201 Ways: How to Promote Your Website for Traffic – Part 1

As I said earlier in the introductory article which I wrote concerning this series post on traffic generation strategies that you can start implementing for your website promotion. In this series, we shall been seeing different ways to keep on increasing your website traffic on daily basis without much stress on your side. Therefore, what we are going to be talking on today on this subject is the way you can use to get traffic to your website on daily basis with the power of your website.

You are the owner of the site right. Do you know that there are things that which you can do on your website that can increase its readership almost overnight? Then, we are on the way so we do not need to stop by on other things that we do not need to talk about for now. Here is the way….

201 Working Traffic Techniques:  How to Promote Your Website for Traffic – Part 1

#1. Create a special blog for your website

This mostly applies to some type of company or individuals that has website mainly for the purpose of selling their ideas or doing something else. I mean a static designed web page, which you can only update occasionally and not regular updating like a blog. You need to add a blog to your website domain properties, even if you don’t have time to update the blog, you can hire writers that will be helping you on regular basis to put good content on the site so as to be alive and well update. This will increase your website traffic and alexa rank and likewise google pagerank.ways to get traffic


Some great examples of static website pages are site that is being used for promotion of companies products and services, these type of sites are almost scanty in most of the time because the content that is on them are fixed content (it doesn’t change in most of the case).

Some online web stores usually create this type of website because there main purpose is to use the site to sell the product they displayed on the website store, such as Alibaba and hosts of others. To get more traffic your website, create a blog on your website domain like in this format www.techatlast.com/blog or www.blog.techatlast.com and start posting good contents on it, and make sure to always allow others to write for the site so that the content on it can increase tremendously.

#2. Write Great Guest Posts for other bloggers

Another way to make your website a success in terms of driving good traffic to the site is by writing great guest post for other blogs to publish and with this, your website will get more authority apart from the traffic you will get from the site. As google is seeing your website link on another website with a keyword that relates to your website, it is very sure that eventually your website will start to ranks on that keyword on the google search box and since we all know that google is the best source of traffic.

Research via google search box about other websites in your niche that accepts guest post and then, you can contact the website admin to submit article to their blog for publication so that you can get quality backlinks from the website. But, you have to understand that not all the article you are submitting to other bloggers will get published easily, you need to add more value to the post before sending it out for publication.

#3. Post Good and Informative Comments on Other Blogs in Your Niche

Comment are the paparazzi that make blog post a success and it gives the writer an atmosphere for him to improve on what he is offering on his blog to the readers. With comment, problems will get solved because each contributor will have his/her own point of view on the subject.

Learn to inculcate the habit of engaging with other blogger’s in your niche by commenting on their blogs so that you can use it to get more traffic to your website but you need to have the right attitude towards this. You should not spam the service so that you will not be labeled as spammers on the internet. According to statistics, 70% of blogs on the internet supports website commenting plugin, CommentLuv, which can enable you to get link backs to your latest blog post. If you’re looking for places to get links back to website in your niche, where you can post your comment on- then use this free service. It is free to use online.

#4. Join Social Networking Sites and Network with others

There is nothing you can get from the internet if you don’t make use of networking strategies to drive traffic to your website. Use social networking sites like facebook, twitter and the newly launched Google+ social media from the search engine giant google to promote your website with others freely.

You can subscribe to your friends website facebook pages and also like their business pages and wall and they too in return will in return give you something back by stumbling your site and following your website.

Have you ever heard this saying that “it is not about what you know, but who you know?” This short word is relevant to website promoting a website also. If you become a friend with a blogger or website owner, he will be much more likely to link to your website and send traffic your way. A good way to achieve this is to link to other bloggers first and to establish a relationship via email.

#5. Build Links with Other Blogger, but give good impression first

Network with other bloggers in your niche, you can’t go far if you don’t have people beside you that love to share with you what they have and vice-versa. Many bloggers on the internet are more successful than you are. These types of people love to help others that are coming up to the top once that person does it in the right way (the smart way).

To become the friend of these type of bloggers. It is not that easy but, the only way that I know very well is by reading and following their work and, whenever you are writing anything relating to the person’s niche; you can include reference and link to one of his blog post as this will make him to check out who you are and from this you can win his/her heart.

Once you win the heart of A-list blogger either in your niche or not, you don’t have to struggle anymore but to start producing good quality content.

[bctt tweet=”A retweet of your blog post on A-list blogger’s twitter page worth some thousands of traffic to your website. In confirmation to this, my friend Gloson Teh wrote about this on his blog when a top rate blogger retweeted his blog post.”]

#6. Create Online Forum on your domain

Forum is another way to make your website a search engine friendly website. If you can manage to build a successful forum just like that of Glen Allsop, it is very sure that very soon your website will become successful even faster than how it supposed to be.

Most of the people that are using the forum will continue dropping contents (posts) on the forum on daily basis and that will make google to love the site and the forum because of the links-through from the blog and forum. You can create a forum like that of Glen if you have the resources required on your site and start getting visitor to it by adding good content on it until the time when you have more readers that are willing to add contents to the forum.

#7. Support Blogging Contests on Other Blogs.

There are different types of websites on the net that deals in blog contest promotion. One example is BlogEngage, you can support a contest on the site, and they will in return link to your website as one of the sponsor of the contest. Apart from the link-back that the website owner will give, you too will have access to promote the contest and therefore use the opportunity to get more traffic to your website.

Donate some bucks to any blogging contest that you see online and they will link back to your website and this will increase your traffic but that depends on the content on your site (the content on your site must have high power to keep your traffic and not to lose them).

8. Use Blog Carnival Contest.

You can find different forms of blog carnivals on the internet that you can use to promote your article and website. The functions of these type of sites is that, there service is a little bit like a contest, different bloggers will come together to provide article on the same topic on the blog, and each blogger have the ability to link back to other bloggers in the post and vice-versa.

The bottom-line is that, at the end of the post submission and publishing, the admin of the site will now display all the links to the each participant site on the their website and with this traffic will keep on coming to your website. You too can also create a blog carnival contest with your friends or with other bloggers on the platform by searching for them on the site. If you want to check this out, use this link.

Remember to read the next series also to learn more about other strategies you can use for your website traffic generation techniques and start getting more within a very short possible time. Go to the page here. This is the best techniques that you can use for your website promotion and as this post is all about How to Promote Your Website in Simple 8 Ways without much stress. You need to keep the information shared in it in your right hand and make use of it so that you can be able to get the best results at end.

Access the rest of the series here.

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  1. I think creating a blog for your website it very important to get some consistent traffic. This is one of the first advice I give to my clients because it is a great way to build links and also keep in touch with your customers.

  2. Writing consistent articles like you,guest blogging and a lot of other things definitely ushers good amount of traffic!!

  3. Those are very useful tips for those who have an website. Making a blog for an website is such a great way to keep in touch with customers.

  4. Your exactly right. The key is PERMANENT traffic. Anyone can submit something on reddit and get 100 uniqye visitors in a couple of hours but after that the traffic is burnt out. Cheers

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    A sad experience I had myself too. It should be appropriate to atleast give in by making yourself known, in this way the good friendship builds on the commentator and the blog owner. A good way to promote yourself and your site by way of interacting to real people.
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    Happy Blogging guys!
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  7. Hi Olawale

    First of all many thanks for posting a very useful blog post on website traffic.You mentioned one forum name here http://www.nairaland.com So I taught I should also appreciate this forum here because I am also getting some traffic from this forum.
    According to me discussion boards or forums are best place to generate trafic.

    Many Thanks

  8. The headline scared me at first since i was wondering how long it would take to read 201 points. In short, you make a whole lots of sense. Thumb up!

    • Hmmmm! It was a series and we have paused it awhile back. But I think we’re going to resume the series soonest with latest and working techniques that you can use to rank website for consistent traffic.

      We’ve published some other part of the series in the past, you can access them here.

      We’ll keep the page updated i promise.

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