Facebook Timeline – Facebook Sued Over Timelines Trademark

Facebook, the number one social networking site on the internet, has been hit with a lawsuit over a trademark dispute surrounding its new Timeline owns the U.S. trademarks for “Timelines,” “” and “Timelines&design.”

Facebook Timeline, will be rolled out over the coming weeks, which will transforms Facebook user’s profile into a virtual scrapbook that lays out their digital history., on the other hand, is a website that allow users to view and create multimedia timelines for historical events such as the death of Osama Bin Laden and others. owns the US copyright for “Timelines,” “” and “Timelines&design” respectively. assert that Facebook’s launch of Timeline in the weeks to come infringes upon its trademarks, according to a post from Mashable. Also, Facebook in its race to bring down the company image, deleted Timelines’s official facebook profile page which is at and redirected it back to an introduction page for facebook’s new users registration page, though, Facebook has restore back the page as the time of this publication.

As at of Friday’s afternoon, Timelines facebook page is doing fine until the sudden change.

Details of the law suit filled against Facebook in the U.S. District Court for Chicago are as follow:

“Facebook’s use of the term “Timeline,” and its redirection of Internet traffic from Timelines’ Facebook page to Facebook’s new “Timeline” offering, infringes on Timelines’ federally registered trademarks in that it causes confusion as to the source of the services offered to users of the Internet. Indeed, Facebook’s “Timeline” offering and its misdirection of users attempting to access Timelines’ offering is intended to prevent Internet users from accessing information about and to allow users to instead use Facebook’s “Timeline” offering.”

Facebook has been dealing with many lawsuits for a very long time even in its young age (many of them from the Winklevoss twins), many of them are what facebook won, but this one might present facebook a stiff challenge.

What would you do if you were to be Facebook? Share your ideas in the comment area below.

How Facebook Timeline Works

This is your normal homepage - Every users can change this to whatever they'd like it to be
In 1987, my sister was born. Facebook knows these life events and includes them in your timeline.
You are Being Born - You can even add a picture and context to your birth, which starts the Timeline.
Timeline Interface - The Timeline is a two-column interface with top photos, status updates, friends and more.
Facebook Map - Facebook has added a feature that lets you see where you have visited. This is powered by Facebook Places.
Your Photos in the Timeline - Here is how your photos and friend's own are displayed in the Timeline.
Your Friends in the New Timeline - Here's what the Friends page looks like.
How to Change Your Facebook Settings - Some of the new Timeline's customization feature are displayed heres.


More of your information getting shared with people this year -what has happened for a very long time


Your Marriage Info - You can add life events, such as getting married, to your profile through the Publisher Bar. You can also announce that you broke a bone, got a new job, etc.


Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

New Amazon Kindle Tablet – Facts and Figure & Videos

Amazon is still the world leader in online sales and management platform online. Recently, Amazon just announced the release of its mother digital tablet known as Amazon Kindle. Many, believed that the device will surely compete with the Apple’s iPad. One point that makes Kindle interesting is that its price is three size of money you are going to spend on iPhone or iPad.

The current price for the Amazon kindle tablet is $199 while iPhone and some other apple products’ such as iPad and others costs from $500 upward.

Buy Kindle Now!

See Kindle Facts and Figure below

Watch Videos Related to Kindle below with infographic.


Wieldy Ways to Improve your Google Page Rank

How to Increase Google Page Rank…without faking it!

It’s very common that all webmasters want their websites get high page rank in Google. Getting high page rank for any website has great significance in online business.

So what is page rank actually?

It’s a numeric value that Google gives all websites in World Wide Web.

Once Googlebot crawls on your website the search engine algorithm determines the importance of your website and based upon that it gives a numeric value out of 10. It’s always better to have a page rank 5 than 3 and similarly 7 than page rank update

It means that as much as high the numeric value you get for your website it’s good for you to stay ahead in highly competitive online business industry. High page rank (PR) mainly depends upon the number of quality backlinks a website gets from other websites. This is the main concept that one should follow to improve PR value in Google. But besides that there are also few ideas that can help to improve your websites’ page rank as well:

Quality content

Your website should provide quality and unique content to visitors. Remember it should not be copied from any sources; otherwise Big G will simply avoid indexing your website in its huge database! Try to provide useful information that people can share using social bookmarking and networking websites.

Submit your website in useful places

It’s your one of the important steps of off page optimization process. Useful places can be various sources like good and resourceful web directories, open directory project (ODP) like Dmoz, quality niche directories etc. Apart from directories it’s very important to achieve backlinks for your website from niche areas that provide similar information and idea like you. Google greatly consider this issue. Suppose a website that keeps information on English literature and if that website can provide a link to another website having similar concept then such linking could be considered fantastic by Google. But here try to stay away from reciprocal linking as Google consider this as mutual understanding between two websites for getting benefits by search engines. For that case you might not get the reward. So better try to get one way or three way links. Quality articles, press release or links from quality blogs can also be helpful for your website to achieve high PR.

Getting back links from authority websites

Great idea! Isn’t it? 

This job is not so easy to perform. You have to work hard and maintain a constructive link building strategy for that. Use ethical ways only, no black hat! Your content should not seem any spammy look. Once you get some links from authority websites your chances to get high page rank would be higher.

Link baiting

Providing high quality and informative content can help you to get quality links from other sources. As many reference your website gets you know your chances to achieve high page rank would be high.

Avoid linking irrelevant websites

Google does not like a movie website link any sports website or vice-versa. Links should be provided to similar type of websites.

Try to get links from high PR websites

This is also very important. If you can convince a webmaster having a high PR website with similar concept that your website has, then you just did an excellent job! But of course the process is tough and can take time to complete.

You should try to list websites having high page rank and having similar concept with your website. Then you need to contact the respective websites’ webmasters and tell them why referring your website could be advantageous for both of your online business. Of course initially they can hesitate to provide a link to your website and may ask you to provide them link from your other websites or sometimes they can even ask you to write a quality review for their website. You can think about it also.

What are the other strategies you are using to increase your website page rank?

Apple iOS Infographic

iPhone 5 Specs Out – see those who will use it in infographic picture

Apple iPhone 5 Infographic

The rumor of the Apple iPhone 5 device is the among the top most searched news on the internet now. Everybody want to know when the exact phone is going to become that real physical smartphone that everyone talks about.

No one want to wait anymore another day – and yet, Apple hasn’t officially announced the date. Though there are rumors here and there but the actual date is yet to be announced.

Most Apple fanatics are in a hurry to get the phone (and that includes me 🙂 ), the reason for this is because of the cool features that we believed is going to arrive with the device come Oct 4 as rumored by top technology blogs on the internet.

For the fact that iPhone 5 will be available on sale as at October 4 this year doesn’t guarantees everyone of its affordability. Some group of people may have the capacity of purchasing the phone, while others may have challenges of buying the phone due to high cost.

But there’s no excuse if you’re a real Apple fan!

And for this reason is why I share with you this Apple iPhone 5 infographic picture that shares an idea of kind of people who can afford the iPhone 5 upgrade and those who cannot.

Do you have what it takes to have this phone? Let see what this infographic has to say on this issue before we continue to learn.

This iPhone 5 infographic covers all areas of the phone. How the phone will work, the kind of connection embedded in it, the service providers (contract), range of service, types of people that are going to buy it, average age of those that are ready to buy it and others.

Read below to check the iPhone 5 Infographic picture now and also drop your comments, observations in the comment section below so that we can engage others to learn…. 🙂Apple iPhone 5 infographic

This infographic picture is brought to you by AYTM (Ask Your Target Market) and research firm PaidViewpoint along with Mashable.

What do you have to share about this infographic? Let’s here 🙂 🙂


Google! – Learn How it Affects You Badly

Google, to many people, is the encyclopedia that can answer any question at any time those that needs the information queries it. There is nothing you want an answer for that you can get on Google once you know how to conduct a research. Since the exception of the internet, people has been using the internet to have a fast solution daily issues that keeps bothering them.

Everyday, people that uses Google are those that are looking for an answer to one or two problems they are facing. Nobody goes to Google because they just want to, but because of what they wants to get from it. But, visiting Google every time, does that have any negative effect on you? Yes!

It might sounds strange to you! The reason is because, Google search engine has made it difficult for poeople to learn again. Students are not ready to read books anymore since the engine that can give them the right exam question’s answers is available for them online, Google!

Is it true?

As many are still reading this piece, it is possible that they may be asking this question to confirms whether it is true or not that Google is affecting how people live and how people learn new things everyday.

Does that means I should avoid Google?

No! You don’t have to avoid Google because it is the bread-winner of the internet especially when it comes to issues that relates to online activities like blogging and others. If you avoid Google, you are the one that would be the looser at the other end, so, don’t but to focus on how to improve yourself while making proper use of the service.

I have uploaded below for you an infographic to show you that Google is affecting how you are thinking, how you learn things, and how you live your life and every other things.

What do you have to say on this post? Is it true that Google affects our brains? Is it rightly or wrongly? Let’s share experiences so as to learn more. Thanks 🙂 🙂 🙂


Apple iOS

iPhone 5 Release Date Set – What to Expert

The iPhone 5 device is coming. This is no guesswork, no rumor, no fuzzy iPhone device photo taken by someone reportedly holding an iPhone 5 prototype. Apple has finally set a date for the official release of the device. For those that have been clamoring for iPhone 5 Release date, here is the answer to your requests.

What else different can we expect on October 4? Here below are the shortlist of what to expect in the newer iPhone iO5 device:

Overall Redesign for the device

Many people has been saying a lots of things about the exact outlook of the iPhone 5. Some people believed that the phone will look just the same previous version while others claimed that the later phone will look bigger than the formal version. Those are rumors! But the truth there is that the new phone will be quite different from the iPhone 4 device.

Some weeks ago, some group of people spotted the new iPhone cases that would be used to house the current iPhone devices or the doppelganger of the iPhone 5 device and started to share negative information about the phone. Many among the news carrier claimed that the phone could be thinner and wider than the previous iPhone 4 while others claimed that it is going to be like the same iOS 4.

SEE ALSO: iPhone 5 rumors – New iPhone 5 Could be Thiner and Wider

More Faster iPhone

Using a mobile phone that take lots of time to respond to request is not a good thing at all. There is a probability that Apple will likely increase the amount and quality of RAM—which always has a bigger impact on the performance of the previous versions of the phones made by Apple.

If Apple finally make these changes, it will  bring joy to the faces of most people that have been speculating about how the phone is going to work.

Better Screen and Nice Cameras

Google Android which is known to be the number one competitor to iPhone devices outshine the iPhone in the area of camera resolution and screen size department. But the new phone promises something better in that area too.

Nice Voice Recognition

Another cool thing that you can be expecting in the new iPhone 5 device is better voice recognition option. You don’t need to talk much before you get the right answer to what you are asking. Also, the normal voice output which many believed that could be the released feature with the device is not true at all. In order to avoid this, Apple did acquire a voice-based personal assistant service Siri lately last year, and the company hasn’t done much with the service yet since, at least not publicly. Expect good voice recognition.

4G or Not 4G?

The new iPhone 5 may or may not have 4G enable. The reason for this is because if Apple finally made the phone to be fourth generation internet connection enabled, the battery life of the phone will be at risks. If Apple does go for a 4G mobile phone, hence, it’s very sure that the iPhone 5 will be larger than the most respected pocketable iPhone 4 device. If at all, iPhone 5 will come out with 4G connection, Apple will needs an ample battery for a full day’s use for the phone. The truth is that, “Big batteries make for bigger phones”.

More Carriers option

Apple knows well how to play the competition game by taking action to acquire better service for CDMA and GSM services for its phone. There are more companies coming on the way before the phone finally launched.

“These are merely my predictions. The only thing I can guarantee is that Apple will have an event next week on Oct 4th at exactly 10 A.M.”



Firefox 7 Released – What Next?

Firefox 7.0 Released – What Next?

This is an uninteresting question to many people, the reason is because of the way Firefox browsers version is being replaced all the time. Firefox update is just like facebook update – they firefox team always make sure that they update as fast as possible without the thinking of users in mind. Some months ago when firefox released newer version of its product, many online bloggers experienced lots of downfall in term of ranks. Alexa rank slide down and many blogs that has high Alexa rank jumped back to the end of the queue due to the incompatibility of the new version with the Alexa toolbar addon and some other tools like that.

But, now that Firefox 7.0 is now available for download, what next should we expect from the firefox team? Maybe next month, another firefox 8, or Firefox 10! Anything can happen since mozilla firefox is no more offering the simple interface it uses to offered before again.

This time now, Firefox is making sure that Google chrome does not have anything to do in the internet browsers business but, little do they understand that frequent changes do piss people off. And that alone can be the reason for people to shift to the other side and test out the competitor’s offer. Let’s leave that aside till when next update comes.

How can I download Mozilla 7.0?

If you want to download the latest version of the mozilla firefox for your computer, you can get it from techatlast.

Functions of the Firefox 7.0

Though, the newer version, Mozilla firefox 7.o, does promises lots of things but the main attraction to people is the low memory usage option.

You can download Mozilla Firefox 7.0 from that link and then start to enjoy it. You can also read the release notes here.

Web Banner Design (Ads Concepts)

Creative Banners: Simple Steps to Design Banners for Increased CTR

Banner advertising is a very widespread and popular form of advertising online. Most websites have banner advertising on them. Though banners have been said to be declining in effectiveness, they can still be a great source of income and visitors for most site owners and webmasters.

With online banners, there are several factors that are crucial for getting a high click through rate.

Design Banners for Conversion

Type of Banner Ad designed by Themefuse

Small file

When designing a banner, it is vital to get this right. If the .JPG or .GIF file is very large, it could take some time to download, meaning some visitors might leave the page before seeing the banner. People won’t click the banner if they don’t see it. Therefore, it is important to ensure that your file size does not exceed 15K at most.

Call to action

This is a great and simple way of increasing your banner’s CTR (click through rate). Having a call to action involves inserting words such as ‘sign up now’ or ‘click here’ to encourage readers to do something. With off-line mediums of advertising, audiences are just required to read or watch the ad. Since many people are used to offline advertising, they might not realize that they are meant to click on online banners to learn more. Having a call to action has enhanced the effectiveness of the banners in my blog.


Banners with moving elements capture more attention than static banners. The idea behind banner design is to capture the attention of web visitors. Therefore, using animation can be helpful in this. However, avoid using too many animations which will increase file size and also distract visitors who are trying to read your content.

Good ad copy

Though fancy images and animations may grab visitors’ attention, they are not likely to convince visitors to click. It is the text which will get people interested in your product. Emphasize the benefits of your service or product. Let people know how your product will improve their lives. Keep your words concise and brief. You could use words such as ‘proven’, ‘free’ and ‘secret’ which are known to grab people’s attention.


Make sure you put your banner on websites which target your preferred audience i.e. the people who are likely to purchase your product. Don’t put a banner for a health product on a website dedicated to web design. No one will be interested and your money will be wasted. If you fail to expose your banner to the right audience, the tips mentioned above will not help you.


How to Track Your Google Ranking Performance Easily

If you have been blogging for a while now, chances are that, you will reach a point where you might fee tired of what you are doing all these while – how your blog ranked and some other things might be the cause of the feed-up. But, wouldn’t that hatred be suspended if you have a work-checklist that can give you detailed information on how you do your business promotion, how Google search engine sees your blog to make you work harder to obtain good result? Definitely, you will like something of such.What is Google Free Website Monitor?

Free Monitor for Google  is an application software that won’t only show you what your real position are on search engine like Google but, it will also prompt you where your top competitors are on search engine. It will reveal all the identity of your competitors, letting know very well how to improve your website promotion to as to rank higher. If you are targeting one or two keywords, this tool will give you an idea of how your competitors are doing on that keyword and how you too can outsmart them.

How to Use – Is It Complex?

You might have been waiting to ask. You don’t have to because this tool works wonder, it doesn’t waste times like how some other normal software for SEO out there does.

  • All you have to do is to download and install it.
  • Start the application after you might have already installed it.
  • Enter your website URL into the box provided in the software.
  • Insert the Keyword you want to search how your site rank better for. The tool work better by showing your the exact place you are on Google for that keyword without hassle. Another tool that worked wonders that way is Traffic Travis which I gave away as my contest gift last two months ago.
  • It is nice when it comes to better user interface. Everything is clean and clear, you don’t need to be a techie before you can be able to use the application on your computer.

Operating Systems Requirements

This software is a nice blessing to bloggers and webmasters. The reason is because it supports most windows operating system as at 1998 version. So, if you are using the old or newer version of the windows operating system (except windows 7 – the developer of this software is working on developing one that can work for windows 7 soon), you don’t have any problem at all.

If your operating system comply with those ones I have mentioned above, all you need to do is to plug-in and start enjoying the benefit of this cool SEO tool.

Download Free Monitor for Google from Cleverstat!

Web Development & Design Ideas

How to Use Grid Layouts in Modern Web Design

The use of grid layouts in web design projects (modern) is something modern in the industry of web designers to seek great site designs. However, this concept is not new since the idea of the grid was very well present in the world of Engineering and architecture where accuracy of precision is pretty vital.

In fact as idea perse, grid theory has been in our society since thousands of years before, where proportion has more importance unlike the structure. So how is it relevant to graphic and web design? You must be aware of the fact how the logical guidelines create aesthetically pleasing compositions that appears both structured and balanced.

The Grid Layouts: Of late, web designers have started using the grid layouts in the modern web design for various reasons. First and foremost they render the unparalleled structure and organization, which supports to develop a predictable rhythm and a feel of familiarity with the design.

As we see how the web is becoming an important publication at the global level, the web designers need to simplify the procedure of designing through Grid layouts. The grid based designs are known to be a stable website since we see the use of frameworks as the common practice. The second reason why these are in use is the fact that they are extremely user friendly.

They support the trend to read any page from the left to right. They can be accessed by visitors coming from any device be it their old computer or any mobile device. Since this grid based sites have the flexibility to resize itself according to the browsing device hence they are becoming popular in the world of Internet. The best examples are the Newspaper websites.

Check the New York Times website, you will find how the effective use of grid layout helps to manage and present any large content with brevity and in a beautiful way.

So, how it works?

Grids are made by persistently sub dividing the available canvas area by a ratio. However, in a website design, we do not have something called Canvas area; also we have browsers which come in different sizes, scrolling and so on.

So how do the web designers use this idea of the grid? He simply works with the column, baseline and situational sub divisions. When you calculate the baselines and you have the boxes in hand, it’s time to use the golden ratio division (aka phi), the rule of thirds, Fibonacci pattern.

By wrapping up features you can see these grids more usable and visual and thus their effective use can never hamper your creativity. Some of the examples of grid based frameworks include 960 grid system, grid system generator and semantic.

Final word: So you see how using grid based web designs are gaining popularity in the market. The number of benefits including the user friendliness, capacity of having lots of volume in a small space and helping your creativity has propelled many web designers to take it very seriously.

Hence you will find more and more web designers adopting this method and embarking with good and really creative designs. At the same time you have a number of opportunities to experiment with the grids. When you can break your design using the grids, they can actually render you the opportunity to see your design in various ways and angles.

These breaking of grids can alleviate the monotony and encourage creativity in the web designs. You can try concepts like disharmony, ordered chaos, asymmetrical balance to give new life to your website. Lastly where do you stand, do you love to experiment with grids and make the sky the limit or still want to stick to the old and traditional way of web designing.

The choice is yours, whether you want to fly or lag behind the world, as its competition, others won’t stop, they will have the Grid Power.


Rebecca is a blogger and writer. She loves to write on entertainment and fashion. Recently she wrote an article on new fashion, which was liked a lot by readers. These days she is planning to write an article on sustainable design.