Over $1000 worth Contest Ever On Techatlast in 2012

Hi readers,

techatlast contest and giveaways for 2012 anniversaryIt is my pleasure to announce to you the first official contest for Techatlast this year. This contest, unlike the last year version of it, is going to mark another record as the most check-out contest ever on this blog. Let me quickly go over to show you some of the cool gifts that are on offer for this contest.

  1. One $100 worth of free cash (we’ll send the money to your PayPal or AlertPay account). Courtesy of YoungPrePro and TNTP news community.
  2. Two (2) $50 worth of free cash for two contestants
  3. 3 Full Creately account for full access forever (worth $750)
  4. One Free Banner Ad Placement on this blog for one month (dofollowed link worth $75)
  5. One Free Link Text Ad Placement inside an existing post of your choice on the blog forever  (dofollowed link worth $300)
  6. 3 Full CloudBerry S3 Backupfor any of the participants (worth $200+)
  7. Free 1 Month Link Text Ad placement at and one contextual link as well forever (worth $300 altogether)
  8. Free VPN Traffic Account for Android Users (10 account for one month each)
  9. Free Dofollow One Way Dofollow Backlinks to Your Blog (check the end of the page for that)

How to Enter and Participate in this Contest

To join this contest is very simple, and anyone can be part of this contest so far the person can abide by the rules of the game.

  1. Like and follow Techatlast on Twitter and on Facebook
  2. Subscribe to TECHATLAST FEEDS and MAILING LISTS (mandatory)
  3. You must like all of the sponsors page either on Facebook or Twitter (we’ve inserted their Facebook and Twitter account below)
  4. Share this article on your Facebook page and Twitter account and comment below with your sharing links (use the social sharing bar beside or above the post to do that)
  5. Stay active on this blog post consistently with your regular comment (more comments means more entries for better chances of winning)
  6. Publish a short article of up to 230-250 words on your blog explaining about this contest with your readers. But it is mandatory to dofollow the website links of the contest sponsors as we said in this article. See an example below as you are supposed to use the words…

Sponsors Profile on Social Networks:

YoungPrePro: Facebook or Twitter

The News of The People (TNTP): Facebook or Twitter

TECHATLAST: Facebook or Twitter or Google+

BoltonHiTech: Facebook or Twitter

Creately: Facebook or Twitter

Contest Sponsors

YoungPrePro – A blog dedicated to teaching writers how to make money online doing what they love to do most. The site also offers newbie writers guides to get started from scratch. It is owned and founded by Onibalusi Bamidele who can also be referring to as king of guest blogging.

Techatlast – Is your darling Technology Blog focusing on helping people gets the best of Technology News, Guides, Tricks and helpful blogging tips. It is owned and founded by Olawale Daniel who also owns LatestTopJobs.

TNTPThe News of The is the best news and gossip websites in the internet blogosphere. The site offers latest news on sport, celebs, politics, rumour, leaks and many more other news worthy information. It was co-founded by Ayodeji Onibalusi and one other person, but was later sold to the new owner in the person of Ayodeji Onibalusi. The site is the best bet for latest news

Creately – It is a web based application that easily let you draw diagrams on its platform online using Creately’s online diagramming tool. Within minutes, you can start drawing any type of diagram by using its free templates and examples.

BoltonHiTech – This is one of the best technology blogs of our time for latest gadget news and updates. The blog offers you the best of gadgets news worldwide. I have inserted below the code to embed inside your post for showing these sponsors and their site descriptions.

HTML Code for Your Blog Post

Copy this Code and paste inside your post for showing Contest Sponsor on Your Blog:

>>>>Contest Sponsors Code <<<<

Other Benefits for me?

Yeah! We’ve got too many things to giveaway 🙂 Even if it happened that you are not chosen at the end of this contest, rejoice because you will still have a free backlink to your dear blog without stress. Check this page for lists of participating blogswhere you websites links will also be listed for two reasons:

  1. Because we value your time here
  2. It will serve as a compensation for you with a dofollow high PR page to your blog post for link juices. (the post that was written mainly about this contest as mentioned above)

What else?

Supply us all the info asked with the widget above and we shall look at each of your application for any of the offers and the perfect person will be selected for the exact gift that you’ve requested for. Kindly let everyone know if you are the one selected as the winner of this great contest through comment section.


By Olawale Daniel

I love tech support services!

112 replies on “Over $1000 worth Contest Ever On Techatlast in 2012”

hello daniel ,
almost i completed all works above ,, i will send you the post url and other links via mail. Thanks for contest .


Thanks for this awesome giveaway. I will also get myself in because I want to win at least one of this great prizes. 🙂


I also wish you won but you have to follow the steps mentioned above before that could easily come into a reality 🙂

Hi, Olawale. Great contest you have here 🙂 The prizes are awesome and enticing. Your sponsors are also highly credible websites/companies. Good luck on the contest and I hope many will join.

I have done all the steps, see my post here,
hope I win,

Twitter Status –!/mjthelord/status/171982285040660480

Fb page Share –

Liked and Followed you Guys on Twitter and Facebook , Subscribed to the feeds as well as mailing list

I’ll be writing a Great Blog post explaining this and telling about the awesome giveaway very soon whose link i’ll also share as soon as i Post .

Also please let me know if i have missed something as i really don’t want to miss the best giveaway i have ever seen and entered till date !

Wow this is so far the best prize offered contest that I ever participate!

Thank a ton guy for such generosity please count me in too 😀

Thanks for participating, I hope you become one of the winner. Thanks a ton friend and do share with your friends as well for them to benefit from this contest 🙂

Very good news to all of us. I really try to follow you. For my business I can’t attain here. But nice step daniel. Go ahead boss.

Yes, you have to do that in one single post explaining everything you know about it in your language to your readers. 🙂 It is very easy man

Hope I will have luck this time. Never got something at the contest. 🙁
Good luck everyone 🙂

Hi Daniel, i want to participate in this contest , but i have no article to post on blog about contest.

wow.. daftar yang hebat.. informasi yang menggiurkan,menambah motivasi saya,tapi saya hanya blogger yang biasa biasa saja..

This article is intelligent. I can think of no better word to describe it. I stand in agreement with many points mentioned in this article. That’s likely because this writer seems to think like me.

I admire your writing style and the information in this excellent article. It’s plain to see your information is well-researched and written. Thanks for sharing.

I heard this contest was a hit. Too bad, I wasn’t able to join. I wouldn’t have able to join because I don’t have a Twitter account. haha. Guess I need to learn Twitter now.

I heard this contest was a smashing hit. Too bad, I wasn’t able to join. I wouldn’t have able to join because I don’t have a Twitter account. haha. Guess I need to learn Twitter now.

These are some gifts. I would not mind having these prices. Good luck to all the participants.

You are welcome Mayur.

Glad you are back here on Techatlast. The community really missed you a lot.

Awesome! I’m going to enter tonight or tomorrow morning when I have access to FB and Twitter. Thanks so much for a great contest.

You’re mostly welcome @Jamie.

Expecting your contribution and hoping you are counted among the winner at the end…

Wow! Ola, great prizes you have here and so enticing. I will see what I can do to be part of this anniversary.

Thanks @Etim for your comment and hoping you are getting something done to become one of the winner of this great contest?

Do have a nice day bro

Just to clarify, does it mean that we have to continue posting more blog comments after this and do you take into consideration if we have already made comments previously?

You don’t have to. Major thing here is that, you must complete the guidelines and the share it on social media and post it on your blog. But commenting here is just to help you gain more trust and also show your concerns for the contest….

Not sure if my last comment went through. It went to a blank php page. Do you take into consideration people who have already posted a lot of comments previously? How long do we continue posting to increase our chances?

I don’t think you need to post comment continuously if you don’t have anything to say. But if you are engaging somebody in conversation, you can keep on posting your comment. But major thing that matter most is following us on TWITTER and FACEBOOK and likewise, obeying all the rules and regulations. Thanks

I wanted to know when the winners would be declared i did everything from my heart to win this the day when this contest was launched..

Great prizes and some awesome sponsors you have there. It would be pretty exciting to see who’s gonna win this. I am scared by the competitors. They seem pretty excited:D I will like this site on fb and on twitter but am not gonna take a part in this competition. Best of luck though. May the most deserving blogger win:D

hi Daniel,
Before going into the contest, i must appreciate your work and showing a big heart….i love that 🙂
i will be desperately waiting for 30th march :)……….wish me best of luch 😀



I have miss for this contest information, i very interesting to join any contest about seo application

Yeah, they would but it depends on their approach. Ours isn’t about getting results alone but to reach out to the needy and the world in general.

We publicize our sponsors’ businesses and make sure that our readers get something in return as well.

Thanks for staying with Techatlast.

Nice way to attract and enhance your visibility on the search engine. The most interesting part of your contest is stay connected with you and your blog to be one or another type of winner. Write A post related to this contest and… May god bless you and your readers

bro i like the way your explaining to participate that and great and smart move to make your blog popular i like this contest

Thanks for sharing this opportunity, you have done a great job here, i want to thank you for visiting my little blog, i appreciate your time.

This is one hell of a contest. Just came to know about this when you shared the link on FB. It’s a great contest and i really need the cash. But my blog topic doesn’t allow me to share it, so not participating.

Sorry for that 🙁 , may be next time when i’ll have another blog 🙂 .

But still i’ll spread the word around. Good luck to all.

Who doesn’t want to win awesome prizes like these! nice post, thanks for the offer, too 🙂

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