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Google Adsense – No More Ads In IFRAME

Google of recent has changed its program policies notifying website publishers that they can no longer serve Google Ads in IFRAME anymore. This notification was recently updated on Google late last month, and this serve as a signal to all Adsense publishers to be aware of this in order not to violate Google program policies in which can automatically leads to account termination.Google adsense

Your ads (keyword targeted ads) should be placed within your website pages, and must have relevant content with the ads that google is serving the site so that it can be targeted and you can also be able to make more money than to display irrelevant ads which wouldn’t get clicked by your website visitors. You shouldn’t use IFRAME in serving your Google Adsense advert.

Here below is the change in the Google Adsense Program Policies so that you can take proper care of this as this can cause you to loose your Adsense account:

AdSense code may not be altered, nor may the standard behavior, targeting or delivery of ads be manipulated in any way that is not explicitly permitted by Google. This includes but is not limited to the following: clicking Google ads may not result in a new browser window being launched, nor may Google ads be placed in an IFRAME.

Google did not want publishers to display ads in IFRAME though, it is boldly stated on part of Google Adsense support page that website publishers can display ads in IFRAME and that the problem being that the ads that will show on the page can be irrelevant to the content on the page. Google was quoted as below in one of their adsense support articles saying:

Our targeting technology is not optimized to serve ads within a separate IFRAME. If you placed the AdSense code in a separate IFRAME, your site may display less targeted ads or PSAs. For better results, please implement our ad code directly into the source of your webpage. Once you make these changes, it may take up to 48 hours or more before relevant ads appear.

This should serve as a notice to you as a publisher who use IFRAME to embed google adsense ads into your websites pages to have a rethink over this before things went wrong because this has now become a violation of law to Google adsense policies and can leads to closure of accounts if you continue to do so.

What I can say concerning this is for you to continue to stick to the normal google ads placement method of placing ads within the frame containing the content so that you can get the best results from your google adsense campaign and you will also be able to stay aloft from getting hit by google judgement.

For further reading on knowing what Google adsense accepts and what they don’t accept and will not like to accept, kindly visit Google adsense program policies, support page to learn more.

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Twitter Bought TweetDeck – Not for Normal Users

Twitter is known worldwide as a place for internet users that loves to reach out to those that they love. Apart from people coming to twitter to make friends and to do one or two things together, Twitter is good for business and that’s the reason why many corporate companies engaged much in using twitter to promote their business website and pages.TweetDeck

As a Twitter and  internet users, you need to update your twitter page on daily or weekly basis in order to keep your friend updated about you, (what you do, how you do it and some other things and this rules also applies to business organizations) and you can’t do this without you been online every time in order to do this. Tweeting as it is known among twitter users as updating can’t be done with normal human being every time if you are a kind of person that is very busy at work or doing something else. That is the reason why Tweet Deck was developed so as to serve as helper for busy twitter users that doesn’t have much time to stay online twitting about one or two information about a particular contents.

TweetDeck  really make sense when it was launched and majority of internet users use it to update their social media profiles such as facebook, Twitter, Myspace and many other social networking sites because it was mainly developed to cater for post-tweeting and updating of social profile walls and pages.

But the news recently shows that Twitter have started negotiation on buying Tweetdeck and as God will like it, they have successfully bought Tweetdeck which now makes them have more internet resources in their custody just like their current rival Google is doing presently. TweetDeck Iain Dodsworth has finalized the deal and now that Twitter is now the owner of TweetDeck, the leadership has now change.

Before the announcement, Twitter has being trying to get the deal finalized so as to avoid loosing the deal to their supposed competitor, Bill Gross’s of UberMedia.

Credit: Business Insider

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How To Save Your Pictures Online

If you have pictures that are very much important to you either on your computer, Smartphones, or in hard copy (printed photo) chances are that you may likely be looking for a place that is secured to save them to online for future purpose. And if after your search for a secured file hosting services on the internet and you didn’t see anyone that is available for your usage with your criteria, you will certainly feel terrified if you look at the state of those files(you measure how valuable they are to you) that you’re going to loose as a result of not getting it saved in a right place on the internet.Save your photos online

Gone are the time when people will be piling up pictures upon pictures in drawers, desks and many other places in the home, but now that everything has changed to the internet level, you don’t need to take photograph and save the hard-copy in your wardrobe anymore unless for reference, but instead, you can upload it to the internet for proper security to the file and to keep its high quality value.Online Pictures saving

Everything this days are one online, sharing, saving and many other things can be practice right on the internet.
Saving pictures online has lots of benefits, many find it hard to believe this, that is all about what they believe or what they don’t believe that has nothing to do with this post. Many people share one or two picture online on daily basis but do not know that they can make money from that photo that they  just save online instead of making money from it while also protecting it from damage, there are places on the internet where you can make money with your photo instead of just saving it online for reference purpose only. You can make a quite lot of money with your own picture if you have one. Company like shutter stocks pays royalties on picture that their users submit to them on weekly and monthly basis. If you can take that advantage by uploading your picture to their website server and if anybody use your picture either for online publication or any other thing, ShutterStock will pay you royalties on the picture as long as people, companies are making use of your photo on the site.

Where To Save My Pictures Online

Listed below are lists of websites that accept you to save your picture for future usage and others that accept you to make money with your picture.
1. 4shared: This website offers you 2omb of internet files saving space and you can also upgrade your package to a more better one after exhausting your data upload space limit. The benefit you get from this service is in the area of how your files is secured and the easy access that you have to it whenever you want it without wasting much time. This service is fully owned by Google and since we know that Google service is always at the peak of services, you can’t expect nothing less from them at all time (the service is awesome).

But, one thing that can make you to hate the 4SHARED service is the issue of data uploading limit. You can upload files as high as 20MB but, after that you wouldn’t be able to upload files until you upgrade with your credit card and get the full benefits of the service.

2. Blogger Picasa: Blogger is a blogging platform owned and operated by Google and they offer free web hosting and domain name service which can enables you to have your own branded sub-domain website in which you can upload all your pictures and other files like videos, music, and many other useful information about you. You can use this service as your own picture gallery or video gallery as the same by including your link in a message to your family members staying abroad and some other things like that.

3. Upload: I can’t say much about because I once used this service before but, since I have been using 4shared I don’t have anything to do with them again but I recommend them for you because their service is also good as far as I’m concerned.

Special Note

But now that the internet is at hand and the continued use of fast speed internet connection is still in the wave; you will certainly find internet it easy to do this because uploading of  picture and videos files to and from the internet does requires good and stable internet connection and that is the reason why you need a goo internet connection such as broadband internet connection.


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How To Get Your Facebook User ID number Easily

How To Get Your Facbook UserID Number Easily
As many of you are fully aware, facebook finally implemented friendly usernames that makes it substantially easier for friends to find us (and circulate links to our facebook profiles). However, applications still are based upon facebook user ID’s. I wanted to write a quick little note that tells someone how to find their facebook user ID number if they should ever need it.

You can still however obtain your Facebook UserID number using this technique.

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Fire Outbreaks: 3 Home Security Tips to Protect your Home against Fire Outbreaks

At many times, combating fire outbreak is one of the challenges that majority of home owner’s confront because of little or lack of knowledge of doing so. By preventing fire outbreaks in your home before they occur, you can be sure of a good home living experience and this will also give you the idea of having the best home security measure been put in place because prevention is better than cure as the old saying goes and it is honestly true that to prevent fire outbreak in your home is better than to allow it to happen before taking action to quench it.

The effects of fire outbreak in the home can be a little bit destructive because fire has power to destroy important file, properties if it is not well taken care of. However, it can also claims lives of peoples because whenever fire starts; it wouldn’t want stop without causing troubles and most of the fire outbreak are caused by the negligence of the home owners and the neighboring people living around the home. At times, they may forget to switch off the gas cooker, or by switching-on the generator while receiving phone calls with their mobile phones and some other reasons that relates to carelessness.

You’ll learn about few ways to protect and prevent fire outbreaks from occuring in your homes:

How to Protect Your Home Against Fire Outbreaks

Heat Detector Prevents Fire outbreaks at home with its fire detector alarm

Install Automatic Fire Detector

You can prevent fire outburst simply by installing a good and perfect working Automatic Fire Detecting device into an angle (a corner) in your home with the help of a certified and expert engineer in that field and you can get tips on how to get one at most of the electrical gadgets shops around your area. Getting this device will cost you a little amount of money but, when compared to the value of properties and lives that this device is going to saves from fire accident, I think it worth paying money for.

Most of this fire detecting devices works in a superb way such that whenever there is any uncommon flames of fire inside the building or around the vicinity of the device (the place where the device is been installed); it will start an auto alarm because it has an alarming systems which is inbuilt into it, and the sound will increase at every seconds as the flames is increasing, and this will help when you as the home owner to notice the sound of the alarm so that you can use the opportunity to inform any Fire emergency services around your area about the incident for help. The device worth its price and you will enjoy using it either in the day or in the night because its duty is to prevent fire in your home and in the neighborhood at any point in time- it is flexible because it can work at anytime under any situation.

One more importance of this device is that it has ability to send a text message (sms) to your mobile phone, about the incident of fire around your home with a description of how the fire started and when exactly it start and some others details that will make it easier for you to spring into action.

Put in Place Good Fire Extinguisher

If you have good and up-to-date (newly manufacture) fire extinguisher in your home, this also can be of help for you in giving the fire outbreak the first aid treatment that can quench it a little bit before the fire emergency services arrives the scene. And in most case, the fire extinguisher itself can even quench the fire before the fire service’s men came to the rescue – this means that, having a good and perfectly working fire extinguisher will make a lot difference in combating emergency fire outbreak in your home or office.

And remember, staying in good, clean and nice environment could also help prevent fire outbreaks in your surroundings.

How to prevent fire outbreak in your homes


Image Credit by bharken on Flickr

Turn of All Electrical Gadgets When Not In Use

Electrical gadgets like glass cooker, electrical stoves, Iron, Television set, DVD player, water heater, microwave oven, and water pump etc. can cause fire outbreak in your home if they’re not well taken care of. It’s highly recommended for you to unplug all the electronics gadget from the socket whenever you are not using them or out of your monitoring eyes so that they won’t cause any havoc in the home.

What are other methods you would use to combat possible fire outbreaks in your home, would you mind sharing them with us? Thank you

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Children Will Experience More Wrist and Finger Pain With Gaming Devices

Children experience Wrist and finger pain when using mobile gaming devices, reports suggested.

The trends in the computer gaming and mobile apps is on the rise everyday and statistics show it that more children will continue to buy one or two mobile and computer gaming applications often and often if proper care isn’t taken to prevent this situation and this can cause some certain diseases on the children in near or later time.
Due to unhealthy use of mobile devices, children are likely to experience wrist and finger pain when using mobile or computer gaming devices over time.

The solution: What can be done to prevent this is well said in this writeup at ScienceDaily. Continue to read the post and the outcome of the research over there.

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Microsoft Make More Money From Android Phone Than Windows Mobile Phone

The report from The Citi analyst Walter Pritchard informs the public from his research that, it shows that Microsoft Inc. may be making more money from the Google’ Android based operating system phone than from the Microsoft’s own model (Windows mobile platform based operating system).

Pritchard continues that Microsoft makes five times of what they’re currently making from selling Windows operating system apps from the Google’s Android operating system apps.

Another analyst Horace Dediu also estimates that HTC has sold confirmed 30 million+ Android smartphones overall. Horace also states that Microsoft has reported a sales of around 2 million of Windows smartphones.

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Cloud Computing Vs Mobile Computing – Which one is the best?

What did you understand by the term “cloud computing” and “mobile computing”?

The two hottest and mostly featured topics on the internet world (in the technology circle) throughout this year are; cloud computing (which comprises of series of data stored online for ease of access and modification) and mobile computing (the smartphones and tablets PCs).

Mobile cloud computingIt has raised so much concerns among all internet users, and some business strategist and information and communication technology (ICT) professionals have also confirmed the impacts. They all agreed that mobile computing and cloud computing are the major trending niche which took the technology industry by storm this year.

Almost everyday, what I hear mostly about is cloud technology which houses these two industry. Everywhere, you will see one or two information about cloud computing and mobile computing because they are the trending issue to discuss for technologiers!

Millions of headlines throughout the globe captured news relating to either cloud computing or mobile computing in one way or the other way and this really shows that this are the most read and viewed news on the internet presently.

This results shows the reasons why companies like Google, Microsoft, HTC, and Apple continues to introduce more products (Android, Windows mobile and iPhone) to the internet marketplace for consumers.

But, I’m just concerned about this trend and decided to write a follow-up to various articles that have been published in the past about cloud computing and mobile usage. Kindly check the links below for relevant information to enlarge more on this topic.


Cloud Computing vs Conventional Computing

Top Cloud Computing FAQ and their Answers

5 Commonly Asked Cloud Computing Questions which are yet to be answered

Cloud Email Hosting: What is it all about?

6 Unused features of Cloud Storage You Must Explore

Colocation Hosting – What You Need to Know at Will


Reading any of the above will launch you into the understanding of the subject and you could even learn more by using the Related Post feature below each to navigate to more other helpful content on the blog.

Thanks for reading!

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How to Easily Clean Your Computer LCD Screen

How to Easily Clean Your Computer LCD Screen

Computer LCD and TFT screen are one of the major component that makes up a perfect computer. They are very costlier in price than the normal computer glass screen and they are too much receptive to dirt and stains. It is different in much way from the normal computer monitor screens like CRT, which you can normally dust or wipe with any kind of dry cloth either clean or rough. It is very cheap when compared to the normal CRT screen types, and requires smaller amount of electricity in order to work efficiently. These features make it more preferable to other form of computer screens.Clean Computer LCD Screen

One major drawback of this type of computer screen is their imperfect characteristic that is associated with it when it comes to cleaning it. You have to be very careful as the owner of the computer when you are cleaning your LCD screen, you should not put too much pressure on the computer screen, because by doing this, it can apparently scrape the computer display, and may possibly reduce your computer pixels, in which can results in a blurring computer screen display.

In today’s post, we shall be seeing more about ways in which you can use to clean your computer LCD screen – both laptop and desktop screen with ease without hassle.

What You Need To Put In Place

Before we navigate to the next line which is the step-by-step guide to cleaning your computer LCD screen, you need to know the requirements that you need to put in place in order to be able to clean it because you can’t just clean LCD screen like the way you can do when cleaning other electronics screen like TV. Listed below are the requirements needed to put in place for your next LCD screen-cleaning task and the useful advices that will makes your computer a better experience for you.

Isopropyl Alcohol s– This is a chemical application (acid), which you are going to use to perform this type of cleaning, but you must be very careful with this chemical solution. This chemical equation can be purchased from a nearby chemical store around the city or you can click here to get it from a nearest shop.

Distilled Water – distilled, not tap water. Using tap water can cause white stains on the computer screen even when you have finished cleaning it.

Clean Microfiber Cloth – useful for cleaning of all computer display. You should not use paper tissue when you’re cleaning your computer LCD screen because it can cause more harm to the computer screen than any other thing. You can get this item here if you don’t have one.

Mixing Tips

The procedure is quite simple; mix the distilled water together with the isopropyl alcohol in the equivalent proportion inside an empty bottle. But make sure that you do not use any water except distilled water because failure to do so will results in your computer screens having white smears on it after getting dry. Once you finish mixing the chemical with the distilled water, you should make sure to close the cover of the bottle by making use of the spurting adaptor that came with the distilled water when you bought it.

Steps to Cleaning LCD Screen

After getting all these requirements ready, then, you need to put off your computer or turn off the computer screen separately by removing the cable that connects your computer to the monitor screen if it happens that you are using a desktop computer. But, if you are using a laptop, you only need to shut down your computer and then start the cleaning process.

Dip the microfiber cloth into the liquid mixture that you’ve prepared for the task. Wipe the computer display screen from top to bottom with care and don’t allow too much water on the cloth so as to avoid any negative results on the computer.


Before we conclude in this guide, you should be careful of making this errors because they can in one or the other affect your computer LCD screens greatly.

1. Don’t just use any cloth when cleaning a computer LCD screen. Use mirofiber cloth.

2. Never try to apply liquid mixture directly to your computer screen as if you are washing (cleaning) your car.

3. Tissue papers are to computer LCD screens as a treat, which you need to avoid in order not to decrease the effectiveness of your computer screen for the sake of cleaning it.

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101 Greatest Quotes of All Times

Dear readers,

This page is mainly for inspirational quotes of the world greatest of all times that are ready to inspire others by sharing sharing their wealth of KNOWLEDGE with us.

101 Ever-green Greatest Quotes

1. The ignorant of the 21st Century are not those who doesn’t go to school, but those that do not know how to “Learn”, “Relearn”, and “Unlearned”.

2 Our task must be to free ourselves by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty.

3. You and I are like rubber band, we are more useful when we are stretched.

4. Life is in phrases, men are in sizes. The lonely ones die while the struggling ones survive.

5. To forgive is to set the prisoner free, and discover the prisoner is YOU.

6. Without disappointment victory cannot be appreciated.

7. In prosperity, our friends knows us; in time of suffering or lack, we know our friends.

8. If you don’t know where you’re going everywhere you get to seems to be the last bus stop.

9. Vision without provision is a like a television.

This page is going to be updated as soon as possible…please stay tuned!!!