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MySpace Sold for Mere $35 Million

The news of Myspace getting sold is no more new to most internet users now that it has now been confirmed that Myspace CEO, Mike Jones will be taking his leave of the company and also will some of the staffs of the company been showed the exit  route soon.
Myspace has been solve to an advertising network company known as the Specific Media for a mere sum of $35,000,000,00 ($35 million dollars).

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11 Ways To Drive Awesome Traffic To Your Blog

11 Simple Step To Drive Awesome Traffic To Your Blog

Blogging is not an easy thing as many people used to described it. To become a success story in blogosphere, you must know ways in which you can use to drive real and quality traffic to your website on daily basis, you must know how your blog worth, you must be able to cause stampede of readers to your website. If at all cost you really wants to succeed blogging, you have to make it as a point of duty in making your blog an attractive place for people to come to every time(readers friendly blog).

Search engines is known as the best means to get quality and highly targeted visitors

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Top 5 Ways To Get Faster Internet Access With A Slow Connection

In a situation where you were unable to use good and fast speed internet access, due to the bad nature of your current internet provision, there’s little you can do. So, to curb this, I will be talking on how to take your internet connection speed to a far better state where you’ll be able to connect the world; faster and securely, without experiencing glitches – even on slowest internet speed ever!

Like I’ve said earlier, even if you network is below average or if you are getting below what your internet service provider proposed, you can solve your temporary internet problem simply by finding a way to make it worthwhile using the step-by-steps guide in this article.  If you read my line very well, I used the word “temporary” which is to tell you that the network glitch could be well improved on by your network provider any moment from now. But before then, this article will help you to partially resolve this, till the time when you are able to get another best means of internet connectivity to replace it.

4G internet

How to Get Faster Internet Access with  Slow Network Connection

So, here are in this blog post are the top five ways to get the best of your internet connection even when the connection is very slow.

Use Google Website Trimmer Option

Whenever you are trying to visit some websites on the internet and you are unable to do so due to your internet connection sluggish state (slow internet access), you can go over this situation by using google website trimmer feature online to make the webpages you are trying to visit to load (come up) faster.

This service will make it easier for you to do whatever you wanted to do on the website without having to waste more time or losing your internet connection bandwidth before you can access the site due to long loading time.

Online, there are many site trimming features that you can use but one that is very much okay among them is the google web trimming service that which you can access via .

The service is very good for anyone who is looking for easy access to any website pages without wasting time to seat in front of a computer waiting for site page to load. Within seconds,  the site you want to access will show up immediately after you have entered the site URL in the box provided on the page and you will be able to visit the site via the google page link.

Make Use of Internet Connection Speed Booster

Internet speed booster too can be of help to your online browsing activities, you can connect to the internet faster than how you have been doing it if you speed-up your net connection. Most of the internet connection booster can help in increasing the speed of your internet connection so that you can be able to get faster internet access within a very short time without much hassle.
It will help you check most of the files on your PC that are making use of your internet access and then withhold the access so that your connection bandwidth can come back to normal. There are more to internet connection booster, you can get more value from your internet connection if you invest your money on getting one. Though, it is also available online free for those that need it but the paid version of internet connection booster will do the magic that you are looking for.

Decrease Your Work Rate, For Faster PC Performance

What you are doing at a particular time on your PC have great effect on how your internet connection will work. If you are very much interested in performing more tasks at a time on your computer, the speed of your internet access will become slower, and that will put a limit on your internet connection if care is not taking slightly.

The amount of tasks you are doing at a particular time must be minimized so that you can be able to get good computer performance which can also result into good internet connection experience.

Do one thing at a time and avoid multi-tasking your computer and internet connection to do what it cannot do at a very point in time. By doing this will make it possible for the internet connection to have more resources to work better and then you will be able to connect to the internet faster and very much easier.

Upgrade Your PC To Latest Version

If you are still using an outdated version of operating system, I think this is the best time for you to change it to a new and updated version if you still want to continue enjoying your internet connection performance even if you are using the most fastest internet connection method on earth.

You will not get the best of your connection if you don’t upgrade your computer to a latest software version so that it can be able to work in range with your internet connection method.

If the current version of the operating system (OS) that which you are using is lower or outdated when compared to the latest one that your software company has developed (let’s say Microsoft in this regards), then you can rush fast to get the latest operating system software on your PC from the website of the manufacturer so that you can be able to get faster computer speed that which can also make your net connection a superb experience.

Use Good Antivirus For Good Internet Connection Protection

Internet virus and worms are among some of the factors that affect internet connection performance.

If your computer system is infected with virus, it will become very difficult for you to enjoy the speed of your internet connection because some of the files on your computer would have been infected by some of this worms and they will also take over your internet connection affairs -what I mean in this sense is that they will make sure that they are sending data from your computer to the internet and likewise downloading wrong update back to your computer in order to destroy your PC permanently and during this process, your internet connection will not be able to work better, and you will just notice that your bandwidth is decreasing faster even when you are just checking your emails or doing some minor things that doesn’t requires much internet bandwidth.

Virus infection can cause internet connection to slow down if the computer is not up to date, and this can make the connection to start misbehaving. So, update your computer antivirus and you will notice changes in your computer’s internet connection performance.

What are your experience with slow speed internet? Share them


Computer Security and Internet Security Tips

Computer Virus has become a real time headache to many newbie computer users because of lack of computer security ideas and techniques. Some users finds it hard to understand that when it comes to the issue of virus attack; staying away from it is not the main solution to the problem on ground but to get the solution that can help you.

Computer security doesn’t have to be something you will keep on neglecting when it comes to protecting your computer from unauthorized access. You need to have a full system protection method being put in place for your computer performance so that you can be sure of having your data secured both online and offline.

In this article are three tips to help you secure your computer system at all times.

Avoid Unnecessary Sharing of Your Connection

Sharing your internet connection with people can be one of the reason that makes your information unsecured. You need to avoid sharing internet connection on your computer so as to make people not to be able to see what you are hiding on your PC.

Always Use the Best Internet Security Tool

Antivirus is a cool tool that can help you protect your files from unauthorized access. You can install the best form of securities on your computer. Make sure that you don’t make your computer suffer attacks by using the best and most powerful mode of securities that you can lay your hands on.

Use Good Authentication Method for Your Security

Securing your files from people that can prove to be dangerous to you can help you a lot. You can protect your password by using the UPPERCASE and LOWERCASE symbol to protect yourself online and offline so that people can avoid coming nearer to you.

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How To Download Directly From The Internet to your DropBox Account

If you have a Dropbox account, you will understand what I am about to show you here. With dropbox, you can save your files and folder which you have on your computer hard drives to the backup spaces which DropBox offers you as one of its users but, there’s only one way in which you can use to save file while using DropBox and that method is to add files to dropbox account via your account or through the desktop application based folder that dropbox provides for you when you first opened an account with them.


Anonymous Declares – War On Orlando

The group known as Anonymous has said that they are not yet ready to stop taking down websites that relates to the city of Orlando down as long as the government continue to arrest some of their member as they continue to feed hungry people on the street of Florida.

Yesterday, the Anonymous declare that they are going to pull down the website of Orlando Florida Guide, a website which was owned by an organization known to be Utopia. This organization administrator name was Steven Ridenour. This development shows that any website that relates to the name Orlando or have anything to do with the Orlando in general is not free from this attack sooner or later.

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Is Nokia Dead? Discover it now!

Nokia, one of the largest mobile phone producer in the whole world is in silence mode for the past few days now. Most of Nokia phone products are no more valued in the market as it used to be before and that’s why this questionnaire is now being raised that “Is Nokia Dead”?.

Would you mind participating in this interactive questionnaire and let us know what you have to say concerning this infographic.

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One Day Car Will Fly – It is Happening Now!

There is no need to be expecting this to happen again since it has started showing forth that it is truly possible for cars to fly on the air.

The right example for this short description is the Terrafugia Flying Car, the car which can help you skip traffic congestion anytime, anywhere you are without stress.

With the Terrafugia Flying Car, you can go to work at the right time you wanted to and not the time you master told you to leave home because it won’t take you more than some minutes before you will get to work which makes it more easier for you than the normal people that are relying on cars, and many other means.

This car can fly just like how airplane does, you can hover your car over the traffic if you’re in rush to somewhere without the need to wait behind the hold up. It seems this is cool?

This awesomely designed Terrafugia Transition can travel up to 460 miles in a single flight without you having to refill it. You can read more about this amazing flying car at CoolGizMoToys.

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5 Unique Ways To Get Traffic To Your Blog

The journey of a blogger in the blogosphere without good readership for his blog is a complete failure as blogging is concerned. You as a blogger cannot make any improvement in your blogging career if you don’t know how to get quality traffic to your blog on daily basis.

By learning tips on how to get returning visitors to your blog, you will be able to drive quality and keyword targeted visitors to your blog both from search engines and many other traffic generation sources available.

In this blog post, we shall be talking on 5 unique ways you can use to drive regular blog reading traffic to your dearly blog in less time without giving yourself much stress.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Product Reviews

Firefox 5 Now Released – Available for Download

Mozilla has finally released the new Firefox 5 version so that users can be able to donwload and start using it. The new version of the Firefox works jsut the same way like the formal Firefox 4 which has now turned obsolete since the release of its sister version.

The new Firefox web browser offers more unique features more than the features that you are able to enjoy with the previous version. See below for some of the features of this new release and also use the link below to download your version according to the type of OS you are using.