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25 Best Free Android Apps for Android Phone Users

It is no more news that Android is already taking over the world of smartphones – even recently, the co-founder of Apple, Steve Wozniak confirms it himself in our recent blog post; saying the phone is awesome and got some stuff which can’t be easily found in Apple’s iPhone because of its simple and easy to use UI.

Android OS is the official operating system that was brought to life with the involvement of Google, the company which holds the largest share in the search engine providing business. The OS, since that time when Google has joined forces together in acquiring a large percentage of the organization – everything has gone well for the user’s choice mobile operating system. Even with its latest version, Android 4.0 which many can also refer to as Ice Cream Sandwich – it is the fastest of all the version of the Android operating system.

Do you know one thing about Android? I think you don’t but I will tell you now because it is one of the basic secrets behind the huge rush for all the phones that runs the OS.

The secret is that most of all the Apps that are running on Android OS are mainly made for free access, unlike Apple’s iPhone apps which you will have to pay heavily for before you can download them to your iPhone or iPad talk less of using them. On Android Market, the total number of android apps which were available at a fee is fewer when compared to the amount of the free ones. That should tell you that Android is gaining the ground faster than any other competitor in the industry – but still, Apple still holds the largest share of the market with its latest quarter record.

But that’s not where I’m going today – what the post is all about is showing you the 25 top free Android Apps or can I say, the best free android apps you can download to your android mobile phone right from this very moment.

Top and Best Free Android Apps

25 free android apps collection

1. WordPress for Android

WordPress for Android was first created and named wpToGo, but when WordPress itself saw the awesomeness feature of the app, and its cool UI and liked it – bought it and hired the same developer of the app to continue working on it in-house. This app features many options inside your wordpress blog. Its latest version offers full integration with other apps in the android market and world over – now, you can now spin content and directly send it to WordPress for Android app to update your blog. It comes with several features such as image insertion and other such as file uploading.

Features of WordPress for Android:

  • Write and update your blog at your ease
  • Insert images, video with your blog post
  • Spin articles with ease since the app can work with other applications
  • Keep your blog up to date with all latest and informative news in your niche

2. Facebook for Android

Facebook for Android is the android version of Facebook for iPhone app which many has considered as the best when it comes to choosing perfect app. But, Facebook for Android itself is lacking behind in features when compared to the official Facebook app itself but the recent update on the app added another great and awesome feature to the app, which will enable you to send and receive messages – use the official facebook inbox. The app is now okay and stable – it is fast and durable.

3. Evernote

Evernote is available for iPhone users but what of android community? It is also available for users of android OS! Evernote app helps you store all your notes, voice memos and other files on your device and then access them through a desktop computer with ease.

Evernote Features:

  • Ability to create and edit your new notes on the fly
  • You can snap new photo from your device right into your account
  • Ability to record a fast voice memo into your online evernote account
  • Easily access all your notes anywhere you are with ease
  • Ability to select some of your notes for offline use

4. Samsung ChatOn

Recently Samsung released its ideal android tool for users to chat on their device, and some other features. The Samsung chatOn messaging tool is the ideal messaging tool for users who wants multiple platform chatting experience. This app supports multi-platform chatting with support for older Samsung non-smart features smartphones. On android, there are plenty of mobile messaging tools but this app beats all of e’m flatly. It even has a feature that enables users to draw, and share image with its social networking features.

5. ASTRO File Manager

ASTRO is a Windows-style file explorer made available for Android users – it is suitable for someone who’s into fixing and installing of Android APK files.

The app is useful for installing something like that into your android based phones because it will make your smartphone look exactly like a computer, and gives you the confidence that you are in charge of everything.

ASTRO is a free ad-supported app, and you will have to pay for its full access which comes with no ads. This is the new age file exploring the app for all android users.

6. UK Jobs

If you’re a resident of the United Kingdom, you needn’t worry about all those missed job opportunities when there is an android app that can show you all the latest job openings around your location. All UK job vacancies are indexed in the database of this android application which has the ability to show you the data from independent employment site, The site is a useful site and it is a non-governmental tool.

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7. Google Sky Map

This is a magnificent app that renders Patrick Moore obsolete, by using your phone, you can get an accurate illustration of the stars, and the planets on your phone screen without much hassle. Just point your phone at the sky, and then learn about what are visible for you. And the good news is that the Google Sky Map android app also works indoors.

8. Google Goggles

Google Goggles will enables you take photos and let Google examine them, and then bring back a search result page for what it thinks you are exactly looking for. Meanwhile, this app’s major use is as a QR code reader, which lets you X-ray barcodes for fast access to applications or any data that people choose to insert in the odd little data squares.

9. Foursquare

The popular social media site, Foursquare is now available on Android for people who use the site. Foursquare app comes with the Google app by offering you an easy one-click check-ins, and integrated Google Maps for an unbroken Google exclusive experience. It presents you a home shortcut options that points to all your favourite places.

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10. Seesmic

Twitter is considered as the number two social networking site on the internet, and there are countless numbers of Twitter apps on Android OS – and even, Twitter itself recently launched its own version of the app for Android but the truth is that we’re not gonna use that and instead, we’re sticking with Seesmic.

This app offers support for multiple accounts, and it comes with a home page widget showing the latest tweets on your Twitter account, and you know what that means? You aren’t left behind with everything happening on the internet.

11. Hotmail

Microsoft has joined forces with the SEVEN – a developing team that will design an official Hotmail app for the Android community. The app gives users a simple, clean user interface, push notification support and can also let you manage several Hotmail accounts at the same time.


Winamp is the official app that has been in existence for a decade ago which lets you listen to music and media files – it is the perfect and free media player on your android smartphone.

The recent update adds support for Apple’s iTunes, Mac syncing, a lot of music streaming options, new release lists and the Shoutcast integration for radio support.

13. BBC News

While the official Android iPlayer app which is made for the Android platform is a little bit disappointing, the official BBC News app is even better. Inside the app, there is a stylish grid-styled front-page fixed story widget with features that let you swipe from left or right and vice-versa to switch between stories in your chosen category with ease. With its latest update, you can now have access to a couple of Home screen widgets with an option that lets you submit your own news tips helping BBC blog have more recent and updated content every time.

14. Layar

This app is the perfect one for people who wants to buy AR contents such as local house price apps, travel guides and much more. Layar is a stunning and newly improved reality app for android OS users which has an online store that enables you to buy all those things without stress.

15. Swype

Swype is a powerful and interesting app for android users which makes it dead simple for them to use hand to type on their mobile device – it also comes with advanced features that make it simple for you to predict what you are about to enter in your next line without much problem. Presently, this app is not yet available from the Android Market but you can only install it directly from the Manufacturer’s page. Update: this app is now available and the link has been updated.

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16. RAC Traffic

RAC Traffic is a nice app for people travelling or driving car all the time, it is a dead simple application for people who always stays in front of their car steering. It helps you track your journey and gives you traffic alerts about places ahead of you to help you know what is at stakes. RAC Traffic guesstimates your location through mobile signal, and then show up the current traffic signal around your area, or the place your car is located at. It is also useful for getting information about the location you’re heading to, to avoid any blockages on the way.

17. Skyfire 3.0

The unique selling proposition (USP) of the Skyfire browser app is that, it supports Flash content without hassle of requesting you to install Adobe Flash player. This tool has the capacity of popping up a small window when it detects an embedded Vimeo and Youtube video or some other content similar to that.

The flash business of this application is handled by SkyFire’s servers – which does most of the computer stuff without many glitches, and then send those files to your handset with ease.

But it is a bit heavy on slower Android-based smartphones, but, it works like a magic on some models with faster processors such as HTC Velocity 4G and some other latest android phones.

18. is a good app that lets you stream different kinds of music on your mobile anywhere you are located. Though, you will have to pay for all your bandwidth consumption which means, all your music streaming experiences depends solely on your internet connection bandwidth and if you don’t have good mobile internet – you won’t enjoy it better.

19. gvSIG Mini Maps

gvSIG Mini Maps  is an advanced and comprehensive mapping tool for android users which helps combines major online maps into one place – online map service such as Google Map, Open Street Map, and Bing. It works best in the UK with its support for the recently open-sourced Ordinance Survey data which will help it win the heart of most UK citizens. That means you don’t have to worry much than entering your street code and get the location to where you are, or where you are heading to.

20. Flickr

Flickr app is really an interesting app with its advanced uploading option that helps you capture photos, and share it with the world. It comes with Twitter and Facebook sharing features as well which makes everything simple for you and your photo-nerd friends who want to have a glaring photo experience with you.

21. Google Maps Navigation

Once you have at least the Android 1.6 or later version such as Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich), you are free to enjoy Google Maps app on your device. Its latest update adds life to its ability to show turn-by-turn voice navigation, simultaneously disturbing the SatNav industry while also boosting the in-car dashboard dock/charger accessory scene. This app is freely available and it comes with lots of features such as route calculations etc.

22. Catch Notes

Catch Notes, just like Evernote app – if you have this app around you, there is no way you would forget your late-night thoughts and others. With this app, you can take note of everything you want to remember at a later time together into one huge database. And the good thing is that, if you have a Snaptic account you’ll be able to sync this app with it – or better still, you can simply log in with your Google account details for instant mobile jotting experience. Once the content is written down, you can pin it to the home screen just as the Pinterest app does in real life.

23. Astrid Task/Todo list

Astrid is an app that describes itself as an “open source” task list tool, which includes syncing support with the popularly known RememberTheMilk site for an ultimate in finer point’s management. You just need to list your tasks and then order them according to their importance – setting off a timer to see specifically how long you have spent on Twitter or Facebook instead of doing the job at hand. It is an ideal app for expert-level procrastinators who love to postpone everything to another time.

24. Skifta

Skifta is the first software tool to be granted with the DLNA certification – meaning that your phone is been turned into an official DLNA device. It means that you can now start streaming most of your household media to your mobile phone and beaming your smartphone videos to your local TV. It seems somehow heavy at the moment, but continuous updates arriving all the time will certainly help the situation a lot. This app requires Android 2.2 (GingerBread) or higher to work.

25. Shareprice

Shareprice is an app that uses your login details from the financial site, to offer you the latest and live share price news, and updates on your Android phone. Now, you can watch and get the latest updates on your nest-egg skyrocketing, even during this time, when there are many financial crises worldwide!

It is useful for android users that have low share values to check their shares and stay up to date with everything.

Hope you found these free android apps useful and helpful with your visit? Kindly add your comment below for requests, issues, and others and I shall surely respond to them one after the other.


Download RedSn0w 0.9.10b5 to Fix iBooks DRM Issue

Download RedSn0w 0.9.10b5 to Fix iBooks DRM Issue

If you are facing iBooks DRM issue or challenges on your jailbroken iPhone device and you didn’t know how you can fix the problem. Then this post is a life saver for you. Since the time when the iOS 5.0.1 untethered jailbreak, many iOS device users have been in one way or the other facing several issues like authentication issues due to launchd errors, launchctl bug and the iBooks DRM issue.

Just recent, iPhone Dev Team has just released the RedSn0w 0.9.10b4 in order to fix the iBooks and launchd errors. Now some iOS users are still complaining that they are still facing iBooks DRM issue even after jailbreaking their device on iOS 5.0.1.

Most of them are not able to see the text and images on their device correctly while reading books because the books are been protected by the Digital Rights Management (DRM) technologies. Now is the time for you to fix all these issues pertaining to your iBooks DRM issue.


iPhone Dev Team has just recently announced the release of its RedSn0w 0.9.10b5 tool to fix the iBooks DRM issue on all jailbroken iOS device. The new RedSn0w version comes with a utility can help overcomes jailbreak detection by iBooks. This utility is called “crazeles”. As this tool helps correct the jailbreak detection by the iBooks — it means that about 10% of images would be displayed for you incorrectly.

If you are having iBooks DRM issue after when you have jailbreakon your iPod touch, iPhone, iPad on iOS 5.0.1 using RedSn0w. The best solution is for you to re-jailbreak your device; iPhone, iPod touch, iPad untethered on iOS 5.0.1 using RedSn0w 0.9.10b5. But you must deselect “Install Cydia” jailbreak method. You should note that you have to de-select “Install Cydia” function during the jailbreak process.RedSn0w 0.9.10b5 techatlast

The RedSn0w 0.9.10b5 is presently compatible with the iPhone 3GS, iPod touch 4G, iPhone 4, iPod touch 3G, the Apple iPad running  on iOS 5.0.1. But in the meantime, this too is not compatible with the  iPhone 4S and iPad 2. If you have not jailbreak you iOS device on iOS 5.0.1 then you can also use RedSn0w 0.9.10b5 to jailbreak iOS 5.0.1 untethered on iPhone, iPod touch, iPad.

When you now finish the jailbreak on your device, using RedSn0w 0.9.10b5, you do not need to install the Corona iOS 5.0.1 Untether which was also released by Chronic-Dev team for the iOS 5.0.1 untethered jailbreak. You can now download RedSn0w 0.9.10b5 for your Windows and Mac computer from the links given below.

  • Click here to download RedSn0w 0.9.10b5 for Mac users
  • Click here to download RedSn0w 0.9.10b5 for Windows users

97 percent of Google’s revenue is coming from Advertising (infographic)

A whopping 96% of Google‘s $37.9 billion 2011 annual revenue came from advertising only medium. But the question is, who is putting all of these cash into Google’s wallet?

Google is best and popular known with its web search product, which has changed the way we search and gather information online.which has completely overturned how we research and find answers.

Google advertising methods includes using Google AdWords to get advertisers and then offer publishers the Google Adsense program for them to make money from the ads served on their web pages.

In 2011, throughout all industry, the industry that used Google’s advertising medium the most was the finance and insurance industry with about $4 billion handed over to Google. State Farm leads the charts as a huge $43.7 million was spent. During the time, the most commonest search term in the industry with highest cost per click was “self-employed health insurance,” and this ad costs each advertisers around $43 per click.

The retail and general merchandise industry holds second place for most spent on Google ads, with Amazonleading at $55.2 million spent. You would think that number would be so high to accommodate Amazon’s recent debut of the Kindle Fire, but the most commonly search for keyword in the retail industry was actually “Zumba dance DVD.” If we learn anything from common keywords it’s that the economy is down, so people are self-employed and want to dance at home for exercise.

Travel and tourism industry came in third with about $2.4 billion spent on Google advertising. And the jobs and education industry came in fourth position; the home and garden industry is in fifth position.

Check the infographic picture below for more information on who contributes to Google’s huge wealth.

As well, you can also check about latest hot trends online via StumbleUpon on How to use Google Search for Hackin Purposes

Who Buys All Those Google Ads advertisement

Infographic via WordStream and VentureBeat

Rich man image via Shutterstock

Android Fans

How to Install Touch-Based ClockworkMod Recovery on Nexus S

How to Install Touch-Based ClockworkMod Recovery on Nexus S

Good news! Touch-Based recovery tool is now available for the Nexus S smartphone. And if you want to know how to install it on your device, this article shall be showing you how to install the Touch-Based recovery into your Nexus S device.

Touch-Based recovery is the touch based version for the ClockworkMod recovery which you can easily use through touch screen, during any process, you can easily get rid of the volume buttons and others.


Note: This is a custom recovery installation guidelines and it has to be applied to your phone with the use of the android ADB and CMOD. You must understand that the steps which are explained in this guidelines are very risky – it could cause your phone to break off along the process if you wasn’t taken slightly. This trick is good for advanced users and not for someone who is not aware of Custom ROMS, Firmwares and ODIN. You must not try these things if you don’t have basic knowledge of these tools.

Pre-Requisites to Install the Touch-Based Recovery on your Nexus S

  • The instructions are presently working for Nexus S, the originally manufactured one.
  • Backup all of your SMS Messages using SMS Backup Application.
  • Sync all of your Contacts with the Gmail Application.
  • Copy all of your notes manually to somewhere else, as if in case your mobile phone gets bricked these notes will be deleted from the mobile phone.
  • Take a backup of call logs , APN Settings, and other important things.
  • Charge your mobile phone so that it would be having 100% battery.
  • Now, enable USB Debugging Mode in your mobile phone (Settings > Applications >Development > USB Debugging).
  • Device Drivers installed in your computer.
  • Follow all steps carefully in order to get 100% assured success.
  • Your mobile phone should be rooted, along with that you should have  Recovery installed.
  • Android ADB installed in your computer.Galaxy nexus S

How to Install Touch-Based Recovery on Your Nexus S

Please Note: The steps to guide you through the installation process for the Touch-Based Recovery have been written below to help. But you must understand that if anything goes wrong along the line, Techatlast would not be responsible for the damages – so follow the steps one after the other.

  • Download  file unto your computer.
  • Transfer the file to the root folder of your SD Card using an original USB Cable.
  • Reboot your mobile device  to the ClockworkMod recovery mode by holding the Volume Up & Power button. Then wait till when the phone starts.
  • Now, tap “install zip from sd card”.
  • Then, choose the file.
  • It will then start flashing the touch-based recovery, but, you will just have to for the process to complete.
  • After that, click back button on your device to go back to the home screen and then Reboot your mobile device.
  • And after that, you should start enjoying it on your device because you have just finished installing the Touch-Based recovery on your nexus S.

Thanks for reading,  kindly share your comment and add your comment as well for what you need to know.

Web Development & Design Ideas

5 Characteristics of Great Photo Websites of the World

Many photographers find it difficult to create and maintain a successful website. There are lot of photo websites online but just few could be regarded as great photo websites because they have not been able to serve the purpose they were created for – a great photo website should be able to serve the site visitor all kind of information they need at first time of coming there. It has to be well-designed and have good layout with great income generation ability etc.

The following are some of the elements that characterizes successful or great photo websites.

Xties of Great Photo Websites5 Characteristics of Great Photo Websites

Integrated revenue generation

Every website should be able to generate revenue in some way. There are many readily available tools which can be installed in a site to make money. You can sell license images as royalty-free or rights-managed, and other images as prints. For people who would want an image on their phone or as a wallpaper on their computer, you can sell personal use downloads. If your site is popular and receives a good amount of traffic, you could also sell advertising space like this website (Aff link). Take advantage of every available money making opportunity.

Easily indexed by search engines

Any website can benefit from the traffic which comes from search engines such as Bing, Google and Yahoo. Therefore, your website should be built in a way that allows search engines to index all your content. This means that your text should contain many keywords. In addition, you need to use relevant keywords in your images captions and “alt” tags. Meta page descriptions and page titles should also be carefully written. Most importantly, make sure your website’s URL is keyword rich.

People link to it

When it comes to search engine optimization, one of the most vital elements is the links to your site. A website which has many inbound links is considered by search engines as important or valuable. Therefore, having many links will result in a higher ranking.

So how do you go about getting more links to your site? First, you need to generate high quality content so as to motivate others to link to you. If you write about a topic from a unique perspective, people will want to discuss it. You could either make it funny, innovative or controversial.

Make it as easy as possible for others to link to you. Add social media share buttons on your pages which will enable people to share your posts on different platforms. At the same time, you need to open accounts on various social networks and begin to post frequent updates about your projects. This way, others within your network will also be able to share your work.

Site can be analyzed and measured

How much traffic are you receiving on your website? What do your visitors do while there? Which are your best sources of traffic? Many people cannot answer these questions in regard to their websites. Fortunately, there are many free tools available, such as Google Analytics, which can help you keep track of all that is happening in your site. By using such tools, I have enabled to make more informed decisions regarding my blog.

Frequently updated

Websites that are updated frequently usually have a higher search engine ranking than those that are rarely updated. One of the best ways of keeping your site updated is by establishing a blog. You can write posts about your projects, your thoughts or your images. Blogs are very cost-effective and easy to use. With services such as WordPress and Blogger, you can create a blog at no cost.


Chpwn Releases Zephyr 1.1 for iPhone

And iOS developer and hacker, chpwn has just announced the release of its latest tool, Zephyr 1.1 for iPhone device. This new and latest updated version of Zephyr arrived with an improved performance and some fixes too many bugs. The latest version of Zephyr lets users close an app on their phone by swipping up.

In this latest version, you can horizontally swipe between several apps of different function quickly without hassle.

As we all know that Zephyr lets users to show multitasking switcher by swiping up. Now with the new update, you can pause even while swiping up. Zephyr 1.1 changes the way in which users access its multitasking tray and its apps switching environments.

Zephyr 1.1 is now officially available in Cydia under the BigBoss repository. You can get this tweak directly from Cydia at a price of $2.99 easily. And if you want to change the way you’re switching between apps and how you access multi-tasking tray of the app, kindly install the latest version of Zephyr on your iOS device.

Zephyr 1.1 update now availableTo install this tweak on your Jailbroken iOS device such as iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, simply launch the Cydia tool on your iOS device and then search for Zephyr”.

You will see the tool in the result, kindly tap on “Purchase” button to buy and install this tweak on your iOS device.

Then go to the Settings page of the app to configure this new tweak to work. Once installed finished on your jailbroken iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch device, you can then switch between apps just by sliding left to right or right to left on your iOS device screen with ease.

Simply swipe up from the top of your screen to the bottom to enable the multi-tasking bar.

For more understanding of how it works, you can watch the Youtube video embedded below to learn more about how this tweak works in action.

BTW, you must have jailbreaking your iOS device before you can install the Zephyr 1.1 app on your device because it is a Cydia tweak and it really can work with jailbroken device.

In case your device hasn’t been jailbroken yet, you can read this post to know how you can jailbreak your iOS device, either iPhone 4S, iPad or iPod Touch….the guides are displayed below for your benefits. You can jailbreak your device using the Redsn0w tool or some other tool as well.

  1. iPhone 4S And iPad 2 Jailbreak Solution Now Available
  2. Download CLI Tool to Jailbreak iPhone 4S and iPad 2 Untethered
  3. How to Jailbreak iPhone 4S, iPad 2 Untethered on iOS 5.0.1 with Absinthe
  4. P0sixninja says Untethered Jailbreak for iPhone 4S, iPad 2 coming soon
  5. Untethered Jailbreak For iOS 5 Devices is Now Available (Most Devices)
  6. Use Cydia to Save iOS 5.0.1 SHSH Blobs for Untethered Jailbreak 
  7. and many more
How to Guide

How to Install Stock Android 4.0.3 ICS on HTC Sensation

How to Install Stock Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich on HTC Sensation

HTC Sensation which can also called, HTC Pyramid derived power from Dual-core 1.2 GHz Scorpion Qualcomm MSM8260 Snapdragon processor, and it runs on Android 2.3 Gingerbread. But it can be changed to the latest Android 4.0 OS (aka Ice Cream Sandwich).


All Samsung Galaxy Nexus users are currently enjoying most of the benefits the latest and sensational OS, Ice cream sandwich offers. Even while the software have just gotten another update which is version 4.0.3 (though it is yet to be made official).

All thanks to Virtuous Quatto ROM, the company which is the owner of HTC Sensation, the company has just got the latest Android 4.0.3 on his rooted HTC Sensation device and that update comes with features such as Android skins, and ICS updates with a entwine. You can test this on your your HTC Sensation and let us know about it, if it worked well or you encountered challenges.

How to install - Stock android 4.0.3 ice cream sandwich on htc sensationThe procedure in this article has just been performed by a third party developer, XDA dev and it is in its Alpha 3 stage. And most of the ICS core features are accurately implemented but we are afraid that the camera and the Bluetooth of this device won’t work. Along the line, other bugs may appear and worry not! The ROM is still being in development stage.

Written below are the following things that will certainly work after you’ve installed the stock Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich on your HTC Sensation device:

  • Wallpapers
  • Live Wallpapers
  • Sounds
  • Boots without any problems
  • 2G/3G Radios
  • Facebook contact sync
  • Touchscreen and keys
  • SD card
  • Tethering
  • All Sensors
  • Gallery
  • Root
  • Headphones
  • Wi-Fi
  • Microphones
  • Advance power menu
  • Screenshots
  • Android Market
  • 3D Accelerator
  • 3D games
  • EGL
  • GPS
  • Video Playback

According to some Apple developers, Virtuous Quattro ROM is compiled directly from AOSP code which is known as a pure ICS – all of the features above will surely work.

This procedure have been optimized for the targeted mobilde device and it is pre-rooted and you can install the Android 4.0.3 ICS. If you own a rooted device with you then try the following process to install the stock Android 4.0.3 into your HTC Sensation smartphone.

You will have to follow all the steps mentioned below but before you continue, you must do the followings:

  1. You will have to keep backups of all the data separately.
  2. Your  device battery must be fully charged and it at all, shouldn’t be lesser than 60%.
  3. You must install the ClockworkMod Recovery tool into your Smartphone before going through this process.

NOTE: and subordinates will not be responsible for any misfortune or data loss that could arise during the process, you must know that you’re installing this ROM at your own risk.


  1. Computer
  2. Rooted HTC Sensation
  3. USB data cable


How to Install Stock Android 4.0.3 ICS on HTC Sensation:

Step 1: Download Virtuous Quattro Alpha 3 ROM to your computer

Step 2: Copy the ROM to the root folder of a SD card that is in your HTC device

Step 3: Now reboot your device into the ClockworkMod Recovery just by turning it off. If you want to get into the Recovery mode, you’ll need to press the Volume Down & Power Button simultaneously

Step 4: Now on your screen, highlight the ‘bootloaderby using theVolume Keys and to select it by uisng the Power Button

Step 5: After that, then highlight ‘recovery using the Volume Keys and then select it just by using Power Button. All of these action will bring the phone into the Recovery mode

Step 6: In the recovery mode, select Backup and Recovery and select Backup to create a new backup of the existing ROM that is on the phone

Step 7:  Once that is done, the wipe all the phone data by selectingWipe data/factory reset’->confirm, then select Wipe Cache Partition’->confirm it and go to ‘Advanced Settings’ from your phone main menu to select ‘Wipe Dalvik cach’-> and confirm that on the next screen

Step 8: Once you have followed the steps as mentioned, then select Install zip from SDcard

Step 9: ChooseChoose ZIP from SDcard” and then select the downloaded ROM file and yu will need to confirm the ROM to get it flashed onto the HTC Sensation

Step 10: Select the option that saysGo back and then restart your device into Ice Cream Sandwich by choosing ‘Reboot system now’.

Now, you have successfully installed the latest and the hottest Android 4.0.3 Ice cream sandwich operating system on your HTC Sensation (which can also be called HTC Pyramid ) with the Virtuous Quattro Alpha 3 ROM.



LG Optimus L3 E400 Smartphone pre-order available in Sweden

LG, the popular electronic manufacturer has just brought up another latest and hottest device which is to be identified as Optimus L3 E400 smartphone. This new device has gone up for a pre-order session at a Swedish online retail shop. This latest LG mobile device design is cool and impressive and has a good appearance when compared to other lower-end Android smartphones.

Optimus L3 E400 will run Android 2.3 (also known as Gingerbread operating system) and the device can be bought with a pre-order sale price of €145. Optimus L3 E400 comes in two colour schemes; black and white.lg-optimus-l3

It is spotted with lots of useful and handful features and some advanced capabilities which are displayed below.

The LG Optimus L3 E400 Smartphone is pre-enabled with a 3.2 inches (~125 ppi pixel density) TFT capacitive touch screen display with a 256K colors and it resembles a 240 x 320 pixels of display resolution.

LG E400 Optimus L3 white

Optimus L3 E400 smartphone comes with a Multi-touch display that ensures a better display experience for the user. Run on Android v2.3 Gingerbread Operating System and it is equipped with several sensors such as Proximity Sensor, Accelerometer Sensor and compass. This new device is also equipped with a 3.15 mega pixel primary camera which resembles 2048 x 1536 pixels of camera resolution with Geo-tagging and autofocus feature. Recently, there is no information on the CPU or RAM features of this device and we shall let you when those information get to us here.

The Optimus L3 camera has been automatically enabled with ability to capture excellent videos and it doesn’t comes with a secondary front-facing camera for video conferencing purposes.

Other features of the Optimus L3 E400 smartphone:

  • microSD space of up to 32GB
  • Alert types such as Vibration, MP3 ringtones and Loudspeaker capacity
  • 3.5mm audio jack
  • Connectivity facilities such as GPRS, EDGE, HSDPA with speed up to 3.6 Mbps
  • WLAN
  • Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g with Wi-Fi hotspot
  • Bluetooth v2.1 with A2DP
  • SMS (threaded view
  • MMS
  • Email and Push Email
  • Instant Messaging feature
  • HTML Browser
  • Stereo FM radio
  • GPS with A-GPS support
  • Java via Java MIDP emulator
  • SNS integration
  • Google Search
  • Maps
  • Gmail
  • YouTube
  • Google Talk
  • Comes loaded with MP4/H.264/H.263/WMV player
  • MP3/WAV/WMA/eAAC+ player
  • Document viewer
  • Organizer
  • Voice memo
  • Predictive text input
  • Standard Li-Ion battery which ensures a longer lasting battery backup for the device

Greenpois0n Absinthe A5 Untethered Jailbreak for Linux Users Released; v0.3 Update for Windows & Mac released

There’s a good news for the jailbreak community – a few hours ago, the hackers dream team released the Linux version of GreenPois0n Absinthe A5 untethered jailbreaking tool, besides updating Absinthe to v0.3 for Windows and Mac users.

GreenPois0n Absinthe A5 untethered jailbreak released for Linux users
However, hacking the A5 is “not eactly a walk in the park,” GreenPois0n said on its site.
“The ridiculously complex combination of exploits-within-exploits that make this iOS jailbreak possible have consumed thousands of hours of brain-power & effort from a legion of world-renowned hackers, several of whom have been working diligently on this project since the dual-core A5 processor was unveiled by Apple last March,” the hacker said.
With the release of each new device and each new update of iOS 5, the hackers’ work became more difficult. Meanwhile, the launch of CDevReporter by the Chronic Dev team to gather information of devices’ crash reports proved to bee an invaluable source of information for iOS hacking and research.
However, knowing that obstacle presented by the Apple’s new A5 processor would not be overcome by one person or one team, the hackers put aside their ego and iPhone Dev team and Chronic Dev team joined hands to form an iOS super-hacking “Dream Team.”
The dream team comprised of MuscleNerd and saurik (both core members of iPhone Dev team), pod2g, posixninja,and nikias (all members of Chronic Dev team). And, of course, there was planetbeing, the legendary iOS hacker/developer, who is responsible for initially porting both Linux & Android to the iPhone (among his many other contributions).
The Absinthe v0.3 update includes some minor changes for Win32 system. Like the earlier version, Absinthe v0.3 will work with iPad 2 and iPhone 4S, provided the devices are running iOS 5.0.1. Absinthe v0.3 is being lapped up by the jailbreak community as it’s an untethered jailbreak, which mean that there’s no need to re-jailbreak after a reboot. In other words, there’s no need to connect the device to a PC, each time it is booted. However, Absinthe v0.3 is only for those who have not yet jailbroken their devices.
For those who have, there is no need to use v0.3. Standard disclaimers considered, but Linux users can just download the GreenPois0n Absinthe v0.3 hereMac OS X users can download here, and Windows users can download here.
As for those people, who are wondering whether the act of jailbreaking iOS device is illegal – the answer is capital NO – though, the recent report could cause many to think jailbreaking may be an illegal act. Jailbreaking iPhone 4S or iPad 2 will let you run third party software from developers not approved/endorsed by Apple. It means you are not agreeing to iTunes end-user agreement.
However, according to an online security company called, Sophos, there are also risks involved. For instance, it invaildates Apple’s warranty. It means, if you’ve installed a software not tested/approved by Apple and it renders you device useless, Apple will not repair it for you. A jailbroken iOS device is certainly under bigger risk of getting infected by a malicious software due to lack of quality control.
Nonetheless, to many people, the benefits outweigh the risks because they can access the Cydia app store, which boasts of cooler and more useful applications than the Apple App Store.

New Naming Policy for Google+ – Nicknames now allowed

Few days ago, the Vice President of Google+, Bradley Horowitz, wrote and posted an article on his profile naming it “Toward a more inclusive naming policy for Google+In the article he said and we quote:

“When we analyze the set of all name appeals on Google+, we find that they generally fall into three major categories: – The majority (60%) of these users want to simply add nicknames. – About 20% of appeals are actually businesses (who are inadvertently trying to set up their business as a Profile, rather than using Google+ Pages which were intended for this purpose.) – And the remaining 20% would either prefer to use a pseudonym or another unconventional name.”

Google+ naming policy Olawale Daniel imageMoreover, there are other helpful and useful feature recently released, using names in another scripts have been found on Google+ now, unlike before when it is not acceptable to have nicknames and names in script. It now means that, name such as the one for my friend, Zainil Dedhia can now be written in an Indian Language as ????? ?????? .

Also, people can now use names such as Olawale Daniel “the king of pop” or something similar as Olawale Daniel “The Rock Star,” and many more. Bradley said that he wants to make Google+ to become a good place for people to share information worldwide – with world-wide sharing capabilities by allowing everyone to be who they want to be.

However, in the naming policy post published, he declared that, the all Google+ users of will now be able, starting from that moment of the post to add alternate names on their Google+ profile account – making it to become a real treat to Facebook’s style of allowing everyone to bear whatever they wanted to be identified as.

But before you take action in changing your name, you must understand it that, once you’ve changed your Google+ account name, it will automatically reflects on all your Google account services! So, you should be prepared for that before changing the name.

With the new Google+ naming policy, you will now be able to use your most commonest names for your friends to easily search for you online and some other benefits.

How to Change Your Google+ Name to Nicknames

If you want to change your Google+ profile name, all you need to do is, just head over to your Google+ profile page.

At the  top right hand side of the screen, click on Edit Profile icon (the Blue button at the top). Once you’ve clicked on that link, the name changing page will open up for you and you can then change your information. But before that, you will see a frame that will open up for you, click on your name and you will be able to change it to what you want.

Use the steps mentioned below: Google+ Profile -> Edit Profile -> Select Your Name -> More Options.

Bradley continued saying:

“Today we’re pleased to be launching features that will address and remedy the majority of these issues. To be clear – our work here isn’t done, but I’m really pleased to be shipping a milestone on our journey.”

And he concluded by saying:

“Today is a small step towards improving the ways in which you can communicate your identity on Google+. We will be listening to feedback from the community and will continue to refine all aspects of how we handle names and identity over the coming weeks, months and beyond.”

And with the introduction of this new naming policy for Google+ profile, you can use now use pseudonyms in your profile name without hassle.