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10 Best Funny Videos of All Time Hosted on Youtube

It is no more new that videos tend to speak louder than a written words on the screen of a computer. Nowadays, people usually go for videos when it comes to learning and even if people are looking for something that can make them laugh or get excitement to do great  works – they prefer to go for videos than reading an article on it. This video is very sure to make you laugh and laugh out your sorrow and even in the image beside here feature U.S. president, Barrack Obama laughing off the Republicans and we think that worth using to depict this video collections.funny-obama-laughing-republicans-2012-electionsSo, that is why I decided to share with you the top ten best funny videos of all time for you to watch and share with your loved ones because these videos are sure-fire Funny Youtube Videos to that would make you show your teeth in front of your would-be girlfriend.


(1) Charlie bit my finger – again!

View: 391 Million+

Description: This is an interesting video that features two kids having a fun with each other. The younger one among the kids bites the older one’s finger twice. Each time the small kid bites the finger of the older one, they show a wonderful expression in their face. Frankly, this is the video that you should keep watching on and on because it makes sense and you can check here to see for yourself why this video is popular among other videos.

(2) The Ultimate Dog Tease

Views: 70 Million+

Description: This is one of the most hilarious video online which has many clicks from different websites because it is very interesting to watch. It is all about a dog’s reaction what happened to him when his food is being fed to someone else. The video reveals the funny response of the dog when it is suffered of the kind of food it likes most.

(3) If you watch this 100 times you’ll still laugh!

Views: 37 Million+

Description: To me, this is one of the best funny video I’ve ever watched via Youtube. It is funny to the core and makes it hard for me to forget the caption of the video. In the video, it happened that a boy is challenging his teen friend that he could summersault over a wooden-wall without any hindrance. However, the boy try to summersault but he falls-flat on his back and most of the crowd started laughing because of this wonder drama that happened.

(4) Funniest Videos/Creative Ads

Views: 24 Million+

Description: In this video, you will a large collection of funny ads that will keep you standing and jumping on your kneels laughing because of those ads. There’s more in this video as you will see for yourself when you download or watch it.

5) The World’s Most Funny Dog

Views: 17 Million+

Description: This video is taken over all by dogs and you are going to enjoy watching it as well.

(6) Lost Generation

Views: 15 Million+

Description: This video was shot in Argentina as a political advertisement and it worth watching because of the creativity that were implemented in the video.

7) Baby Shakira

View to date: 14 Million+

Description: Shakira was as a singer who has an interesting dancing steps that many wouldn’t forget easily when they watched her performance stage. After some while now, shakira wasn’t anywhere to be found because of some other widely listed to musics, but watching this video will give you an idea of who and how Shakira dancing would have been if she was still a kid. The baby in this video shows the dancing steps and some other paparazzi Shakira would have included in her performance as the kid danced well to the tunes of a popular Shakira song.

Try to watch this without laughing or grinning

Views: 11 Million+

Description: The video, shows us that fatty people can look somehow funny too. In this video featured a fat kid seen dancing to a given tune. The mixing of the video even make the video to look more funnier though.

9) Vodafone Zoozoo ads all in one

Views to date: 1.57 Million+

Description: The video describe the advertisement for a major telecom company, Vodafone.

10) How long does a VolkSwagen beetle float? Just watch!

Views to date: 1.50 Million+

Description: This is one of the funniest in this category because it has been long that a Volkswagen been seen on a major road sinking but this time is different. This video is a commercial shot in the early 1970s and describes a Volkswagen car that’s air tight. The car was floating as seen in the video and it has capability of floating on every water as shown in the video.





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Infographic Marketing

How do Colors Affect Purchases? Infographics Picture

Which color do you think will make the most sales? Don’t worry about that as KissMetrics team have an answer to that in this infographic, as we study how colors do affect purchases.
How do color affect purchases

Blogging Tips Infographic

Website Bounce Rate Demystified; The Pros and Cons of Getting & Keeping Website Traffics

What is bounce rate?

The phrase bounce rate has been popular of late amongst many website terminologies available in the public domain, but not everyone are familiar with what it stands for.

In this infographic article, we are going to discuss some of the factors that are responsible for bounce rate on website. Also, we will share ideas on the pros and cons of website ranking and how not to get Uncle Google bot angry with your website.

Website Bounce Rate Demystified; The Pros and Cons of Getting & Keeping Your Site Visitors

A step by step guide on how to improve your website bounce research infograph have been released by KissMetrics this week. It is titled; Bounce Rate Demystified Infographic. Download and study the guide to master the art of befriending your website visitors and Google web crawlers.

Some of the factors that affect bounce rate:

  • Pop up ads, survey, music, or streaming video
  • Search engine ranking of page (pages that rank higher on irrelevant keywords have higher bounce rates). It is more like fooling the audience by ranking for what you are not. It is known as clickbaiting.
  • Type of audience
  • Landing page design
  • Ad and landing page messages
  • Emails and newsletters
  • Load time of pages. Longer load times equals higher bounce rate.
  • Purpose of the page

And here’s how to improve bounce rate

  • Maintain top ranking positions for branded terms
  • Provide relevant content
  • Build a clear navigation path/menu
  • Link to a glossary page that defines industry terms
  • Place search function prominently
  • Speed up page load using Google page speed plugin
  • Get rid of pop-up ads
  • Reduce external links or have them open in new window
  • Create landing pages tailored to each keyword and ad that you run so that your visitor can find what was promised in the ad copy.
Bounce Rate Demystified - Steps to improving bounce rate demystifyed infographics
KissMetrics just released an infographic picture that detailed all the pros and cons of website bounce rate and how we can avoid Google penalty of frequent website bounces.
Internet Access

Why You Should Disagree to Agree When Choosing a High Speed Internet Connection

Before choosing high speed internet connection, you need to constantly keep yourself on your toe by asking yourself this life challenging question about the type of high speed internet access package that you want to choose with this simple but complex question, “Is this broadband connection good for me”? or “can I get the speed and bandwidth that I really need from this connection”?

How to Stay Safe When Using Public Wi-Fi by Olawale Daniel

I believe that if you can answer YES to this kind of question, then, I think you’re on the right journey to a full speed internet connectivity experience because you need to know the value of service that a broadband company offers you at a point in time so that you can compare it with others and even ask questions from those that have used such service before in other to know the amount of bandwidth limit whether it is unlimited or not.

The best way to choose a good high speed internet connection provider has been explained and even expatiated better in the paragraphs below.

Review the Offer

The major reasons why you should disagree to agree before choosing a high speed internet service provider is to know the type of service they offer when it comes to the speed and bandwidth rate. You don’t need to hear a good testimony from your friend or following other people’s advice before choosing a good high speed internet service provider because what you need the need the broadband net access for might be different from theirs. Some people will advise you that choose this broadband ISP because the speed is “good and likewise the bandwidth” but you needs to exercise due diligence in other to get the very best broadband internet service providers that will suits your needs.

Ask Questions

By asking more questions about people’s opinion about their past or present experience with some of the high speed internet connection ISP will come handy for you to know much about the offers of each ISP, but you need to caution yourself not to believe or agree to all the suggestions they can contribute. However, by getting a good or bad complaint about those ISP will help you to shift your position to the right place. You can create a questionnaire about this on facebook by inviting your friends to participate, by asking them what they know about the ISP service that you want to subscribe to, so that you can learn from their past experience about those ISP. Moreover, you can go to their website or visit their customer help desk of their office to ask more questions about their service. though, doing this will costs you time and money but if you don’t pay a good attention to this, you’ll end up spending even much higher than what you spend to do the research and this does pays than to jumps to any high speed internet ISP without knowing what they can really offer you in terms of good service delivery.

Operating System (Computer or Mobile) Windows 8

Microsoft and Adobe to Partner for Casual Game Development on Windows 8

Microsoft and Adobe is partnering with each other for the first time. Adobe, the popular web content rendering site is shutting down its Flash platform soonest, the flash platform which is known to be a rivalling with the Microsoft’s Silverlight. But, it is true that few websites are using the Microsoft’s Silverlight when compared to the Adobe Flash. And now that Adobe Flash is dying, people are now turning to HTML5. And this partnership between Microsoft and Adobe is kind of surprising. So, they are going to start developing casual games for the new Microsoft’s OS, Windows 8. But one thing that surprises me now is that, Adobe and Microsoft is partnering with each other now in order to develop different games for the new Windows operating system, Windows 8.Microsoft Adobe Partnership over HTML5 GamesThese are going to be more casual games, and Windows 8 needs some of them to change the pre-installed games which many people has critised to be a big fail because those games sucks and none of them are worth playing. Efforts to verify the actual type of technology the two companies are going to use in developing these games are yet to be announced as that remain known to the two software giant companies. But it seems that Adobe will be backing on using its HTML5 because we’ve heard that Adobe said it will take more time in improving its HTML5 and that shows as a sign that these games will be on HTML5.

These games are going to be working equally and efficiently on netbooks, tablets and full-size computers. However, the two companies have not said a word concerning this move. So, it is just a rumor in this stage and we’re expecting the companies to talk officially.

Featured Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Interview

An Exclusive Interview with Mitch Mitchell – Owner & founder of

Interview with Mitch Mitchell

mitch mitchell interviewThe first time I visited this blog, I’, from my fellow blogger, OgbongeBlog, immediately, the blog was added to my “Sites I read daily lists” because I love what the owner of the blog was talking about then. I love the idea of sharing everything you have with people you don’t even know nor had any experience of how they behave, think and act. So, that is what draws me closer to the site to become a regular reader.

The site was fantastic and now, today, I have the pleasure of bringing the owner of the site, Mitch Mitchell all the way from so that we can learn one or two things from his as a successful entrepreneur, published author and a blogger.

So, below is the interview with Mitch Mitchell:

Give us a brief introduction about yourself and your powerful blog –

I’m actually an independent consultant in a few other fields who already had a different blog before I decided I wanted an outlet to talk about anything I cared to.  My blog I’m Just Sharing was created in December 2007, which means it’s coming up on the 4th anniversary of its existence.  Although I can talk about anything, I tend to talk mainly about blogging and social media.

Your blog is based on tech and some other related niche, just like thousands of others, what makes it stands out from the other blogs in your niche?

I put my own spin on things based on observation.  No one can look at my blog and say they’ve seen “that” before.  Even if I speak on topics that someone else has talked about, I use my own words so you’re getting something unique every single time.  That and, when I’m in instructor mode, I tell it all from first step through completion, so no one ever had to worry that a step has been missed.

ImJustSharing (I’m Just Sharing) is an innovative name according to its tune, how did that come to your mind when you’re first thinking of starting the website?

As I said, I wanted to talk about anything and everything, and I wanted blog name for that.  Unfortunately, “I’m Just Saying” was already taken and I figured that since I’d be sharing my opinion on things that it worked just as well.

How do you get the majority of your visits? Please share some tips for getting more visits for our readers.

The best way of getting visitors to my blog was to go out and comment on other blogs.  I decided to find 15 blogs that I would concentrate on to make my comments, but I found so many interesting topics that I wanted to read based on CommentLuv that I ended up commenting often on a lot of blogs.  That started the process and even now tends to be the biggest driver of traffic.

On your business as a blogger, what’s the importance of Alexa and Google PR on you and your business?

Google PR has no interest to me whatsoever, but it seems to interest people who like to pay for advertising.  I have none of that on I’m Just Sharing because, as it’s my premiere blog, my rates are kind of high, but I have advertising on one of my other blogs.  However, I find Alexa is definitely important to keep my eyes on.  I know some people don’t think it’s all that accurate, but as a tool it’s indication of what your traffic might be works well, especially without using the Alexa toolbar, which is what you hear a lot of people griping about.  In my mind if I can keep my blog under 100,000 and try to get all my other blogs and websites as close to that as well it means I have the best opportunity to compete with others for business online.

Why did you start blogging? What was your first thought when you were creating

I started blogging for business with a different blog because I’d read how it was a great way to show your expertise in your field.  When I created I’m Just Sharing I wasn’t really sure where I was going with it for the first couple of months and thought I might just use it to talk about affiliate products.  But that got boring and I realized that I wanted to talk about things and share my opinion, and that’s when things really started to take off.

What was your aim when you first started your website,

Just to give my opinion on things.  I also hoped that maybe I’d sell some products or make money through affiliate ads; that didn’t quite happen.

What do you consider SEO as? What’s the importance of SEO in blogging, according to your own believe as a successful blogger who owns many blogs with good success stories?

Well, we all know SEO is search engine optimization.  It’s very important because it’s what helps influence search engines that you’ve written something that people might want to see.  As this blog is non-niched, it becomes even more important for me to make sure that they know what each post is about.  I’m really amazed at some of the ways people find content on this blog, so I figure I’ve done a fairly nice job of it all.

How do you see the future of the internet, particularly, blog-o-sphere in the next 10 years to come?

I keep reading where people think that blogging is going to die; I doubt that.  The one thing people love is to talk and share their opinion on things, and let’s face this one fact.  If you look at Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus, what you’ll notice is that most people share blog links, even if those links are to images on something like Tumblr.  However, I also think that certain people are going to move to the forefront because more bloggers will be sponsored once advertisers realize who’s attracting the most visitors for their consumers.  I think the written word will never go away, but I think more video blogs are going to take over because they’re easier to do for many people.

What are the last words you want to say to the audience? How can they take inspiration from you? Please give your tips on how to survive and succeed in the blog-o-sphere.

Too many people think blogging is very difficult, but it’s not.  You have to have dedication and an imaginative mind.  You need to see things in the mode of stories, because everyone can tell a story.  You have to expand your realm so you’ll always have something to talk about.  You have to be honest and speak in your own voice, while also making sure that what you put down in words is conversational enough so people aren’t struggling to read what you’re writing.  And finally, when people visit your blog, you must interact with them, especially those who are taking the time to write great comments.  That will help to enhance your reputation more than anything else.  Just have fun with it.
You can even watch the video interview recently produced by Mitch below where he answers most of the questions from his recent interviews.

Thanks for having you on this blog, Mitch and for your awesome time spent in getting this interview done for our readers.

Apple iOS

Apple iOS 5 – Top 5 New iOS 5 Features

The long awaited new version iOS 5 is now a reality!

Apple released the 5th update of its operation system. The new iOS 5, which can be used on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, comes with its new features and they make it as unique and handy as possible. Although the new features added to iOS 5 are known to be more than 200, there are 5 which were picked out as the most useful and attractive new features.

Top 5 New iOS 5 Features

Sending Messages with almost NO limits

imessageSending messages seems to be something usual for most people. However, iOS 5 makes even this everyday activity both simpler and easier. The new message feature added to the iOS 5 options gives users much more flexibility. Now they  have the opportunity to connect with their friends and acquaintances who use similar devices (iPhone, iPod touch or iPad) and send them text messages without any limitations. This feature can be used via Wi-Fi or 3G. You can send whatever information you want including text messages, pictures and videos, contacts, etc. However, as everyone knows, security also matters. This innovative way of exchanging information turns out to be not only easier, but also secure.  Specialists from Apple promise that encryption of the text messages ensures safety of their content

Updates and Backups without the Need of a PC

pcfree ios5

Although it is important to keep your applications and OS up-to-date with latest updates, with previous versions of iOS 5 the user needed to synchronize his device with a PC. This inconvenience is now overcome as in iOS 5 a new feature is added which makes it possible for users to download software updates directly on their devices, backup the system and restore it without needing a computer.

New Generation Camera Features

Everyone knows that sometimes it is not easy to make the perfect picture and this may take a lot more than it seems to require. Even before you are able to take out your phone and open the camera application, the moment is gone. For that reason, the creators of iOS 5 have included a new camera feature which makes it possible for the user to access his camera right from the Lock screen. With only one tap you can go to your camera and make a picture of the great moment you want to keep. The perfect feature for the perfect photographers!

Your To-Do Things on the Right Place at the Right Momentios 5 reminders best to-do lists

As life becomes more and more strenuous, keeping a list of the most important things that have to be done is almost a necessity. Nevertheless, sometimes even if we make a detailed list of what we have to do, we may forget the paper at home or just do not set up our phone to-do list for the right moment. Believe it or not, iOS 5 have this new feature that makes it possible for your notes to activate when you go to some place. This new feature will alarm you as soon as you reach your destination so that you will not forget to do what you have to. As you can see, this new feature can save you a lot of troubles.

AirPlay – Your Presentations and Documents on Air! airplay watch movies online

This feature of iOS 5 adds a new perspective to the features you have already used. AirPlay now allows you to connect your device wirelessly to HDTV via Apple TV. In this way you can show everything which is on you iPad 2 or iPhone 4S to your colleagues or friends. The audience will see everything you want to show them on the screen. Isn’t that amazing!

In our top 5 iOS 5 features, we included the features which we considered to be the most useful and innovative. However, iOS 5, which can be used on iPhone3GS, iPhone4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch 3rd and 4th generation, iPad and iPad 2, provides many more new features you can enjoy.


Hot News: Motorola Droid 4 Specifications Leak Out

The official pictures and specifications of the yet to be released Motorola Droid 4 have been un-earthed by Droid Life, making known of a device that is very similar to the Motorola Droid Razr, with physical QWERTY keyboard integration.motorola droid 4 preview

The device wear a 4-inch qHD screen – slightly smaller than that of the Motorola RAZR’s 4.3-inch screen – and it is powered by a 1.2GHz dual-core processor with memory of 1GB.

It comes with an 8megapixel camera on its back as well as a High Definition-capable one on the front side of the phone for video chats, and it has supports for fast-data transfer via LTE. And the keyboard features a 5-row, edge-lit, and PC-like variety.

The Motorola Droid 4 is slated to hit the Verizon’s stores exactly December 8.motorola droid 4 specs

Go over to Droid Life for more comparison of this phone from the original Droid’s to this Droid 4.


Android Fans

Motorola MILESTONE 3 Price – Android OS (Gingerbread)

Motorola MILESTONE 3 Price

The new Motorola phone, Motorola MILESTONE 3 is an interesting phone that many should consider using because it runs on the latest Android Operating System, Gingerbread (v2.3.4)  with a 1 GHz dual-core processor, TI OMAP4430 chipset, PowerVR SGX540 GPU. Motorola MILESTONE 3 comes with the Gorilla Glass display, Adobe Flash support, 4.0 inches capacitive touchscreen, 1080p video recording. The smartphone features a 8 MP Camera with LED flash capability. Motorola MILESTONE 3 is available in India and its price can be found below and its other specs.Motorola MILESTONE 3

Features and Functions:

  • Android OS, version 2.3.4 gingerbread
  • 1 GHz dual core CPU and a 512MB RAM memory
  • Gorilla Glass display
  • 1080p video recording
  • GPS, WiFi, 3.5G support and microSD slot for additional disks



  • 2G Network, GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900
  • 3G Network, HSDPA 850 / 1900 / 2100


  • TFT capacitive touchscreen that comes with 16M colors
  • 4.0 inches Display of 540 x 960 pixels
  • Gorilla Glass display
  • Multi-touch input method
  • QWERTY keyboard
  • Proximity sensor for auto turn-off
  • Touch sensitive controls
  • Accelerometer sensor for UI auto-rotate


  • SMS, MMS
  • Email, Instant Messanger, Push Email


  • Internal – 16 GB system storage; 512MB RAM
  • Card slot – microSD up to 32GB


  • GPRS – Class 12 (4+1/3+2/2+3/1+4 slots), 32 – 48 kbps
  • EDGE – Class 12
  • 3G – HSDPA 14.4 Mbps, HSUPA 5.76 Mbps
  • WLAN – Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, DLNA, Wi-Fi hotspot
  • Bluetooth – Yes, v2.1 with A2DP, EDR
  • USB – Yes, microUSB v2.0


  • Primary – 8 MP Camera of 3264×2448 pixels
  • Autofocus and LED flash
  • Features – Geo-tagging, face detection, touch focus
  • Video – Yes, 1080p@30fps
  • Secondary – Yes, VGA Camera


  • Standard battery, Li-Ion 1540 mAh
  • Stand by upto 240 h
  • Talk time upto 9 h 20 min

However the price of the device hasn’t be announced yet in India.


How Facebook Phone Could Help Facebook Break Into Mobile Apps [VIDEO]

According to an unconfirmed reports, it now shows that Facebook is having a business partnership with HTC to develop a smartphone that has a much deeper social network integration more than any of the previous phones released by Facebook in history. The new facebook phone will feature more deeper social networking capability.,

On Friday, Mashable‘s Christina Warren joined CNN in Atlanta to assess the validity of the rumors. She also examined the potential advantages of a device with strong Facebook integration. Among other reasons, she pointed out that Facebook has a large app ecosystem that works well on the desktop but poorly on mobile devices. A deeply integrated device could help them bring Facebook’s apps to the mobile space — which is smart, given that users are spending increasing amounts of time using mobile apps compared to the web.

You can watch the full interview in the video above.