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How much does life insurance cost?

It’s a question that many of us ask at some point in our lives: How much does life insurance cost?

To properly answer this question, of course, depends on a variety of factors that cannot be ignored such as age, health history, and the amount of coverage you need. All these factors play a huge role in how much you will pay for life insurance. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the factors that affect life insurance rates, and offer some tips on how to get the best deal on a policy.

6 Factors That Affect Life Insurance Rates 

1. Age

Age is one of the most important factors in determining life insurance rates. In general, younger people are cheaper to insure than older people. This is because younger people are generally healthier and have a lower risk of death than older people. As you age, your health will likely change, and you may develop conditions that increase your risk of dying. These factors will all be taken into account when insurers calculate your rates.

2. Health

Your health is another important factor in determining life insurance rates. If you are healthy, you will likely pay less for life insurance than someone who is not as healthy. This is because people who are healthy have a lower risk of dying, and thus pose less of a financial risk to insurers. Insurance companies will take your medical history into account when calculating your rates. If you have any pre-existing medical conditions, or if you have a family history of certain diseases, you may be required to pay more for life insurance.

3. The amount of coverage you need

The amount of life insurance coverage you need will also affect your rates. The more coverage you need, the more expensive your policy will be. This happens because the insurance company will have to, and must, pay out a larger death benefit if you die. You should only purchase as much coverage as you need, and no more. Otherwise, you may be wasting money on unnecessary coverage.

4. Your lifestyle

Your lifestyle can also affect your life insurance rates. If you have a risky hobby, or if you engage in risky behaviors, you will likely pay more for life insurance than someone who leads a more sedate lifestyle. This is because people who engage in risky activities have a higher risk of dying than people who do not. Insurance companies will take your lifestyle into account when calculating your rates.

5. The type of life insurance policy you purchase

There are two main types of life insurance policies, and they are term life insurance and whole life insurance.  Term life insurance is the cheaper of the two options of life insurance coverage because it only provides coverage for a set period of time, typically 10-20 years. Whole life insurance is more expensive, but it provides coverage for your entire lifetime. The type of policy you purchase will affect your rates.

6. Your gender

Gender also plays a role in determining life insurance rates. In general, women tend to pay less for life insurance than men. This is because women have a longer life expectancy than men, and thus pose less of a financial risk to insurers.

With these six factors, you can derive a reasonable rate for your life insurance without any issues.


5 Mobile Apps to Keep You Entertained During Your Downtime

If you’ve ever found yourself with an ample amount of downtime and no way to fight off the boredom, it might be time to update the apps on your phone. With so many amazing apps just waiting to be downloaded and your phone likely glued to your side at all times, you owe it to yourself to stay entertained with these apps. 


Audible App keeps you entertained

Book lovers will rejoice knowing that there’s a way for them to listen to all their favorite books without needing to pack around the actual book. Audible gives listeners access to thousands of book options for low prices, allowing for hours and hours of storytelling.


Amazon digital stores

Sometimes it’s fun to just browse through your wishlist and pick out things you definitely don’t need but would love to fill your house with. Look through clothes, books, games, decor, utensils, or just about anything else you could possibly think of. Buy something for yourself, get a present for another, or just add things to your list that you know you’ll never actually buy. It’s all fun!

Mobile Games

Got any games on your phone? Well, you should. There are tons of different mobile games, many of which are free to download, which provide hours of entertainment. Typically these kinds of games are easy to jump in and out of, and for some games, you can even join other friends online. 

Social Media Apps

What’s the rest of the world up to while you’re sitting on the couch with lots of downtime? Check your social media apps and find out! Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, and Youtube; each of these apps are great ways to connect with the rest of humanity to see what’s going on. There’s also plenty of humor and intriguing topics floating around as well, not to mention all those cat videos. 


Netflix online streaming

Having Netflix on your phone is the perfect way to pass the time and catch up on your current show. With this app, you’ll have thousands of hours of entertainment just inside your pocket. But you don’t have to stop with Netflix. You can download the mobile app versions of Hulu, HBO Max, Disney+, Amazon Prime, or just about any other streaming service.

Are You Not Entertained?

These are some of the most popular mobile apps that people continue to download each and every day. You can use them to stay entertained on your lunch break, in the waiting room of a health facility like Northwest Surgery Center, or even just going to the bathroom. Just download and enjoy!


3 Pieces of Tech Designed to Keep You Entertained at Home

Staying entertained can be difficult when you’re stuck at home, regardless of why. Maybe you’ve got a medical condition that requires you to stay off your feet, like bunion or gout. Maybe it’s a dark, cold, winter day and you need something to keep you busy inside. Or maybe you just got back from work and are too tired to do anything resembling effort. Whatever the reason might be, these innovative pieces of technology are great for keeping you entertained while you’re home.

Smart TV

Smart TV

If you don’t have a smart TV yet, you’re doing yourself a disservice, especially if you’re a television enthusiast. Instead of messing with several gadgets just to watch your favorite streaming service, all you need is your remote. This makes it easy to boot up and dive into Netflix, HBO Max, Hulu, Disney+, Amazon Prime, Paramount+, YoutubeTV, or any other streaming service you might possibly use. You’ll have access to thousands upon thousands of different shows and movies, all at the touch of a button. As long as you don’t mind sitting for long periods of time, you’ve got a limitless source of entertainment.

Gaming console

Gaming Console

Do you need to do more than simply sit and watch a screen? Want to get a bit more involved, hands-on? Why not try playing some video games? It can be hard to get into gaming if you’ve never really tried it before, but if you can find a game you’re interested in and become familiar with a controller, you might just open a door of endless possibilities. There are a ton of genres, like survival horror, adventure, building, shooters, RPGs, platformers, and many more. Play to enjoy an engaging story and world, hang out with your friends, or let off some steam. If you give it a try, you’ll find a game that’s perfect for you.



Reading is a great way to take a break from flashy events on the TV and move through a story at your own pace. However, if you’re a frequent reader, you’ve likely gone through your entire bookshelf—maybe even more than once. With a Kindle or other E-Reader, you’ll be able to download virtually any book you want without the hassle of ordering it through an online store or visiting the bookshop in person. It’s quick, it’s easy, and it’s affordable. Plus, you’ll save room on your shelf if you just want to test a new series out without buying a copy.

Are You Not Entertained?

If you need a way to stay busy and entertained within your home, you’ve got three solid options at your disposal. Even if you don’t think you would be enticed with one or another, give them a shot and see what happens. You never know, you might just find a new hobby in doing so. As long as you’ve got these handy pieces of technology within your home, there’s no way you could be bored.

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Is a 1440p 144Hz Gaming Monitor Worth the Purchase?

Gaming monitors come in all shapes, sizes, and resolutions and different gamers lean towards distinct types of screens. What it boils down to is personal preference and the type of gaming that you like to do. This guide takes a look at whether or not a 1440p 144Hz gaming monitor is really worth the money, or whether you should go an alternate route.

1440p 144Hz Gaming Monitor: Main Benefits

Gaming monitors come in all different shapes, sizes, resolutions, and distinct types of screens. Let’s take a look at 1440p 144Hz gaming monitor.

The main benefits of this type of monitor are as follows.

  • The breath-taking visuals. If you are making the switch from a 1080p to a 1440p, you will notice the difference instantaneously. The graphics are clearer, sharper, and just fine-tuned to near perfection. It will be like looking at a classic art masterpiece. If you were to revert back to a lesser screen once you have trialed the 1440p, your eyes would just not be as satisfied.
  • Faster response rate. A faster response rate means that you won’t miss a thing while you’re gaming. On screens with a lower refresh rate, there is too much opportunity for you to miss things while you’re looking elsewhere or while the frame is refreshing. This causes lost images and a microscopic delay that you wouldn’t notice until you’ve made the switch to a 1440p monitor. It can affect your game, so in that sense, a 1440p is definitely worth the money.
  • Less lag all around. Don’t forget, these are a real step up from the more common 60 and 120 versions. Faster response and frame rates eliminate the chance that you will ever miss anything in the game because everything is updating in real-time with clearer rendering. This all but does away with lag potential and glitching too.

Hz & P: Overview

Hz is the refresh rate and P is the pixel resolution. So, why are they important in gaming?

Well, as we saw above, refresh rate is a responsive aspect of gaming that you need your monitor to keep up with. If you don’t have very good refresh rates (aka Hz) then your game just won’t be up to speed, you will miss key details, and you won’t be able to keep up to the best of your ability. A faster response rate eliminates all of these problems. P refers to the pixels and resolution and technically stands for progressive scanning. This is a reference to how many times the image refreshes per second which adds to the overall clarity of the display. With that in mind, you can see why 1440p would be a desirable feature for gamers, especially the more serious ones.

Finding a GPU to Match

Another consideration you have to factor in when getting this type of monitor is that your GPU has to be up to the challenge. These screens are crisp, they are precise, they are fast, and they need a graphics card system that can keep up with all these criteria. If it can’t, your game will always be in deficit as your monitor will just overpower and overshadow the GPU, and therefore you won’t get what you want in terms of refresh rate, visuals, and response time. So, this might be an additional cost aside from the monitor. A 1440p 144hz Gaming Monitor will need at least a GTX 1070 capable GPU with at least 16GB RAM, preferably more.

An Elite Gaming Setup

This type of monitor can really take your gaming arena to new heights. You will get such a good vibe from your setup that it will be hard to take yourself away from it. If your gaming goal is to immerse yourself in the experience and really give your all to a game, then this is probably the right step for you to take. If you are less of a serious gamer and are just doing it for the fun of it, then you probably don’t need this kind of serious and substantial screen in your kit repertoire.

These kinds of monitors are really elite. They have exceptional quality and can really bring a game to life in a way that other types of monitors, with lower specs, just fall short on. That being said, they are only worth the money if you have all of the other hardware that can match the energy.

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4 Home Tech Innovations You Should Consider Getting Now

Your home is your castle, and naturally, you want your castle to be as convenient as possible. There are plenty of modern home tech innovations for your home that can turn your castle into an advanced fortress of security and convenience. Here are a few modern tech innovations you should consider for your own home.

Top 4 Home Tech Innovations For Your Home

4 Home Tech Innovations You Should Consider Getting Now

Heated Floors

Nobody likes getting up in the morning and walking onto the cold bathroom floor with bare feet—especially in the winter. With radiant heating installed on your floor, you’ll be able to step into the bathroom and be greeted with warm floors whenever you wake up or step out of the shower. Sure, they cost a bit more than standard flooring, but the benefits are extremely convenient, plus they will raise your home’s property value in the process.

Also, similar technology can also be used on your driveway to quickly and effortlessly melt any snow or ice away during the winter. This can come in handy if you don’t want to be burdened with the task of clearing the driveway or can’t due to age, a disability, or have recently been out of commission because of an injury or surgery, like the kind offered at Northwest Surgery Center.

Smart Doorbell Camera

Smart doorbell technology is definitely worth the cost. With the ability to know exactly who is at your door or who has been at your door, you’ll be able to stay safe and ensure that any packages you order are secure and accounted for. They’ve become much easier to install over the years, and if you live in the city or a spot where package theft is a problem, you definitely need to install a doorbell camera.

Smart Thermostat

If you’re tired of needing to adjust the thermostat during those in-between months where you’re not quite sure if you’re hot or cold or are just tired of wasting AC and heat, getting a smart thermostat might be a good option for you. These thermostats adjust to your specific needs depending on the time of day based on when parts of the house are actually occupied. This reduces the cost of using heating and cooling throughout the year and cuts your bill tremendously.

Home Security System

Want your home to be as safe as possible? Installing a home security system is the best defense against home invasions, robberies, and other unwanted intrusions. These systems can be controlled and monitored via your smartphone, and once they’ve been triggered you will get notified. If it triggers when you’re home, an alarm will immediately go off and hopefully scare away the intruder. This also sends out an automatic signal to the authorities if not deactivated within approximately thirty seconds to a minute. It’s the quickest way to ensure that you, your family, and your home are protected from break-ins.

The Best of Modern Homes

These innovative home technologies are each convenient in their own ways, whether it’s something as trivial as having warm floors for your bathroom or as vital as protecting your home from intruders. Interested? Consider getting these handy features for your home!

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Application Security Testing Methods and How They Differ: SAST, DAST, and IAST

Application security testing (AST) can be of different kinds, and knowing which one to use may be difficult. In this blog post, we will discuss the three most common types of application security testing: static application security testing (SAST), dynamic application security testing (DAST), and interactive application security testing (IAST). We will explain the differences between these three types of testing, their pros, and cons, and help you decide which type is best for your needs.

Types of Application Security Testing Methods

Application Security Testing Methods and How They Differ SAST, DAST, and IAST
Application security testing (AST) can be of different kinds, and knowing which one to use may be difficult between SAST, DAST, and IAST.


This is a type of application security testing that analyzes source code for potential vulnerabilities. SAST tools examine the code itself, rather than how the code is executed. This makes SAST an ideal choice for applications that are in development or have not yet been released to the public. Static analysis can identify issues such as coding errors and insecure configurations, but it cannot detect issues that occur during runtime.

SAST Pros:

  • SAST tools can help you find flaws in your code as and when you’re working on it
  • Many SAST tools allow integrations with most coding platforms such as GitHub, Eclipse, etc.
  • It is more accurate and reports fewer false positives

SAST Cons:

  • Since it does not test applications during runtime, it can miss critical vulnerabilities
  • Doesn’t look for flaws after deployment


This is a type of application security testing that tests an application while it is running. DAST tools use automated scanners or manual testers to simulate attacks on the live application. This allows DAST to find vulnerabilities that may only be exploitable when the application is running. However, since dynamic application security testing (DAST) does not have access to the source code, it cannot identify issues that occur during compile time.

DAST Pros:

  • DAST can find vulnerabilities that only occur during runtime
  • It can test applications that are already deployed
  • It’s effective in finding high-level vulnerabilities

DAST Cons:

  • Can take up more time
  • May cause the application to crash during testing
  • Not as accurate as SAST as it may report quite a few false positives.
  • Since DAST tools do not have access to the source code, they cannot identify issues that occur during compile time.
  • It’s more challenging to employ on apps that need a lot of user input as it can be difficult to automate


This type of application security testing is much like DAST as it is performed on applications that are running. However, it goes a step further and “interacts” with the application while testing. This can include fuzzing, injecting code into the application, testing with different inputs, etc. IAST tends to be more accurate than DAST, as it detects flaws based on the application’s response to the inputs given. It’s also just as good as DAST in detecting issues that occur during runtime.

IAST Pros:

  • IAST is more accurate than DAST, as it detects flaws based on the application’s response to the inputs given.
  • It can detect issues that occur during runtime
  • IAST is just as good as DAST in detecting issues that occur during runtime

IAST Cons:

  • Can be more difficult to set up
  • Takes more time than SAST or DAST
  • May require more technical expertise than SAST or DAST


In short, SAST tests an application’s source code while DAST tests an application while it is running/in its live environment. IAST tests applications by interacting with them with various inputs and analyzing the application’s response to them.

So, what’s the best type of Application Security Testing (AST) for your needs?

The answer to that depends on what type of application you’re testing, how much of it has been developed, and the goal of the test.

  • If you’re looking for a way to find coding errors and insecure configurations in your code, SAST is the best option for you.
  • If you’re looking for a way to find vulnerabilities that occur during runtime, DAST is the best option.
  • And if you’re looking for a more accurate and in-depth assessment of your application’s security, IAST is the best option.

However, keep in mind that no single type of application security testing can provide a complete view of an application’s security posture.


Application security testing is vital and crucial for ensuring safe and secure applications are put out in the world.

As a matter of fact, there are other two application testing methods that we omitted but are open to discussing in the future; Software Composition Analysis (SCA) which acts differently from the others, it monitors open-source, third-party libraries, for vulnerabilities in all types of mobile or web applications, and Penetration Testing (pen test) is the reliant on human agent to assess the application’s architecture, components, and code libraries by simulating an attack.

SAST, DAST, and IAST are three different types of application security testing methods with their own strengths and weaknesses. Choose the right type of AST for your needs or use all three in conjunction to get the most comprehensive view of your application’s security posture.

Author Bio-

Ankit Pahuja is the Marketing Lead and Evangelist at Astra Security. Ever since his adulthood (literally, he was 20 years old), he began finding vulnerabilities in websites & network infrastructures. Starting his professional career as a software engineer at one of the unicorns enables him in bringing “engineering in marketing” to reality. Working actively in the cybersecurity space for more than two years makes him the perfect T-shaped marketing professional. Ankit is an avid speaker in the security space and has delivered various talks on top companies, early-age start-ups, and online events.


3 Ways to Make Remote Learning Easier for Your Child

As COVID-19 restrictions are lifted across the nation, many students find themselves back in their regular classrooms, attending school in person as they did every day prior to March 2020. Some schools, however, remain online or give students the option to attend class remotely, as the pandemic allowed us to stretch our limits of what we could imagine being possible and many have found remote working and learning to have many benefits. While remote learning might be the right option for your child, there is no denying that attending school virtually has its downsides. Now that we are no longer in the throws of harsh COVID-19 restrictions, some students might feel isolated from their friends who have returned to in-person schooling. 

Here are some ways you can help support your child during remote schooling. 

Have a Special Space Dedicated to Learning

Permanently designate a specific room or area of your home for schooling. Just like you might have your own home office to help you keep a strong work-life balance, your child needs the same. Whether you’re working from home as a physician for ThriveMD or a student learning remotely, having your own space to work that is separate from the rest of the house is important. Putting together a special space for time spent in the classroom and discouraging your child from using the space for other purposes is the key to keeping them focused during virtual schooling while keeping the stress of the classroom outside of their other responsibilities at home.

Designate Special Activities for Breaks

Studies show that students who are learning remotely perform best when work is done in 30-minute increments, encouraging frequent short breaks between lessons or assignments. When students take a break, they often turn to the TV or a computer for entertainment, which can draw them in and make it difficult for them to return to the classroom and stay focused when their beak is over. If this describes your child, try to think of a few special activities that they can do on breaks. This can include an art project like coloring or sculpting with play, outside time for them to play with toys or take a walk, or independent reading time with a book of their choice. 

Schedule Play Dates and Outings

Remote learning can be isolating, especially for younger children who might not understand why they are not able to see their friends every day as they used to a school. Try to schedule a safe play date or activity for your child and a few of their friends after school at least once a week, to give them a much-needed break and to nurture their social and emotional needs which might be lacking as a result of remote learning. 

The addition of working remotely to our lives might be one of the only positive effects of the last 2 years. Remote learning can be a great option for students who have challenges in traditional classroom settings but can come with its own setbacks. Use these simple tips to support your child both in and out of the virtual classroom. 

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Solar Controller Vs Retrofit – Which One Is Ideal for You?

In a world with an increased awareness of the catastrophic impact of greenhouse emissions caused by the burning of fossil fuels for energy generation, governments and people are making the switch towards more sustainable sources of energy every day. Furthermore, one of the cheapest and most cost-effective renewable sources of energy is solar power, and its easy accessibility to almost everyone on the planet has made it the best option for generating electricity. 

Plus, solar power has also helped in significantly reducing the overall damage caused by traditional sources of energy. However, India, in particular, is one of the countries with an increased emphasis on the switch to solar energy. In addition, the government is investing in solar power big-time and is also actively encouraging the citizens to make the switch by offering attractive subsidies and schemes on investing in renewable sources of power. 

However, what we don’t know is that one of the most important components of a solar system is the solar controller, as it is responsible for controlling the flow of charge that your battery receives from the solar panels. So, in this guide, we are going to take a look at solar controllers and the active role it plays in a solar system. Plus, we will also briefly discuss how a solar controller system is different from a retrofit to help you make the right decision. So, keep reading to know more. 

Solar Controller Vs Retrofit
In this article, we are going to detail how a solar controller work while comparing it with a retrofit solar setup.

What is a Solar Controller?

A solar controller helps in modulating the variations in power produced by a solar panel and then controls the flow of energy to the batteries for optimal charging. It’s also responsible for preventing any overheating and overcharging of the batteries, as it could result in a fire. 

Types of Solar Controllers

There are generally two types of controllers effectively in use: 

1. PWM or Pulse Width Modulation:

A PWM controller is a type of solar controller that acts as an electrical switch, which assists in providing the desired voltage to charge batteries, in which the charge current decreases slowly as the batteries get charged. 

2. MPPT or Maximum Power Point Tracker:

An MPPT charge controller works in real-time by matching the voltage of the solar panels with the battery to increase charging efficiency and is better compared to a PWM-based charge controller. 

However, for anyone trying to go solar for the first time, you might have heard about charge controllers and retrofits. But for a layperson, it can get quite confusing as to which one is better. Well, they both have their purposes, but here’s how a retrofit differs from a charge controller. 

How Is a Retrofit Different from a Charge Controller?

Unlike a charge controller, a retrofit is essentially a conversion kit that can be used with your existing unit and allows you to convert your existing inverter and battery into a solar unit without disturbing any of the existing wirings. 

So, if you are thinking of getting a solar controller for your solar system or thinking of upgrading your existing backup system to solar, Luminous has an impressive range of solar charge controllers and retrofit available across a range of budget options. 

Better yet, all of their products come with Luminous’ stellar track record of building some of the best solar systems in the industry, using only the best of components and exceptional service lives and value for money. So, if you had been holding back on making the jump to solar, don’t hold back anymore and make the switch today for a greener planet and for incredible savings on your electricity bills

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How to Have More Efficient Manufacturing Processes

It is very important to make sure that your business is working as efficiently as possible in the modern manufacturing world. By eliminating wastefulness and making sure that your products are delivered in the best manner you can achieve, your business is then sure to be a definite success. So, the question you might be asking yourself as a manufacturing owner is how to make sure that you have the right processes in place to be more efficient. Thankfully for you, you are in the right place as this guide has been created to ensure a few ways to allow your business to be successful. Read on now to learn all about having an efficient manufacturing processes. 

Use Automatic Mobile Robots

If you are looking to cut costs on workers and ensure a round-the-clock operation, then your business must invest in automatic mobile robots. They can be trained to memorize every part of the factory floor and then set off and do work quickly and efficiently. The types of robots that you should be interested in are lifts, pallet trucks, drones, and tractors, meaning that you will have a fleet to take on every part of the manufacturing process. Take a look now for AMR solutions that work for your business. 

Use Smart Management Systems 

Despite the rise of automation, which is projected to take more manufacturing jobs in the coming years, there will still be people at the heart of your manufacturing business. That’s why it is important to make sure that you have a smart management system to know who is coming in and working on any particular project. The days of clocking in with a slip of paper is definitely over — replace it with a smarter digital system, and your company’s productivity is sure to improve as a result. 

Have Clear Workstations

One way to ensure a poorly-run workplace is by having your employees waste time before they actually get started. This can easily be caused if your workstations are not properly signposted. That’s why it makes sense to have clear workstations that allow workers to quickly pick up their tools before getting on with work. It makes sense to complement this with clear signage that allows people to see where they need to go and what they need to do from when they walk into the factory. 

Use a Just-in-Time Manufacturing Principle 

Being efficient is not just about working as fast as possible, it’s also about making sure that you eliminate any kind of wastefulness. One way to do this is to adhere to a just-in-time manufacturing principle, as famously popularized by Toshiba in Japan. This means that you only have the number of materials you need to at any given time, allowing you to be far more agile and lean. Unfortunately, by having too much material on stock, you are basically paying more than you need to, thus causing losses eventually for your company. 

Pay Your Employees More

If there’s anything that kills manufacturing processes dead in the water, it’s unions and strikes. While it is the right of any business employee to form a union, especially when they believe that they are not being fairly compensated for their work, they can be very bad for business. This is why you should definitely try and put guardrails in place to prevent this from happening. Currently, due to a lack of demand for jobs thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, higher wages will be needed to lure workers in. So, make sure you have the budget to raise wages to ensure that you are attracting the top talent, who will be more efficient. 


Despite what some people might say on the internet, there is no magic single bullet that will help your business to be more efficient. Instead, it is recommended to take a look and implement every single one of the recommendations written above. Additionally, if you find yourself struggling in the near future, it might be worth revisiting this article to refresh yourself about the most efficient manufacturing processes around. 

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Is Digital Advertising a Boon or a Curse? Discover now!

Digital advertising is a trend with continued traction in today’s world. Since brands are taking advantage of the digital space to improve their communication with target customers and to reach out to a wider audience, digital advertising is seen as a process that makes this possible. However, there are limitations associated with digital marketing that brands operating on the online platform need to know about.

So, is digital advertising a boon or a curse?

Well, the positive effects of this type of advertising far much outweigh its negative effects. The fact that there are limitations associated with it doesn’t make it a curse. Similarly, the fact that there are great things about it doesn’t mean that brands don’t have to put certain things into consideration. Here are the positives and limitations of digital marketing:

The Positives of Digital Marketing; The boon!

Is Digital Advertising a Boon or a Curse
Digital advertising over the years has been established as a major building block for innovative businesses. The age of old format of advertising has long passed and the earlier business owners realize this, the better.

1. Ability to reach a wider audience

One of the positive aspects of digital advertising is that it gives you the ability to reach out to a larger audience. Given that the digital space is becoming more and more popular with both online retailers and customers, digital advertising helps to connect the two together. With the strength of social media, it’s possible for you to reach out to your target audience easier than conventional marketing strategies.

2. Direct Contact with Customers

Digital marketing allows you to have direct contact with your customers. It’s a huge plus for an online retailer to develop direct contact with their target audience. Through this, it’s possible to get feedback from your customers. This feedback goes a long way to help you deliver what your target customers want. In the end, you’ll continue to add value to your brand.

3. Online Presence

Instead of limiting your brand to a physical area, why not expand its potential by going online. There is great potential for your business to grow exponentially if you take advantage of digital advertising. With an online presence, your products will be visible to a wider audience. You’ll be able to take your product to where your target customers are. In turn, you’ll see an increased sales rate. Customers can only buy what they can see, thus you can take advantage of digital marketing to increase the visibility of your brand.

4. Easy to Measure

Compared to conventional ways of marketing, it is much easier to measure the success of digital advertising. Through the help of software, you can know how your strategies are performing. For example, you can know the emails delivered and those read in an email marketing campaign. Also, it’s possible to track the conversion rate of your campaign. This gives you the capacity to grow since you’re able to set goals and track the achievement of the same.

5. Continuous Engagement

The best thing you can do for your business is to keep your target audience engaged. Through this, they are able to remain connected to your brand. That’s why top brands are able to remain relevant for a long time. They use digital advertising strategies to remind them about their products and services. Normally, the moment customers fail to see what they want, they will look for it elsewhere. Therefore, digital advertising plays a huge role in ensuring that customers can see and feel what they want for a long time.

6. It is Easy to Share

Another advantage of digital advertising is that you can allow for the sharing of articles and campaigns. Since this marketing is happening online, it’s possible for sharing to take place across multiple channels and platforms. This creates the much-needed multiplier effect for higher conversion rates. Online marketers know that this is a great way of increasing sales incredibly.

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The Limitations of Digital Marketing

1. The need for Experts

If you’re not experienced in digital advertising, you may need to use experts to do the work for you. Unfortunately, this will increase the cost of campaigns. Since you are competing with other businesses in your market, you’ll have to invest in experts who can give you a competitive advantage over your competitors. The level of technical ability required to run a successful digital advertising campaign is high. Traditional modes of advertising don’t call for the high technical ability that digital marketing demands. The only thing you need in a traditional marketing campaign is to attract potential buyers and convince them to buy your products and services. Without adequate technical knowledge, you can’t have a successful digital advertising campaign. You’ll have to hire B2B SEO experts to do the job for you.

2. It is Overwhelming for Businesses with Low Budgets

For businesses operating under tight budgets, it is not easy to implement digital advertising. While the returns are good, you need to set aside a good amount of money to fund your campaigns. Especially for startups that have not yet acquired enough experience in this area, the amount needed may be overwhelming. For you to get the best results, you have to invest, but if your budget is tight, you’ll get limited results.

3. Increased Competition

The fact that digital advertising is a popular mode of marketing implies that many brands are using it to bring their products and services closer to their customers. You’re not the only one using this marketing strategy in your market environment, therefore you’ll have to face a high rate of competition to push through. As you already know, you have to invest more resources and effort to beat the competition.

So, is digital advertising a boon or a curse? Clearly, digital advertising is a major building block in today’s business environment. Brands, whether big or small, are using it to increase their influence. Without a doubt, the positives of digital marketing are more than the negatives. You’ll be able to get more for your business if you set up and implement a marketing program in the digital space. Though there are limitations, there’s more to gain from by giving digital advertising a priority in your business. All you need to do is to learn how it works and the resources required, and you’ll be good to go.

Oftentimes, I get asked by different people if digital advertising is a boon or a cause in their bids to know my position on the subject. And I am certain that this article has done justice to that.

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