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General Files – #1 File Search Engine Ever is one of the best free file sharing sites I have ever come across online since I have been searching for the best way to download healthy files from the web. When downloading the best internet files becomes a daunting task for you, General files helps you solve that easily.

If you haven’t experience some errors when you wanted to download a very important file from some file sharing sites online, chances are that you might not find this file search engine site interesting at the first glance, until when you try to use it. - the best file search engine for everyone - the best file search engine for everyone

I haven’t come across another websites on the internet that have more than the total amount of file database like that of The site is full of useful and powerful files that human beings can find useful for their day-to-day activities.

If you’ve been searching for the best solution for your file searching challenges, this site will make everything simple for you to do than any other websites on the internet. I have used different websites, but I can say this is one of the best sites that houses millions of file with thousands of files addition every day.

There is no day which you won’t see new file to download from General-file, and that is mostly impossible with some other websites in this same niche on the net. Though, you can’t use general files alone, you have to plug yourself-in with some of its family websites such as and These two sites have their own usefulness on the other hands – we shall be talking about that one in the next article on this topic very soon.

Features of

Like I said earlier on, that the website have over 150 million files in its database, comprises of different form of digital files ranging from videos, to audio music, to normal PDF files and some other useful files in different formats. However, that is not the main thing that makes the site superior from its competitors – there are many other things such as ability to search and download any digital files of all types without hassle etc.

What Makes General Files Superior over other file search engines sites?

  • More than 250,000 invalid files deleted from the site’s database every week – those are the files which are categorised as bad files after severe user flagging. This may happen after they’ve used or tested those files and confirms them to be dangerous for others to download. And that should give you more confidence that you are secure of downloading the best from the site, since users like you have the upper hands in choosing the best files to be and those ones that aren’t to be on the site for people to download.
  • Millions of users worldwide with daily registration rate at increase.
  • Ability to upload your own links for others to download your files. Let me explain this a little bit: If it happens that you are a recording artist, or you are an artist who records several labels, you will find the site useful for making  the demo versions of your files easily accessible for people to enjoy before they finally decided to buy the full versions of it.
  • Ability to create alert for your favourite file so as to download it once it is available on their platform. You can search for a particular keyword phrase and create alert for it to stay up-to-date with latest upload that falls in that category.
Key Tip About
Go to Popular files category and you’ll see the files that are very much popular to download. After you see the file in the lists, on the right side of the file, you will also see the exact downloading site that hosts the file so that you can download from there.
General files - is the best file search engine for everyone
Have you ever used General Files before or you’ve had a friend who have used it? What are your experiences with the site, do you find the site useful? Please share your experiences below and let’s learn some new thing from it. Thanks for reading 🙂
NB: If you find it hard to use the site, you can supply your comment and I will answer them one after the other.
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Affordable Small Business Web Design & Development Solutions

If you thought that Affordable Web Development Solutions can only mean a compromise on the quality of the end products that you are likely to receive, this is not always the case. There are a good number of very genuine and Affordable Small Business Web Design and development companies that not only offer you highly professional websites, but also ensure that you are completely satisfied with the end results. So how do you understand who can be the best bet for your business?

web designing tips It is not always a startup or the smaller web development companies that offer affordable services. Some of the most trustworthy brand names in the industry may also fall into your arena, provided you select the services that you require from them wisely. Most website development companies offer a range of packages and plans for you to choose from. These plans offer you different set of services, as per your requirement. It is always a good idea to recognize the services that your business requires, and then check out the packages that seem to offer the most relevant services for your business. Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

How much do you want the Affordable Small Business Web Design Company to do for you?
Do you want only a website with a couple of pages?
Do you want your users to be able to buy services and products on your site?
Do you want to add any applications to your website?
Are you looking at maintaining a database on your website where privileged users can log in?
Do you want the web-design company to offer you a SEO friendly website?
Do you want search engine marketing and internet marketing services to promote your site over the internet?
Do you want to create a Social Presence and indulge in brand reputation management for your website?
Are you interested in Social Media Marketing and Optimization for your website?

10. Do you want analytical information with regards to your site’s performance and understand how to get more out of your site through expert consultation? Clarify on all these points before choosing an Affordable Web Development Solutions provider for your business. This will not only reduce your cost, but also show you targeted results to see more come out of the business site that you are creating.

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Top Halloween Costumes Style Ever with Free Offer and Infographics

This Halloween season, there are many different designs all over the internet. Also, there are cool offers and deals available on different internet stores worldwide. Online stores like Amazon and Alibaba and others has lots of cool Halloween gifts which people can order for this season. Here below is one of the best recommended Halloween costumes I’ve come across online while searching for the best for my readers. In case you are also looking for the best Halloween season offers and products to buy, you can check out the links below for your interest:

Kids’ Halloween Store

Halloween Costume Shop for Everything You Want

Fall Reading

Fall into Cooking – Get Inspired by the Season’s Newest Cookbooks

See the Halloween Costume Recommended for y0u below:

Recommended Halloween Costume Style Ever Infographics techatlast

Credit – John Selby

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Best Website Design Programming Practices: Developing Custom Web Applications

Web Design Programming has assumed a high importance today. This has resulted in a huge number of companies and small businesses sprout up all over the country. However, be it lack of experience or the eye for details, programmers and designers often overlook some basic tactics that result in the best designed websites for their client.

Let us look at some of the basic points that need to be followed when developing websites and Custom Web Applications to see the best results come out of them:

Theme Based Design

Designers should always understand how important it is to create a site that caters to a particular theme. This theme should be perfect for the type of business the website is going to promote. A website that does not match with the type of business it caters to loses the identity, causing visitors to find difficulty with identifying with the content.

Fast Loading Websites

Websites should load as fast as possible. Designing websites that take ages to load will only see impatience from visitors and bad search engine behavior. Minimal use of graphics and heavy on-page scripts becomes essential for this. Pictures should be optimized before they are used on the site, so that they load quickly.

web design programming practices - Custom Web Applications

Simple and Easy Navigation

No visitior wants to land up on a site and find it difficult to get to the information that they are after. The more time a person takes to navigate through the web pages, the higher are the chances of them leaving the site and referring to another site for the same information.

This makes it essential to maintain a proper architecture for your webpages, and provide easy and quicker access to the inner pages that any visitor might be after. Many experts believe that every page should be available for visitors within three clicks if you want the website to perform in the best possible way!

Targeted Content

Every webpage should contain highly targeted content for visitors. In other words, apart from the homepage, inner pages should cater to very specific topics, and not a range of different and diverse topics. This shows better search engine behavior and visitor attention.

These are some of the best practices with Website Design Programming and Custom Web Applications development for your business sites. For even better results, try optimizing your websites for search engines – this is bound to show you higher and targeted traffic, enhancing your chances of seeing more sales and conversions.

Susmit Mukherjee is a content writer, who is sharing latest information about Custom Web Applications and Website Design Programming


OmniTouch: We are all touch screens, thanks to a new Microsoft invention

This technology, what do you think about it? Let’s hear your words. But, before ou do that, watch the demo video for OmniTouch to know what I’m talking about.
Apple iOS News

Steve Jobs’ Final Words Revealed by Biological Sister

steve jobs last wordSteve Jobs’ Final Words

steve jobs last wordMona Simpson, is an author and a biological sister  to Steve Jobs, the one-time Apple’s CEO and co-founder, said her brother’s final words were:

“Oh wow! Oh wow! Oh wow!” in an Oct. 16 speech she delivered that was later published on Sunday in The New York Times.

Simpson said she remembered the man she first learned about when she was then 25 years old, living in New York, and working at a small literary mag. She said that long ago, a lawyer had informed her that she had a rich and famous lost brother.

And after that, the two of them met, and a relationship emerged between Simpson and Steve.

Simpson, a renowned novelist and professor at the University of California, remembered that her brother being simple but alwasy saying the truth. She even said that her brother is a hard-worker who didn’t flinched at the idea of failing and never bought into gimmicks.

Simpson continues at the Oct.16 service at Stanford University by saying, “If Jobs loved a shirt, he would order 10 or 100 of them.”

Simpson also recalled Steve’s philosophy on life by quoting it this way: “Fashion is what seems beautiful and nice now but looks ugly later; and art can be ugly at first now but it becomes beautiful later.”

She said, jobs in his days, was a romantic fellow, who would at many times worry about the love lives of his coworker’s and was a complete or perfect lovemaker. “He believed that love happened all the time, everywhere human beign exists,” Steve eventually grew ill.

However, former Apple Inc. CEO and co-founder died of respiratory cancer which was as a result of pancreatic cancer. In the meantime, Apple did not disclose in details his cause of death, but it is true that Jobs had been in poor health for a number of years before his death.

Mona remembered Steve’s final moment, glancing toward his family.

“Before embarking, he had looked at his sister Patty, then for a very long time at his children, and after that at his wife and life’s partner, Laurene, and then over their shoulders past them,” Mona recalled. She said, “Steve’s final words were, Oh wow. Oh wow. Oh wow.”


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Zuckerberg: If I Were Starting A Company Now, I’d Have Stayed In Boston

zuck mark zuckerberg facebookWatch this over 40 minutes video interview conducted for Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg. Yesterday, CEO and Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg took the stage at Y Combinator’s Startup School in a straightforward interview with Y Combinator Partner Jessica Livingston.  Mark talks about the things he would do if he were to starts a business again. He concluded inside the video interview that he did not have plan for facebook to become a startup, though, himself and Eduardo, one of his buddies does have passion to create a business. He said frankly that, he never taught that facebook would be the startup they had been dreaming about.

Mark revealed numbers of  interesting things about entrepreneurship (founding Facebook, and product development), but one of his interesting points came exactly at the end of the interview when Livingston asked him what he would do different from FB if he could go back in time.

And Zuck replied by saying: “If I were starting now I would do things very differently. I didn’t know anything. In Silicon Valley, you get this feeling that you have to be out here. But it’s not the only place to be. If I were starting now, I would have stayed in Boston. [Silicon Valley] is a little short-term focused and that bothers me.”

Watch the video interview below and share your comments in the comment section below.

Watch live video from Startup School on

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Top 7 Creative Tributes to Steve Jobs

Though Steve Jobs is no more but, his work still speaks of his existence even now when he was no more active. For the past few days, there are lots of rumors about Steve Jobs not having a plate number on his Mercedes Benz make car and some others after the Walter Issaccson’s written biography for Steve Jobs was launched on Amazon. Apart from those rumors, since the death of Steve Jobs earlier this month, there are many things that are been showcased focusing much on Steve. And one of them are tributes for him in different forms.

Here in this article above are the tributes of the man of the people, Steve Paul Jobs who in his days, made computer personal for people to use. He even caused many funny stances with his inventory when a boy of 17 year of age willingly sold his kidney in order to acquire an iPhone 4 – what a funny matter? I think Steve worth more to the technology world and people would find it hard to forget him soon.

Steve Jobs mercedes

steve jobs


steve phonesteve jobs


Please do share your comments concerning these tributes for Jobs. If you have any other tributes like this you can share the links in the comment below. Thanks for reading.


Facebook vs Wikileaks – Zuckerberg and Assange – see the best

Facebook vs Wikileaks – Zuckerberg vs Assange

This article is based only on Facebook and the Wikileaks chief executive officer’s, Mark Zuckerberg and Julian Assange, the main spokesperson and editor-in-chief for WikiLeaks.

You can view the image below and remember to share your comment. Thankswikileaks-vs-facebook-which is the best

Facebook vs Wikileaks comparison

Apple iOS

Apple iPhone 4S India Launch on November 24

iPhone 4S India Launch on Nov 24

The version of the iPhone 4S which was recently released by Apple early this month has now been made available for Indian people. The official version released on October 4 is made available for everyone in the world but this one is for Indians only.

According to the news from BGR, the website that have had successes in predicting Apple’s Indian related roll out for the past few times now. The news claims that Apple iPhone 4S will be launched in India on November 24 of next month.iPhone-4S-india


The negative thing in this phone launch is the issue of pricing for the phone. iPhone 4S Indian will be going for Rs. 50,ooo rupee, though, the current market exchange of Rupee even makes it easy and cheaper for people to get.

Apple iPhone 4S Basic Specs:

Screen Size 3.5-inches
Screen Resolution 960×640
Operating System iOS 5.0
Models 16/32/64GB
Camera 8MP autofocus, VGA secondary
3G/ Wi-Fi Connectivity Yes/Yes
What to look for SIRI, and the iCloud

iPhone 4s is the phone which Apple launched instead of iPhone 5 which many believes was going to be released on that day. Also, that day marks the death of Apple’s former CEO and co-founder, Steve Jobs. Though, after his death announcement, some top profile people like US president, Barrack Obama and others paid him tributes.

So, after Oct 4, if you’re living in India, then go out and order your iPhone 4S phone and starts to enjoy its benefits.