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Funny Video On Facebook – Ape Shooting Gun

This is very funny and I know you will like to watch the video too.

Imagine, Ape carrying gun, what do you think will be the outcome of that where about four people are around the area.

Watch the Video below on  facebook:

Ape Shooting


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Untiny URL: How to Show the Original Link Hiding Behind a Shorten URL

Reveal Hidden Links Behind a Shorten URL

Shortening URL make a website links to become easy to read and to make it easier for sharing on social media sites without much hassle because of the short name that was given to the link after you have shorten it. But, shortening a URL makes the original link becomes invisible to you which is not good because some website normally have bad content and trojans on their pages and that can affect your computer and even your online accounts if you don’t know the link from the first instance.

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Free VPN Giveaway from Professional VPN Provider

Are you tired of the limitation that you faced when trying to access the internet? Are you worried of how you can access some websites that keeps you at the back of the door due to your current IP? Do you want a lasting solution to all your IP problems? Then read on because I will be showing you how you can solve some of these problems in a short matter of time now. Relax and read on.

What Is VPN?

A VPN is a process where you are able to bypass some internet firewalls and restrictions that wouldn’t allow you to access a particular website on the internet. VPN offers you a safe and more secure service such as the ability to bypassing some internet restrictions, access to VoIP services (like Skype), and coupled with a more robust protection from any forms of internet insecurity. 


Techatlast Free Contest – Free Giveaway

With gratitude to almighty God and my blog readers, I Olawale Daniel do thank you all for your support and efforts in making Techatlast a success two months of its existence. This is the first-ever contest and income and traffic report that I will be publishing on this blog about the outcome of the blog since its inception two months ago (though the site is more than two month in age but the blog starts functioning two months ago).

Since the time I started this blog, I have recorded lots of success that made me to say wow at times. The traffic of this blog sky-rocketed about 10 days of the blog launch. The traffic goes from 30 people a day to more than 200+ per day at minimum.

So today, I think we need to give you out something in return to our loyal readers which you are among of them for coming to this technology blog on regular basis and that’s the reason why this contest was created so that you can be of the good thing that is happening here at contest and giveaways for 2012 anniversary

If you are very much interested in celebrating this successful month and existence with us here at techatlast and to know how you can be part of this great contest (the first contest on this blog), you should read below to know how you can be part of these give-aways.


This contest is open to all individuals, be it corporate organizations, bloggers, students and others. No age restriction on anybody that wish to participate in this great contest. SO, LET’S GO OVER TO THE NEXT LINE.

What’s On Offer for You…

The list below shows what each participants in this offer will go away with at the end of this contest.

1ST Person:

  • FREE ACESS to .EDU Blog Backlinks secret.
  • Free THESIS theme and Skins [full version]
  • 2011 version of Ccleaner.
  • Universal Video/Audio Converter to any format.
  • Twitter-Blaster Pro
  • Free VPN
  • Programming Book C (over 80 paged book on C programming)

2ND Person:

  • Free access to download over 1000+ digital goods online.
  • Twitter-Blaster Pro
  • Universal Video-Audio Converter
  • FREE access to download a Zipped file of 100 Java Games Free.

3rd Person:

  • Download access to 100 Java Games free.
  • Traffic Travis Keyword & Competitor’s tracking application.
  • Free thesis customization book.

4th Person:

  • Free book of Robert Kiyosaki on building a successful business from ground-up to become a large conglomerate.
  • I will give you free access to have access to my private downloading site.

5th Person:

Consolatory prizes goes to anybody that falls into this category.

  • Free social marketing eBook to help you get more results from twitter and facebook.
  • Many more free gifts will be added to this category soon.

How to Enter

You don’t have to stress yourself too much before you have access to this contest. Below are the few things that you need to do in order to win this contest.

  1. Like Techatlast on facebook.
  2. Follow Techatlast on Twitter
  3. Follow Olawale Daniel on Facebook.

NB: Winners for each category will be selected with exactly on 28th of August 2011 (the reason for the long date is to give you more time to act and also for us to add more gift to the lists).

P.S.: If it happened that you’re one of the winners of this contest, please make sure to leave a comment in the box below to show others that we have fulfilled our promises. Also that will help you because we’ll add your website link in the area to allow others to contact you for free and you know what, that’s traffic to your website. 🙂

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How the Internet Work [Infographic]

The internet is a place for everyone of us because we can’t do without visiting it on daily or weekly basis. Some people’s are even addicted to the internet and why do that happens? That’s why I present you this infographic that will show you exactly how the internet works (how the WWW world works).

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Product Reviews

Learn Speed Reading with Spreeder

I was just browsing through the website of my friend name Joseph from speed reading and I noticed one website from his recommendation lists and I thought inside of me to share that information with you here because it will help you a lot.

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Please Forgive Me

Please forgive me

This is a personal letter from me to you and I’m here asking for your forgiveness…

Please forgive me, I can understand that you don’t know what I’m trying to say here though but above all, please forgive me.

I am very sorry of the way I have been treating you on this blog for the past few days.

Why are you begging me?

Like I said earlier on, you may not know what I do to offend you but I myself know and I am currently willing to say sorry.

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Foursquare Reach Ten Million Users

Foursquare is a social site just like facebook, twitter and Google+, it is a site that allow its users to share and connect with their friends and families without stress. With foursquare, you can share things with anybody that is your friend on the platform without stress. It is a promising social networking site.

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TTX 002: Top 3 Video on How to Clean DNS Cache

If you want to clean DNS Cache on your computer, these videos will work you through the easy route to clear your DNS Cache in easy steps. Cleaning DNS cache on Microsoft Windows XP and older versions seems easy but for the later such as Windows 7 or Windows 8, it takes extra work for you to correctly clear the DNS cache in order to allow your PC to bypass default data stored on it.

If you’re interested in cleaning your DNS Cache, maybe because of the limitation that you are having on your computer, or you’re unable to access different types of websites as I experienced in my post about clearing local DNS cache with slide shows and texts. I have listed below the top three videos I’ve come across online about clearing DNS cache with ease.

How to Clear Local DNS Cache with ease tutorial by Olawale Daniel of TechAtLast International

How to clean DNS Cache Video Tutorials

These three videos will work you through the easy route to clean your DNS Cache and make you continue enjoying your internet browsing and computer performance.

I have taken my time to help you research these video tutorials on how to clean local DNS cache. I’m sure you should be able to get this DNS cache problem solved in no time once you watch any of the videos below.

Here below is the video tutorial to help you clear your DNS Cache in simple steps without stress for different operating systems.

I hope you enjoy watching these videos?

You can read the post on how to clean your local DNS Cache without video, I mean a text version of this page, on the other post from our content archive.

Thanks for watching and staying around 🙂 🙂 🙂

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How to add blog to Technorati

Technorati is known as one of the best and most reliable site to submit your website to when it comes to having authority over the internet with your blog. On daily basis, if your website is listed on technorati, you will begin to receive continuous traffic to your website from the site and search engine. Then how can you get your website featured on technorati? That question is what I have just answered below in this short post.