Top 5 Smartphones to look for in 2012

It’s been more than a month that 2012 has arrived and thus it does not make sense to make call it the New Year anymore. This year Windows Phones are hot property and the handsets that are based on this operating system have already stolen the show. There is a lot that can be expected from the luxury mobile phones of 2012, and there is also a general enhancement in the technology of all the handsets that will be released in the market this year. The top 5 smartphones to look for in 2012 are as follows. nokia lumia 900 review and specs

Nokia Lumia 900

Among the latest Smartphones in market 2012 the Nokia Lumia is the most exciting release. The handset is packed with all the recent technologies. The handset is extremely sleek and it is packed with a 4.3 inch AMOLED screen. The handset is based on the Windows Mobile operating system.

The Lumia 900 is the world’s first 4G LTE Windows based handset and it has an 8MP shooter that takes splendid pictures. The handset is a great choice for everyone and what is even more enticing is the fact that the handset comes is a wide range of colours. 

HTC Titan II

The HTC Titan II is the successor of the HTC Titan. One of the top mobile phones 2012 will see, the handset will be the first Windows based 4G LTE handset to be launched in the US and the second it will be packed with a fine 16MP shooter.

The handset packs great features in the form of a 1.5GHz processor, 4.7 inch Super LCD display and an internal storage capacity of 16GB. To add to it, the handset has an extremely great external appearance. 

Motorola Droid Razr Maxx

Among the new mobile phones 2012 will see, the Motorola Droid Razr Maxx will woo you with its looks and the features that it packs. This handset is based on the Android operating system 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich. This handset is the successor of the Droid Razr and is sure one step ahead of it. The hamdset packs an 8MP shooter and the most alluring feature of this handset that has got people drooling is the fact that the handset can be used for 21 hours after a single charge.

Samsung Galaxy Note

The Galaxy Note is not new to us and we know about most of its features, the most enticing being its 5.3 inch Super AMOLED screen. The handset seems like a miniature tabled from a distance and thus it is being considered as a hybrid between a Smartphone and a tablet.

The Galaxy Note has a mammoth screen, but it is ultra light and that just adds to the charm of the handset. It comes with an integrated stylus that is also developed with all the latest technology. Other features of the handset include 1.4 GHz ARM Cortex-A9 processor, 16GB storage capacity and an 8MP rear facing shooter.

LG Spectrum

Last but not the least is the LG Spectrum, a handset that is clearly a cut above the rest. It is equipped with a 4.5 inch HD display and packs a 1.5GHz processor. The handset has support features in the form of an 8 MP rear facing shooter that is complemented by the Dolby Digital Plus technology. Apart from this is has an on-board storage memory of 16GB. The LG Spectrum has decent looks and is sure to find many takers once it is launched.

The best smartphone 2012 will see is surely not on the list. Even I am not sure which this handset will be, but my best bet is on an Apple device, in case they plan to launch one in the coming year, though it seems unlikely. Till then, these are the top 5 smartphones to look for in 2012.

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Nokia Lumia 900- go ahead

The technology is at its best from past few years and same with the mobile technology is. The mobile technology is progressing day by day and in this growing technology great mobile are announced every year. The year 2012 started with the launch of Nokia Lumia 900. The announcement was made in CES 2012.From that time lots of rumors are going on the internet. T he daily hits from all over the world show that how eagerly the people are waiting for its launch. Here are some of the features of Nokia Lumia 900.

Operating System:

It is Windows based smart phone. The operating system in Lumia 900 is Microsoft Windows Phone 7.5 Mango.


In today’s world, along with the good features, the look also matters. Because all your personality appears from the outer look of the smart phone, not from the internal features. Nokia Lumia 900 is one of those few smart phones, which have both features. The Nokia Lumia 900 is very trending and attractive. It will surely attract a large area of customers towards it by its trendy lumia 900 review and specs

Nokia Lumia 900 Memory: 

It do not have any external SD card slot. It has in built storage capacity of 16 GB which is more than enough. The RAM is 512 MB.


The camera is another eye catching feature of Nokia Lumia 900.The primary camera is of 8MP.The camera is capable of taking the snapshots in the high quality. The HD video record and play feature is also there.720 pixels is the maximum resolution pot which the video can be recorded. The Secondary Camera is of 1.3 MP. The another features of camera include LED flash, Geo Tagging.

Internet Connectivity:

With 4G network, unbelievable speed can be enjoyed on Nokia Lumia 900.The WiFi facility is also there which let you connect to fast internet networks and that also without any wires. There is EDGE and GPRS facility as well, both are of class 33.


Ports allow any device to get connected by other devices. In the Nokia Lumia 900, the data cable port is there to connect it to PC.


If you love to enjoy music many hours a day,and listen music daily on normal head phones or speakers, then Nokia Lumia 900 is going to change your experience. The sound recording and sound playing quality on Lumia 900 is HD.

Nokia Lumia 900 Display:

It has AMOLED capacitive touch screen with the color support of about 16 M colors. To protect the touch screen from external damages like scratch, air bubbles, dust particles, the corning Gorilla glass is there as protective wall. The size of the screen is 4.3 inches.

Other Features of Nokia Lumia 900:

There are many other features as well, which are

  • Youtube support
  • Picasa app
  • Windows mobile based apps
  • Active Voice Cancellation
  • Push Email Service
  • Predictive Text Input
  • SMS, Messaging and IM services
  • Document viewer/editor
  • Video/Photo Editor

Battery: All the features are useless if there is not enough power to enjoy them. Most of the smart phone look much on it and it  results their failure in the market. But this is not any problem with Lumia 900 as it has got good battery backup. The battery stats are:

  •   Stand By:    Up to 300 h
  •   Talk Time     Up to 7      h
  •   Music Play Time: Up to 60 h

So we can say that Nokia Lumia 900 is perfect smart phone and includes the features for all the kind of customers. If you are technology geek, then you are surely going to buy it. Nokia Lumia 900 is next generation gadget which will make you one step ahead in technology.

Pre Booking has already started. Making investment on such a feature rich gadget will not bother anyone. It is more than just “value for money” product. We all have to wait for March for its launch. We are officially very excited about its launch. Are you also????Go for Nokia Lumia 900 and stay step ahead in technology.

This post has been written by RajKumar Jonnala who is a professional blogger and has been in the field of blogging from a very long time, he is also providing training on seo. So if you are searching for any SEO training hyderabad then contact him or visit his website.

Web Hosting

Top 6 HostGator Alternatives with Good Service Delivery and Support

If you have a web site on the Internet then there is no chance that you do not know about the web hosting service provider called HostGator. It has been one of the most successful service renderer and although the company has its headquarters in the US, they are providing their services to close to 200 countries across the globe.

The company is reputed and is known all over the world. But in the recent years, many budding web hosting service companies have been giving tough competition to HostGator. And truthfully, of recent, hostgator has gone below the pecking order in service delivery and customer services when it comes to giving my own humble and sincere opinion.

“They have not been actively working towards their customer’s business lately, but instead, they are more focused on the customer’s pocket!”

In case you have had similar negative experience with HostGator, and you are looking for a good web hosting service to replace Hostgator, then here are the top 5 hostgator alternatives.

Top 5 HostGator alternatives with good service delivery and support


hostgator alternativesYou may wonder how come that I included iFastNet in my hostgator alternatives list, while there may be some other amazing and highly sophisticated hosting service providers out there to be listed. When it comes to world-class hosting service delivery – I have my reasons to choose them above others. They are quite simple.

iFastNet, popularly known and recognized as Secure Signup or ByetHost, is a high-performance medium-sized hosting company with large database of happy customers all over the world, all vying to be served by there responsive support system. We’ve been with iFastNet for over five good years; they’ve always been there and hardly failed us, even at times when things seems to go awry, the support is right on hand to come in to help. If you’re just starting out and want to have peace of mind with your small business website hosting with little or no technical know-how, then get in touch with the guys at iFastNet web hosting service. They sure gonna help you, they offer the most cheapest of hosting service in the industry.


Bluehost is a web hosting provider that was opened under the name of HostMonster in 1996. The company is older than HostGator but they too started providing their services under the name of Bluehost in the year 2002. The main features of this web hosting company are unlimited bandwidth, hosting space etc. The price charged by Bluehost is slightly higher than the other web hosting companies that are present in the market and the main reason behind this is the fact that they have a set of professionals who take care of all their dealings and thus there will not be a chance to complain.

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DreamHost is yet another web hosting service that is present in the market that is a good alternative to HostGator. It is a US based company that was opened in 1997 and it has a huge chunk of the web hosting market with respect to the number of domains that have been hosted till date. The company provides it services in many countries across the globe.

The main features of this web hosting service are unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage, unlimited domains etc. But the noteworthy feature is that it has the MYSQL5 integration that other web hosting services usually don’t have. Pricing of the services rendered are moderate and this is one of the reasons behind its popularity.

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GoDaddy is one web hosting service that is expanding at an exponential rate and the main reasons behind this are reasonable pricing of the services and the quality of the services that are being provided. The company has been accredited by ICANN and the prices that the company charges are a whopping 70% less than the actual price in the market.

The main features of this web hosting service are comprehensive hosting solutions, Web site creation tools, Secure SSL certificates, personalized email with spam etc. Also there are many value added services that are present and this adds to the goodwill of the site.

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Those on the look out for a reliable and reasonably priced web hosting service Just Host is sure to provide instant gratification. There are different plans that are available with this service and they are all designed to suit different needs. The service will help you get your free domain for the rest of your life and the customer service of the company is superb.

The main features of this web hosting service are unlimited disk space, unlimited transfers, unlimited email accounts etc. Also, since the pricing is competitive, the company has managed to make a name for itself.

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HostClear is a web hosting site that will suit personal as well as business users and the USP of this company is the overall support that they provide to their customers that makes the service a hit. Thus people with little or no experience of building a site will do so easily.

The main features of HostClear are unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage and countless domains. These features along with a sensible pricing make the company an absolute hit and is considered to be tough competition for HostGator.


These top five hostgator alternatives are one way better than the other. You need to look up in great detail to know the service that suits your needs before you decide the company that you will be dealing with. We’re just trying to provide factual information to lead you into choosing the most reliable and responsible hostgator alternatives for your small business.

I know there are other interesting hostgator alternatives out there which I might have missed in the build-up to this article, I’d like if you could point me toward them. I will personally order a trial or paid account to try them in my next research, and ultimately update this article accordingly. Please stay subscribed to TECHATLAST for more interesting hands-on information like this.

Thanks for your time. 


Klout Acquires Blockboard (off news)

Klout, the popular social networking tracking service has recently acquired Blockboard in order to be able to serve users better.

According to Klout’s blog post, this acquisition is the first of its kind for the company since its exception and it is very important to the progress of the company at this present time.

According to the post on Klout, it reads thus; “to keep driving toward our mission of unlocking every user’s influence, we need to make Klout useful and accessible wherever they are – whether they’re at home or on the go.”

Blockboard, over the years has built a marvellous local mobile app that easily connects neighbours to build a stronger community through the power of technology. As featured on TechCrunch and AllThingsD, the service really is a top notch takeover for Klout.

klout bought blockboard

Blockboard gives people a simple way to commune with their neighbours about everything starting from local news to any other things that could be helpful.

Apart from these features, BlockBoard has a nice developer team that could easily come up with a killer mobile application at any point in time without delay.

Adding the Blockboard team of experts to the existing Klout family will surely bring about the existence of a non-ending social media influence tracking with no fuss.

I hereby congratulate the Klout team for this wonderful take-over process and pray that it will bring about the good for the company and not like that of a failed move by Google in acquiring Apture with no development since then.

Infographic Marketing

Marketers: What Mobile Users Will and Won’t Put Up With [INFOGRAPHIC]

According to recent report, young people that are between the ages of 18 and 24 are said to be more connected to their mobile devices than how you might think. It shows that about nine in 10 of young adults spend between one & five hours on their mobile devices everyday. However, closely one in 10 of them, are on gadgets devices between five and ten hours every day. While about third portion of them would always like receive coupon promotions via their smartphone and tablets from brands, but more than half of them say that it’s “extremely important” for them to be able to opt out of such come-ons.

All of these fact and figures were released by the result of the research that was conducted by mBlox, a mobile interaction and payment agency, in a December research and study session for more than 4,000 young mobile users that were living in the United States and United Kingdom.

Know your customers! How to target the right mobile users 

According to what mBlox’s chief marketing officer, Michele Turner said, the study provides useful insight as advertising and marketing directly to people on the go continues to  increases rapidly in number.

He said, “With 2012 largely being seen as the advent of mobile commerce, this research helps validate the huge revenue potentials for brands and an appetite by consumers for mobile marketing,” Turner said in a statement.

In simple illustration, mobile phone is very important to advertisers and marketers. Just like a recent Google‘s report which states that mobile devices worldwide accounted for 41% of searches for the recently concluded Super Bowl TV ads. That was early this month, and that shows how mobile devices is taking over of the world of marketing and the internet in general.

But, does getting to know this have good benefit for mobile advertisers? Yes and No, they need to know how each mobile users uses his/her phone so they can get the best of their marketing efforts. Don’t miss the target market; focus on the right people at the right time.

Kindly check this infographic below to have an idea of what the result of the research has to say so that you can know which way to turn to.

And remember to share your views below!Young Mobile User and Mobile Device advertising Infographic


Shutterstock Global Design Trends 2011 Infographic

[starrater tpl=10]

Shutterstock, after its 8 years existence in the image business, the company have a total of 17 million images with over 200 million downloads – isn’t that amazing?

Shutterstock over 8 years has become one of the best and world’s leading market places for the best visual media.

According to the infographic, the company have artists and photographers from different countries of the world, numbering more than 100 countries, and have paying customers in more than 150 countries of the world.

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The site experiences on daily basis tens of thousands image searches from users which means people are visiting the site to download one or two images on regular basis. And that alone creates a medium for them to become the leader in knowing the trendy things around the world pertaining to images.

From a vintage-themed photographs to vibrant vector graphics, here is an infographic photo detailing what visual stories were told throughout the last year.

Shutter Stock Infographic

What do you think about this picture, please share it below

Apple iOS

Apple Close to 25 Billionth App Download, Offers $10,000 Gift Card

Apple has just launched a countdown game to its 25 billionth app downloaded from its App Store.

The Cupertino based technology giant is giving away a whopping sum of $10,000 gift card for users to spend in buying things from the App Store. What do you really want to buy from the app store? Is it the Zynga games or some other cool and interesting games that come with pop-up limitations? Don’t worry any more about those ads because you could now buy with your own money and play them without those!

Unlike many other contest out there, even the Techatlast Contest as well, you would have to do one or two things to enter into the contest, but this one is different because you wouldnt have to download any app before you could enter into the contest.

You can easily fill  this online form for you to enter the contest and I believe you will surely win.

But if you win the contest, you have to agree to Apple’s contest term which says that you will have to agree to publicly share your App Store picks, your name, with the Apple community.

What would you use your $10,000 to buy from the App Store? Let us know what you would download in the comment section below.

Apple iOS

Gorgeous Apple iPhone 5 Concept – We Wish Apple Would Make It Like This (PICS)

iPhone 5 Concept by Ciccarese Design
Though, we all know that iPhone 5 might not arrive soon as have expected but we can still a glimpse of how the device will like like. Though it is a designed concept but we hope Apple is going to come up with something like this 🙂

Since we know that the gadget might be late to arrive, that doesn’t stop the artists and design firms from making or creating a mock-ups of the Apple iPhone 5 device.

The mock-up looks nice and gorgeous to the extent that I find it difficult to put my eyes away from this gadget. I wish Apple would make it like this mock-up exactly. Though there are many rumors about the iPhone 5 designs which have passed, but this one is something we can still believe to be somehow true or not, all because designers and artist have had some good predictions in their history, which mean, Apple could even listen to their word at times.

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iPhone 5 Concept by Ciccarese Design 3

iPhone 5 Concept with Apple logo lit in black by Ciccarese Design

iPhone 5 Concept by Ciccarese Design 2
After analyzing some of the major iPhone 5 rumors that many people have published online, an Italian designer by name Federico Ciccarese has now came up with these gorgeous renders.

Ciccarese’s design of the iPhone 5 shows us that the phone is going to come with a slightly curved back side.

The phone’s body looks very similar to the Apple’s Magic Mouse which comes with the iMac.

The device display according to the mock-up is very flat and it is “retina” in nature as we saw it, and not only that, it also have phone tapers off at its top and bottom side.

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It’s headphone jack is at its side to accommodate it while its back looks like a blasted aluminium, very similar to what is being used on the MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and the iMac.

In order to make you believe what Ciccarese has come up with, we authoritatively tell you that this is not the first time that he has come up with a mockup for the future Apple products and many of them seems successful when compared to other from many other artist and designers out there. He had previously tried to design the fifth generation iPhone device (what later turned out to be iPhone 4S), he has also work on concepts such as the iScreen, which is his vision concerning the rumored integrated television made by Apple.

The mockup really looks nice and we wish Apple would come up with something like this with the nice logo of Apple at the back of the device.

What do you think of these gorgeous mockups? What would you like to see or enjoy in the iPhone 5? Let us know via comment below so that we can commune with each other.

The Graphics & concept created by Federico Ciccarese of CiccareseDesign

Cloud Computing Technologies and Resources Featured Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

Telephone Conferencing as the Fast Food Approach to Communications

In the modern business world, standard meetings are sometimes less structured events as they are emergency necessities. In a fast-paced field, the need to get parties together quickly to iron out pieces of a deal may require telephone conferencing in order to successfully reach an agreement. Or, portions of a complicated project may require minute adjustments in a short timeframe, which requires some communication between participants who are remotely stationed.

Teleconferencing as come to the rescue to make a quick and dirty virtual meeting a reality for such situations.

Telephone conferencing can bring people together from across the globe on a dime, or very quickly compared to the logistics of the traditional staff or organization meeting. For this reason, some call it the ‘fast food’ of modern business communication. This type of business connectivity can be as formal or informal as the case requires, and not all participants need to be engaged equally in the proceedings. If an executive who’s vacationing on the golf course has to be contacted, for example, that party’s ‘attendance’ on the call may be limited to certain items requiring approval or verification by the officer, who can then get off the call and back to putting.

Telephone conferencing as the next communication means

The flexibility of the format, in other words, can eliminate the necessity for physical contact in most cases, and in an emergency, the necessity of all the arrangements that go with in person settings.

telephone conferencing

Image source | here

There is no costly meeting space, video presentations, handout materials, etc. have to be introduced in order to hold productive calls via telephone conferencing. Such extras are probably a hindrance in the case of an emergency conference, because it may bog down the pace of home it to solve the direct issue we discussed.

This kind of communication works for both internal relations and external, goodwill sessions with suppliers, consumers, and peers in the industry. The fact that one of its great advantages is the speed with which it can be created, some online based companies have opted to utilize telephone conferencing as its main mode of regular staff communication. In light of the rise in complexity and pace with which organizations must make decisions, conference calls might be the “fast food” method of connecting for many more companies in the near future.

This post was written by Michael, on the behalf of Powwownow. Powwownow is one of the UK’s leading conference call, telephone conferencing, teleconferencing provider.


All Need to Know About Pinterest in Infographic Picture

Pinterest Infographic Picture

If you are new to Pinterest, chances are that you are loosing a lot more than what you are supposed to be gaining from that medium. Social media marketing has offered us many benefits over the years all because many people come there to talk and share things and in return they end up visiting the right site with the right information.

Pinterest is one of the best social networking site that we have at this present moment. It offers us many benefits more than any other social network like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ – though, Google+ has many more benefits that Pinterest when it comes to search engine rankings.

With all these information, I believe you might not really get to understand Pinterest fully, why can’t you then follow me with this infographic picture explaining everything you needed to know about Pinterest and its platform.

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Pinterest is a virtual social bookmarking site which let users, or should I call them “pinners,”? to collect photos and videos contents which will link back to the page that the product is listed – that means, the site will get pageviews when your friends open your pinned content. As a user, you have the power to share everything that looks interesting, funny, inspirational or beautiful to your by creating boards.

Please have a look at all information about Pinterest and let’s start connecting. And mind you, I’m also on Pinterest, you can find me here:
All you need to know about Pinterest infographic

What can you say about this Pinterest Infographic picture, does it cover all your expectations about the new social photo sharing network? Please, I want your sincere comments in the comment section below. Say your minds about this pinterest infograph and let me know ways to help improve the content offerings the next time.