. All we need is a good use case or two to really kick it into gear. Let’s take a look into one use case that seems to be really taking hold and gaining momentum: cloud for backup. Backup is one of those things we love to hate. It is absolutely essential to our survival from failure and disaster and is often one of the things that is underspent and improperly set up in a lot of places. It all boils down to this…

How important is your data? If you lose your data, will your business survive?

This can be applied to a very small business all the way on up to the largest enterprise. Data is equally important to any size company. The main difference between them is at the small scale, companies do not have the huge IT budgets that the larger companies have to survive a disaster.

This is where cloud-based backup becomes more interesting. True enterprise-class, cloud-based service offerings allow any size business take advantage of the economies of scale. That means that any size company, no matter how small and how tight the budgets are, can leverage these services.

Freedom of choice

Now comes the freedom of choice. Almost every vendor in the backup space is either offering cloud today or working towards cloud-based offerings. Some of these are private and proprietary to the vendor and others leverage existing cloud infrastructures like Amazon.

Cloud-based backup offers the ability to back up your data to an offsite location for the “Just-In-Case” moment when things go bad. There are two basic types of cloud backup. One is where you back up your data locally and then replicate it to the cloud. The other is where you back up data directly to the cloud. The first option, with local backup data, is better if you want to be able to recover large quantities of data in a hurry. If you have a system fail, the entire system image is already local and you can begin recovery immediately. This approach usually requires some form of backup system with storage and is a more costly approach, but offers better RTO (Recovery Time Objective).

The latter, where you backup directly to the cloud, splits into two types: one that backs up your critical files only and another that backs up the whole system to the cloud. If you use the “Files Only” approach and your system fails, you need to spend the time and resources to bring the system back by installing the OS and applications. If you back up the whole system, you can restore the image as a whole. The downside to either of these is you are dealing with WAN speed recovery, which for a file or several files is fine, but for whole systems or large amounts of files, can take a lot of time to complete. Weigh the differences and make a choice based on SLAs (Service Level Agreements) you have with your data consumers.

Planning is critical

In the end, a solid plan is required, no matter which direction you go. Services today are available to help you get there. Over time, these will continue to evolve and costs will continue to go down as more and more infrastructure and software vendors enter the mix. Take advantage of these services today to protect your data. Keep it fluid enough that you can migrate as less expensive offerings come about.

Will your next backup be in the clouds? I’d forecast a pretty high probability that you will back up to the cloud at some point soon.

Android Fans

Top 5 Best Android Games for Ice Cream Sandwich

When it comes to choosing your best ice cream sandwich games among the millions we have in the Google Play store, there are certain factors that you need to consider.

The android v4.0 (Ice-Cream Sandwich) is doing a great job. Android OS already supports well over 4,50,000 applications, clearly this app count is quite hard to reach but Android Developers have done it.

Android OS is the biggest competitor to the iOS OS which has been ruling the global OS network from years. Android is an acquaintance of Google and perhaps that’s why it’s growing so fast.

Android OS has got all type of apps including the productive apps, games, music apps, core-programming apps etc. but at the end you have to choose from millions of such apps in each category which is a hectic task.

What to do?

Well, don’t worry because we have compiled up the list of Top 5 Best Android Games for Android Ice Cream Sandwich Mobile Operating System. The list includes all the games which we found quite interesting and worth spending time on. We didn’t include the more popular games like Angry Birds because they don’t need any kind of introduction.

We just want you to know about some other games too.

Ice Cream Sandwich Android Games

Stardom - The A List1. Stardom – The A List

Stardom – The A List is an awesome game. Stardom – The A List is quite similar to the SIMS. Stardom – The A List is a high end graphic quality game which is available on other operating systems like iOS too. The game is completely free and is worth trying. It’s about how you cope up with the virtual yet real things. The more experience you have, the better will be your level.

King Fighter 2 Ice Cream sandwich game2. King Fighter 2

King Fighter 2 is a fully action-packed game. The graphic quality of King Fighter 2 could have been better but none the less, you won’t find yourself getting bored until you have this game on your device. This game is like Double Dragon, where you have to do the hand fight with the opponent and use different types of moves to take him down.

Ceramic Destroyer for ICS3. Ceramic Destroyer

Ceramic Destroyer is a simple game, you have to aim your ball shaped weapon towards the target and then shoot it. Once it hits the target, it explodes thereby destroying a portion of your target. This way you have to take the whole target down.

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The Journey to Egypt ice cream sandwich gameJourney to Egypt

Journey to Egypt is like the Aladdin which everyone used to play on the PC. Journey to Egypt is an interesting game where you have to find yourself way through each level slashing down the throats of your enemies.

Cartoon Wars ice cream sandwich gameCartoon Wars

Cartoon Wars is a quite easy game but it takes time to get smooth with this. Cartoon Wars is all about controlling your character properly. You have to move the circle on the bottom left of your screen to control the character.

This post talks about the best 5 android games for ics operating system. And all of these games are free to download for your android phones so far you can visit Google Play.

These games are the top best android games for 2012. Please share your comment with me if you like these games or you think there are others out there that I can add to the list. Thanks a lot

Blogging Tips Web Development & Design Ideas

Top 4 SEO Techniques for Writers and Web Developers

These days, people have been complaining of not getting what they deserved from search engines with no single solution. But, are they going to continue complaining? Nope!

TechAtLast is authoritatively sharing with you the basis SEO techniques for developers which you can also make use of even if you aren’t a hard-core web developer. So, follow me as I shall be sharing with you the top 4 SEO Techniques that would always work for web developers….I forgot, it will works for bloggers as well!

1. Heading Tags That Work

Heading Tags

SEO writers should always consider the heading tags that are known by most people and should contain the brief knowledge of your content. Heading tags should not confusing rather they should differentiate your content thereby making it go reach to the top. Search engines will be the gateway that will recognize the content of your page. If your web page or site do not use copies which are recognizable by search engines (Example: your main page title should use the tag), then it there is a greater chance that your copy is filtered down instead of ranking up in the search. See how your website works with heading tags and you will not have issues overcoming search engine filters.

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2. Proper Title Tags

Title Tags

Giving your articles proper Title Tags is also one of the basic techniques that should be mastered by an SEO writer and Web developer. The title tag on a website page or article is the defining point of the articles and bodies of the text. If you have a working title that does not fit the entire content of the article, then it is more likely to be filtered down. The same way irrelevant data is dumped. When using Title Tags, an SEO writer or web developer should keep in mind the ability of the titles to match popular key searches and should contain language that is considered common. It should be arranged in a way which fits in more variety of information when a topic is being searched in the search engines. Using proper and related yet unique title tags will really help encapsulate data content into two to five word phrases.

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3. Formulate User Friendly URL’s

A SEO web developer should always keep in mind that not all users of internet are well versed. Some users will type such with words which may be related or not in the main topic. So instead of using URL’s that contain continuous and incoherent data with vague numbers or codes, it’s better to make use of URL’s which has hyphens in between words. (E.g. . It makes more sense, more meaningful and precise URL’s which users can recognize easily.

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4. Remove Unnecessary Attributes

One main distinction in SEO writing is the ability of the writer to remove things and elements that actually do not help rank up an article in the searched results. One should neatly recognize unrelated links, text and even bodies of data in the page. If most of the elements in SEO writing are presented in a compact and precise package, the search engine will recognize the article or page on its own. Search engines work dynamically with parallel data. If your work is messy, it will be filtered down. If your work is objective and not subjective, then it is ranked up. Also the attributes that confuses the search engine like unnecessary image coding and data groups will not be effective. Remove the unnecessary content and attributes and watch your websites and pages flourish.

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This posts talks about the best SEO tips for Web Developers, SEO Techniques, what Search Engine Optimization really means by answering what is seo question to talking about seo ranking and others. 

How to Guide

Facebook Chatting Made Easy With – Facebook Desktop Messenger

How to Use Facebook Desktop Messenger to Chat

A new development from Facebook is the launch of its chat messenger as a desktop application. Earlier in December 2011 it was leaked, since then FB was secretive about it.  But lately in January 2012 it was officially launched.

It gives you liberty to chat from your desktop instead of browser. Now relax and chat straight from your very own desktop with this latest Facebook Messenger Desktop Tool.

Limitations Of The Facebook Messenger:

This Facebook messenger desktop application is not like other chat messengers. It is laced with very limited options. It does not allow audio or video calls. It is just for communication via sending a text chat. May be some enhancements will be made by Facebook in later versions.

Installation Method for Facebook Messenger

Facebook desktop messenger tool
Facebook desktop messenger tool

It can be downloaded from here Or you can download it from the option available at the bottom right corner of your Facebook profile along the chat option.

Click the “Install Messenger” button and the download will start and complete in seconds.

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No Provision for Group Chat Available:

The messenger desktop application launched by Facebook is in a very basic state. Here you cannot enjoy the group chat sessions which is available in browser chat. It only allows you to chat with a single person at a time.

Operating System Limitations:

I think Facebook has still kept this launch in its beta stage, that’s why it is only available for few operating systems only like Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. It cannot be installed on Windows XP, Mac or Linux.

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Stay Updated With Notifications:

The best part of the application is that it keeps you notified of all the activities of your Facebook profile without logging into your account. It informs you about any new chat notification or even a new friend request in your profile.

No Separate Chat Window is Required:

To use the application for chatting you do not need to open a separate window in browser. It works like other chats messengers, which allows you to have bigger chat window to chat know.

So install this messenger application and start pinging your Facebook friend’s right from your desktop. This post talks about facebook chatting, facebook messenger, Facebook Desktop Messenger, facebook chat application, facebook chat messenger, and how to download facebook chat app. And also, it focuses on facebook chat download link with no string attached. Hope you enjoy reading the post? Kindly share this post with your friends.

Kelly Jones writes for Tustin Auto Center. She is a freelance blogger and likes to write about various topics like social media, latest technology trends.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) News

Google Increases Google Docs Storage to 5GB, Now Launched

Google Docs expanded to 5GB

Yesterday, we discovered a leaked photo of Google Drive that is running on an Google Android developer’s device, and now we’re authoritatively announcing to you that the leaked photo is somehow true because Google is getting ready to launch its new cloud service, Google Drive cloud storage.

However, to fast track the launch of its service launch, Google has just increased the size of all its Google Docs storage space to 5GB instead of the 1GB that was offered before, and this is ahead of the launch of Google Drive cloud storage.

Google Docs increased to 50GB Space storage
Google has increased Google Docs storage space to 50GB

And according to a report or can we say a rumour  it is revealed that Google may even launch it some time before the date we have speculated. And with some details that has been revealed during last week, we believes we are moving closer to the launch.

But, we are very certain that the launch will be a good thing for us and we shall let you know immediately Google launched the service. These days, Google has  been performing some series of wonders, yesterday was the launch of Youtube Adwords for Video content with which they offered free $75 code for every small business owners. I think this is the best year for Google!

Google is on the rise with series of great features been introduced into its Google Drive service, I think one will agree with me that the company is on the rise.


In a fortnight ago, I published an tutorial-like article titled Free Website Monitoring Tool: Monitor Your Website Downtime with Google Docs for Free, I think you will need to read the article. It focuses on how you can easily monitor your website downtime with Google Docs now known as Google Drive. The script is powerful and I personally use the script and above all, it is free and secured!

Give it a try now 🙂

Happy New year


Advantages and Benefits of Business VoIP

Today, tens of thousands of small businesses around the world rely on internet-based  business VoIP phone systems to handle their calls, send faxes and conduct all of their voice communications with features that surpass traditional phone systems all for a lower cost. The internet has now become the most prominent communication force of the 21st century because of its solid reliability and the capacity for quick upgrades to take advantage of the latest advances.

What is Business VoIP?

Essentially, business VoIP mirrors the traditional phone systems that have been a part of companies large and small for several decades. But instead of having a large phone system installed at the business location, costing thousands of dollars, the VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is contained at the VoIP provider.

Advantages of Business VoIP
Advantages of Business VoIP

This means that businesses no longer have to pay for installation fees since the system itself is contained on a cloud-based computer server system. All a business needs at its location is access to high speed internet and perhaps internet-based phones though some VoIP providers can work with the standard phones that many businesses already have.

What does Business VoIP offer?

Besides saving thousands of dollars on installation fees, Business VoIP offers small companies the same variety of voice communication service that traditional phone companies provide, but with the inherent advantages of the internet. Plus, the monthly phone bill is generally far less than what a traditional phone company charges. VoIP providers offer low cost packages of features that include everything a business needs to carry on their daily activities at a low, competitive price.

Consider one large advantage of Business VoIP has over traditional phone companies when it comes to fax services. Using the old fax system your employees would have to print out their computer documents and wait in line to use the large, bulky fax machine. Meanwhile, a client trying to fax you important information has to wait until the busy signal clears, which can create plenty of unneeded tension.

With Business VoIP, your employees no longer have to print out documents. They can fax them from their computer, laptop or mobile device. All they need is an internet connection and the documents get faxed immediately. Plus, your incoming fax line is no longer tied up, meaning your clients and customers can fax you documents without having to wait for the line to clear.

Why should my company use Business VoIP?

For the many features and cost saving alone, Business VoIP is a considerable improvement over the services that traditional phone companies offer. However, another big advantage is that the cloud-based computer server system along with the reliability of internet connections means that dropped calls are very few and far between. This means more reliable service and the cloud-based system also means fewer breakdowns of your phone system will occur as well.

Having Business VoIP can help create a more efficient office that is highly reliable and saves you money with no installation and lower monthly costs, no wonder more small businesses are turning towards Business VoIP for their phone communication needs.

Meanwhile, if you have anything bothering you about Business VoIP, kindly drop those questions in the comment section below and I shall surely respond to them one after the other.

Business Voip has lots of benefits to offer if you can consider testing it out over others out there and if you have any others tips and suggestions, please do share them with us in the comment section below and I will personally attend to them one after the other. In order to keep me writing and going stronger, please visit my other blogs for more posts: LTJ, iTechWitBoltonHiTech, and Boost My MediaI believe this post talks better on listing the best advantages and benefits of Business VoIP for your reading pleasure? If yes, please share it with your friends and loved ones or you can as well subscribe to the blog for more updates via email with the subscribe buttons above and below.
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5 Top and Best iPhone Coupon Apps Ever in History

Coupon codes is the thing we all love to have, because it provides a free discount on any particular product or article involved and it helps to save money. Previously, we were having the system of paper coupons that was the time!

But this is new era and this is the featured system of iPhone Coupon Code Apps, we no longer need to linger with paper coupons, now we can easily enjoy the discount directly at a touch of mobile screen.

Top 5 iPhone Coupon Apps
Top 5 iPhone Coupon Apps

Top 5 iPhone Coupon Apps

Here is the presented, top 5 iPhone Coupon Apps which will brat a lucrative discount on most of the needy products like hotels, shops, markets, malls, etc. One can easily redeem these codes at the defined above stores or more. So be ready to lick discounts on food items, cold drinks, cloths, grains, electronics, etc with below listed top 5 iPhone free coupon codes apps.

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1. IPhone Mobile Coupons:

iPhone Mobile Coupons

iPhone Mobile Coupons

iPhone Mobile Coupons is the awesome app which makes us available free codes leading us to great discounts. Installed in iPhone one need to just tap the shop name or item name and the coupon codes is ready to be used at an instant. This app provides codes for most of the required items like foods, cold drinks, cloths, garments, etc and one can easily redeem the virtual coupon codes with this phone application.

2. Yowza! Mobile Coupons:

Yowza! Mobile Coupons
Yowza! Mobile Coupons

As the name indicates, Yowza! Great Savings! This is one of the unique applications having number of features loaded. This app provides best saving discount coupon codes available for the product.

It is handy and easy to use, as the technology of scanning the bar-code of the article and instantly providing the coupon code for saving is just immense. Yowza makes it easy for users to get local shop discount coupons as app has inbuilt GEO tracking system.

3. Ultimate Coupon App:

Ultimate Coupon App
Ultimate Coupon App

This is one of the new applications available for the iPhone, having lots of features and facilities for the users. It has the motto: “We Seek major Deals” indicates they are one of the best coupon codes providers. This app is in contact with minor to major stores as well as mega-stores, so that users will not face the problem of discount breakout. They have the technology of finding the best discount coupon code available from all the websites and then deliver to you. This app even supports Geo tracking technology to get you better results.

4. Coupon Sherpa:

Coupon Sherpa
Coupon Sherpa

This is one of the best discounts giving application for the users, working since long and oldest also. This app has the wide range of the savings coupon codes available for all things which is needy to users. And it’s not only limited to foods and drinks, but one can grab it on games, stores, DVD, electronics, online, gadgets, etc. This app is in touch with major dealers and tons of others too, so that to provide best coupon codes to their users.

5. Drinks Special:

Drinks Special
Drinks Special

We all love drinks, so this is the iPhone App just specially meant to grab discounts on all types of drinks on most of the stores. It’s great to even save money on cold or say hot drinks. One can redeem coupon codes with cold drinks like Coca, Coffee, Pepsi, etc. So it’s great to even use this application along with one of the above listed.

So its an great deal, when you are getting an watery discount without any extra-efforts in front of your mobile screen, just save money with these top 5 iphone coupon apps.

These iphone coupon apps will help you a lot and if you have any other apps that you use, do let us know via comments.


Crysis 3 Two Minute Official Gameplay Trailer Released

Crysis 3 trailer video was released last week by EA and it was fantastic. And now, there’s a new 2 min Crysis 3 Trailer that you can now enjoy. It was uploaded by the publisher, giving us a better experience of the gameplay you can expect in the next Crysis 3 game, when it is finally launched.

Crysis 3 trailer
Crysis 3 trailer

According to a report from the release, it read thus:

“Take on the role of ‘Prophet’ as he returns back to New York, only to discover that the city has been encased in a Nanodome created by the corrupt Cell Corporation. Within the Liberty Dome, seven distinct and treacherous environments become known as the Seven Wonders. This dangerous new world demands advanced weapons and tactics. Prophet will utilise a lethal composite bow, an enhanced Nanosuit and devastating alien tech to become the deadliest hunter on the planet” Sourced from Joystiq.

Crysis 3 game is currently under development by its developer, Crytek, and it will be arriving soon Xbox 360, PC and PS3, and there’s currently no official launch date for the game. But, we are certain it will arrive in 2013.

If you love this game, please share your comments and observations about this game and any other things.

Android Fans

New Samsung Galaxy S III – Vodafone Lets People Register before its release date

As you all know, Samsung has not yet officially announce their latest Android smartphone, the new Samsung Galaxy S III smartphone, and we at Techatlast were expecting the official unveiling event of the device which has been billed for May 3rd at a London special event by Samsung Mobile.

Samsung have giving people hopes about the device; posting couple of videos and launching a website, terming the device the next Galaxy, but now, Vodafonehas just listed a new smartphone tagged ‘next Galaxy’ on their website.

galaxy s III vodafone
galaxy s III vodafone

However, Vodafone have not yet listed any factual details about the handset, but you can stay update about the device simply by registering for an update here. And we hope the site will soon release an update about the release soon.

In the meantime, we’re expecting good thing from Samsung on 3rd of May, and we’ll keep you posted as soon as we have any valuable information to share with you, including the Samsung Galaxy S III specifications, price and some others.